How to Fry Frozen French Fries in a Pan – Apply Those Amazing Methods


French fries are a favorite side dish, snack in movies, and a great pairing with any meal. It’s no wonder that french fries are a favorite side dish, especially when they are hot and fresh. These crispy French fries can be found in almost all grocery stores and farmer’s markets. These french fries can be prepared as new potatoes, cut into wedges, or frozen from the grocery store. How to fry frozen french fries in a pan? You will find all the instructions below.

How to fry frozen french fries in a pan: the cooking process

French fries are a great addition to any menu. You can’t go wrong with crispy golden-brown fries now and again. French fries are a universal food item that we all love and crave at the oddest times. You could have a lazy weekend or spend all day in bed after a long week at work. But suddenly, your stomach starts to gurgle.

This is a long-repressed desire for deep-fried sticks of all things happy. French fries are versatile, you can eat flexible food items in many ways. You can serve as a side dish with medium-rare sirloin steaks or eaten by themselves. The fast-food-quality, restaurant-quality-having box of fries. It must be crispy and golden, as well as maintain a good balance of soft-to-the-bite and mushy.

The perfectness of ‘restaurant-standard fries’ comes down to the crispiness on the outside and soft mushiness on the inside. Unfortunately, we are unable to order takeout every time. Or it is snowing hard outside. Your pathway is blocked up, and you can’t get through. It is comforting to know that even in winter, or any other season, you can still make a delicious, fast-food-quality crispy golden-brown bowl from the comfort of home. Make sure to have frozen French fries from the store in your fridge.

How to fry frozen French fries in a pan

How to fry frozen french fries in a pan

It is better to use a Pan or skillet. The fries should be hollow enough to hold a few inches of oil. It is crucial to have enough oil for the fry to be dressed appropriately and crispy deep-fried. Heat oil in a pan to make sure it is smoking hot. You must ensure your oil is hot enough to cook in. As soon as the oil starts to shimmer, add the potato strips. You should only add a handful to each batch. Overcrowding the yellow minions can lead to uneven heat distribution and unsatisfactory results. Step 4Let the fries cook in the oil for about a minute. Make sure to check the fries for a golden-brown hue. Then flip the fries over and repeat the process.

Next, remove the fries using a slotted spoon. Let the oil run off the fries for a while before transferring them to a plate covered with paper towels. This will allow the oil to soak into the paper towels. Seasoning time! Season the fries with additional herbs and spices to enhance their flavor. For a more thorough seasoning, place the fries in a container that has a lid. Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, rosemary, and shake to combine.


  • The type of frying pan you use is a critical factor to consider. You can cook french fries at high temperatures for long periods. This job requires that you use stainless steel, enameled cast iron, or ceramic, nonstick frypan.
  • Vegetable oil and sunflower oil absorb high heat, so they are suitable for flavor. Unclarified butter can also make your food soggy by releasing moisture.
  • Don’t defrost frozen fries. It can cause the ice to melt and potatoes to become saturated.
  • Do not add seasoning to the fries before or after cooking. Seasoning the fries before they are cooked will make them sticky and draw out moisture. Strengthening the oil during cooking does not prevent it from being used in later batches.

How to fry frozen french fries in other methods

Frozen French fries are a favorite of almost everyone. It is warm. The food is always friendly and inviting to ensure you have a great time. You will make them taste great and have a crush-feel in your mouth. What are the best ways to cook them? These are some tips to improve the quality and make your fries even better.

How to fry French fries in a pan

Oven Method 

An oven is an excellent option for those who don’t want to use oil and prefer healthy, fresh-tasting french fries. Follow these steps to get crispy french fries with a delicious interior.

Preheat the oven to 450° Fahrenheit. It’s best to put the french fries in the refrigerator before the oven heats up. It’s not necessary to thaw the french fries at this stage. While the oven heats up, prepare a nonstick baking sheet. You can use nonstick baking sheets if you don’t own one. When the heat range end, remove the frozen french fries from the freezer and place them on a baking sheet. All the french fries should be baked in the oven for 10-12 minutes until golden brown. Flip the fries once the first side has been baked. Bake the second side for 10 minutes. Let it cool in the oven for a few minutes before removing it. Serve with ranch dip and your favorite burger. Enjoy!

Deep Fry Method 

Deep-frying is the best way of cooking frozen French fries. It’s due to a chemical reaction between frozen french fries and hot oil, making them crispy after being fried. If you want to enjoy a classic deep-fried french fry, this is the method for you.

Heat oil in a deep fryer until it reaches 350°F. Next, take your fryer basket and add the frozen french fries. It will help if you spread the french fries evenly in the basket. Overcrowding the basket will cause it not to cook well and result in sloppy fries. To ensure it is crispy on the outside, and tender inside, fill it with at most 1/4 of the frying pan. Slowly lower your frying pan onto the deep fryer. It helps if you did not burn yourself as the oil may splatter from time to time.

Cook the fries for 4 minutes each batch until they turn a beautiful golden brown color. After the fries have been cooked, place them on a towel to absorb any excess oil. Continue the process with all remaining frozen french fries batches. It can be served with ranch dip or drizzled with stretchy cheese and bacon. Enjoy!

Stove Method 

This is another way to get crispy french fries. You can use the stovetop for cooking the same way as a deep-fryer. Set up a skillet on the stovetop. Fill it with oil, at least 1/4 inch below the bottom. Heat your stove on medium heat until it reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also try this trick: When you slowly sprinkle drops of water on the oil, it will make a crackling fire sound. Next, add the first batch of frozen french fries to the skillet and evenly spread it.

Make sure you only put enough french fries in the oil to coat it. Make sure to cook the french fries until they are crispy and golden brown. To remove the oil from the french fries, use a spatula to drain it. Next, repeat the steps for all remaining french fries batches. Season the fries with salt, and serve them with your favorite dip. Enjoy!

Air Fryer 

This is the modern way to fry frozen french fries without oil. Our favorite snack should not be unhealthy, and we can enjoy its crispy, fried goodness guilt-free. Use an air fryer basket to rub olive oil or butter on it. This is much faster if you have a cooking spray. Spray it on the surface of the fryer basket to use the spray. Next, arrange your frozen french fries evenly in the fryer basket. Be careful not to fill your fryer basket with too many french fries. You can add more french fries depending on the size of your air fryer.

Fry the french fry in the oven for 18 minutes at 400°F. Randomly shake the fryer basket to flip the fries and evenly spread the heat on them. Check it for crispy perfection. If it needs to be cooked again, return it. For the next batch of fries, repeat the process. You can serve it plain or add your homemade dip. Enjoy!


Here are you get all the ideas on How to Fry Frozen French Fries in a pan. I highly recommend using aluminum foil for the perfect browning. When frying, you need to be careful. Aluminum foil is easy to clean, so there won’t be any problems after cooking. Although you can make your fries without oil, they won’t be as crispy as those made with oil. If you don’t need a lot of fat, an air fryer is the best option. Cooking fries takes practice.

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