How to Fix Swimsuit Bottoms That Are Too Big: Pro Ultimate Hints


Every summer, millions of women purchase swimsuits they will never wear due to the bottoms being too large. Bottoms of swimsuits that are too big could be a huge hassle and ruin the entire day at the pool or the beach. In this article, we’ll explain how to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big without purchasing an entirely new outfit. Large swimsuit bottoms can be difficult to repair but can be worn again by altering. Here are some helpful tips for fixing them.

How to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big

Taking in the sides

Sometimes, the bottoms of swimsuits that are too big may be partly because they do not fit properly around the side. If that’s the case, you can change it by using a thread and needle. The first step is to put on your swimsuit bottom and stand upright. Then, squeeze the fabric to both sides of the fabric excess to determine the location you’ll be sewing. After that, with thread and needle, stitch along the line until it’s strong enough.

Get matching straps

Another method to correct the bottoms of your swimsuit that are too large is to purchase matching straps. For this, return to the place where you bought your swimsuit. You can ask them if they have sizes in your size that have similar patterns or colors, or demonstrate to them which piece of your outfit is too big, so they can assist in determining the size or type of style you’re searching for. Once you’ve determined what sort of piece you’re looking for, They should be able to identify other parts of the exact dimensions that match it.

Adding an elastic band to the waist

One of the most basic and straightforward steps to repair large swimming bottoms is to attach an elastic band around the waist. This is a simple solution to the problem of swimsuit bottoms that are wide in circumference. Attaching this band to the bottom of your swimsuit while it’s still on the flat surface is crucial, not placing it on after you’ve already put your foot on it. You can then try to pull it upwards from the bottom, which can alter your base.

Adding a swimsuit cover-up

The addition of a swimsuit cover-up is another option to make your bottoms that are too large. To do this, you’ll have to choose a light top or dress that is in line with the bottom of your swimsuit or is in the same patterns and colors that it has. If your pool or beach area cruise ship allows it, you can wear it over your bathing suit, with its bottom ending right above or below your knee. If this isn’t an option, wear the shirt with bottoms that fit your swimming suit.

Tie a knot

It is also possible to use the waist tie high on your bottom to adjust the depths of your swimsuit that are too large. To do this, put on the bottoms as usual, and tie the knot at the desired degree of tightness. If you want the knot to be tighter, you can pull it until it’s too close. If you want the knot looser, loosen it and tie it back in a half-knot or bow.

Resizing the swimsuit bottoms

Another method to repair the swimsuit bottoms that aren’t big is to alter the size of the bottom of your swimsuit. You’ll need a piece of ribbon or string, thread, and needle to accomplish this. First, place it on your lower half while standing up straight to ensure it is snugly around your waist, without stretch in the fabric. Then, tie the ribbon or string around your waist, and note where it connects to the elastic bands on the bottom of your swimsuit.

Trim the excess fabric over the mark. Then put it back on, standing up straight, to determine whether you need to make any adjustments before sewing the final stitches. In the end, you must finish hemming the edges of your swimsuit’s lower part by turning them over twice before sewing them in place, or leave them as they are to be framed by folding the edge under two times and sewing or safety pins the folds.

Adding a tie string

Adding a drawstring or tie string to your waist will allow a much more tailored fitting than simply putting an elastic belt around your waist. It will also give you better control over your bathing suit’s fit. Find a piece of fabric that is in line with your swimsuit, and then stitch it into the size of a tube to wrap over your waist. Then, tie both ends in a knot or bow to create a loop. Then, pull both ends through the side of your swimsuit waistband, and join them to ensure they stay.

A swimsuit belt

Another method to correct the bottoms of your swimsuits that are too large is to wear an appropriate belt for your swimsuit. You can find one by searching on any marketplace or store selling clothing and accessories. However, it is better not to buy a considerable belt because you’ll need to tie knots at the belt’s ends to ensure it fits tightly over your waist.

Fold over and stitch the waistband

Another option to repair swimming bottoms that aren’t large is to fold the bottom over and sew the waistband. Again, it is necessary to have the needle and thread of the desired color for this section of your swimsuit’s base. Start by taking each end of your elastic band attached to your swimsuit bottom and pull them in a line until they reach the center. Then cut the elastic in half, then secure it securing it.

Then, stitch the two ends of elastic bands together where they meet to keep them in place. When you’re done, flip the swim bottom upside down to work with the inside of the fabric. Begin folding over the waistband’s edges by a few inches at a stretch, and pin it in place as you go. After that, stitch every edge when you fold it inwards so that the waistband of your swimsuit does not move, allowing for a personalized fitting.

Making a swimsuit halter

Another method to fix the bottoms of your swimsuit that are too large is to create a halter for the swimsuit. The first step is to cut the straps of your swimsuit bottom to the point where the elastic band begins. Then, stitch or secure to the upper part of your swimming suit. Then, you should grab a length of ribbon the same color as the swimsuit and tie it to your neck.

How to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big: Tips

  • When you’ve put on your swimsuit bottoms, wash them immediately with cold water to get rid of any saltwater or sunblock.
  • Dry your swimsuit bottoms following each use.
  • Utilize a clothes iron at a low setting to press down the bottoms of the swimsuit for a crisp fold.
  • Make sure you wash your swimsuit bottoms by hand with warm water and mild soap to ensure they look like new.
  • Before you store it, turn your swimsuit’s bottoms inside out and press it to eliminate wrinkles.
  • Place your swimsuit bottoms in a dry, clean place, such as a plastic bag, to keep them dry and free of water, which could shrink the material and lose its shape.
  • Find out what fabric your bottoms for your swimsuits are made of before washing them, as different materials require passing differently.
  • Fold the bottoms of your swimsuit to prevent stretching and wrinkling the fabric throughout its lifespan.

If you have a swimming suit that is just a little bit large, there are some simple solutions you could test. It is possible to use items that are probably in your house. Begin by pouring warm water into your bathtub or sink until it’s approximately waist-high. Then, place the portion of the swimsuit that is too large in the water and keep it for 5-10 minutes. After that, gently pull your swimsuit’s fabric and stretch it slowly. If that doesn’t work, you can try using a powerful laundry detergent to wash your swimsuit in warm water while it’s scorched. Repeat this process five or six times, and you’ll notice your swimsuit is now fitting better than before. This technique works because it lets the fabric shrink.


There’s a chance you have a swimming suit you like, and the top is too big. There are a few simple solutions to this issue that we’ve outlined below so that your next beach vacation is going to be flawless! One option is sewing elastic into the fabric and using double-sided tapes to pull out extra fabric. We hope this blog article on how to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big has helped assist you.

These tips should keep the bottoms of your bathing suits from sliding off while you stroll along the sand or have time at the pool. If you cannot achieve the desired result, then it’s time to think of alternatives such as safety pins, hair ties (double knots), bobby pins, and much more! Perhaps, one of these strategies can make your preferred piece of equipment fit better.

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