How to Fix Sunglass Scratches | Read Best Proven & Effective Methods


It is vital to eliminate scratches from glasses because they can give anyone headaches. Everyone who wears glasses has scratched their glasses on several occasions throughout their lives. You may have dropped your glasses a number of times while bent, playing your favorite sport, or stored them unintentionally without a case in your purse or bag. The reason may be anything, but damaged glasses can be nightmares for people, especially those wearing prescription glasses with high-power lenses. If your lenses have been scratched beyond repair, you can replace them with brand new lenses and keep your current frame! Through our Regale service, the new lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating that is free. In this article, we’ll be showing you the best ways to fix sunglass scratches. Without further delay, let’s get started!

How to fix sunglass scratches

The protection of your eyes is not something you can do on a whim. Eyes are a vital component of the human body, and the quality of our vision is crucial. The use of sunglasses is essential to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun, as well as any risks associated with exposure to sunlight. In addition, there is the aspect of completing your attire with stylish sunglasses! In that sense, sunglasses are an item that we frequently use, and we take them everywhere we go, particularly during sunny days.

If you do not take good care of your glasses and ensure to keep them in their pouch and case, they could be highly vulnerable to scratches, spots, dirt, scratches, and nicks caused by daily wear and wear tear. With the availability of a variety of tested and proven methods and techniques to clean and maintain your glasses, you do not have to think about going to the store and purchasing new sunglasses when they’re scratched because we will give you a few tips to fix sunglass scratches.

Blended baking soda and water 

The first trick is to make an amalgamation of soda and water. These are the ingredients that all families have in their homes. It is simple to prepare this combo and easily fix sunglass scratches. First, you must clean your glasses using the help of a cloth made from microfiber. Then, mix baking soda and water will create an emulsion-like texture. Apply this paste to completely cover your lens and make sure that you don’t get any of it onto the frame. After that, clean your lenses in the shortest amount of effort by applying pressure with care. This method will guarantee that your lens is free of scratches and remains clean.


This technique is suitable for lenses that have a mirror coating and can work. Sort of. It’s at least adequate if the scratch only affects the mirroring part on the lenses. If it causes damage to the glass or plastic, it’s still a problem. It is not possible to use an application of spot treatment using this method. Suppose you’re using sunscreen to get rid of the scratch. In that case, you’ll have to eliminate every layer of coating, drastically altering the look the lenses appear, your view tint, and optical transmission of the lens.

If your lenses do not come with UV protection (such as glass) and you’re possibly removing the UV coating of the lens, exposing your eyes to greater danger than if you opt for sunglasses that are not UV protective. The science behind it In the bright sun without any protection for your eyes, the pupils shrink, limiting how much light that can get into. If you place an opaque lens on your eyes, your pupils expand to absorb as much light as they can. However, even if your lens doesn’t include a UV filter, your pupils have developed and taken in more harmful UV rays. This increases the chance of cataracts and macular degeneration. It’s not enjoyable.

Utilizing liquid dishwashing soap 

Have you ever considered that dishwashing soap that dissolves in liquid could be used to wash sunglasses? It’s not exactly what you think. Yes! You can wash your glasses with dishwashing soap. Your glasses. First, apply the dishwashing solution to your drinks and rinse the glass with water that is lukewarm. Then, let it sit for some time until the lens is dry. Then, using a soft clean cloth for your glasses, you can gently scrub the lenses of your glasses. With this simple technique, you will be able to fix sunglass scratches. Combine a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap and water for an additional trick, and then put the mixture inside a spray bottle. This would create your own homemade sunglasses cleaner liquid spray for your mobile!

Glass etching 

It’s a little bit ironic that this so doesn’t apply it to glass lenses. It’s easy to imagine that based on the name, but it’s not true. This technique is only suitable for lenses that have coatings because this is what you’ll have to strip off to fix sunglass scratches. The primary element in glass etching materials is hydrofluoric acid. It is highly acidic and corrosive. It eats the top layer of the lens. This is the same problem as sunscreen. You can’t choose which coatings stay and which go. If you take one off the coating, you strip all of them.

Silver polish 

This technique requires using silver polish. Alternately, brass polish could be employed when the lenses are stained with a brown tint. A small amount of polish, along with a cotton ball, may be used to scrub out scratches. A lint-free cloth can remove the polish. The idea behind this method is to fill the scratch with polish so that it will disappear. This method, however, is only effective on mirror-like sunglasses with minor superficial scratches. In essence, the scratch has caused damage to its mirror. When you fill the mirror coating with an appropriate polish and the scratch will appear to disappear. This method isn’t effective on blemishes extending further than the reflective coating on the lens’s surface. If you’re unsure of the degree apply it to fix sunglass scratches. You must surprise.

Using vinegar 

Vinegar is a household product with a variety of uses. In addition, you can use vinegar to fix sunglass scratches. For the most effective usage of your glasses, it is also possible to use baking soda and water. This technique is very like using baking soda and water. If you own plastic eyeglasses and want to achieve the best results, substitute the water with vinegar. Vinegar will cause your spectacles to appear more bright and more transparent.


The same toothpaste that you apply in your attempt to shine your teeth could actually help you remove the stubborn scratch marks in your glasses. Before you attempt this technique, it is essential to purchasing standard toothpaste. This means that flavored gel, whitening, or flavor toothpaste isn’t recommended. This toothpaste could be more harmful than beneficial. Similar to the method used in the previous step, use an old cotton ball and some toothpaste and rub it upward.

The process should last for approximately 10 minutes. After cleaning the lens, you can repeat the procedure. The tiny abrasives contained in the toothpaste work to remove the scratch, much as stains are removed from the teeth. The pressure your finger exerts and the grit of toothpaste can reduce the appearance of minor scratches. But suppose you’re looking to remove the deep scratches. In that case, chances are you’ll be able to lessen the extent of the scratch rather than completely removing it.

Glasses cleaning spray 

It’s become a standard practice to spray glasses cleaner to wash laptops, computers, and TV screens and ensure crystal clear. It’s because these types of cleaners are incredibly gentle and leave you with a clear and streak-free surface. Glasses cleaners also aid in eliminating scratches on your lens efficiently. To get rid of tiny scratches that your glasses may have, you can apply these cleaners. All you need to do is apply the spray with one or two strokes of this spray onto your glasses. To get a more effective final outcome, wipe your drinks using the help of a cloth made from microfiber. It is best to ensure that the product you purchase is non-abrasive and free of ammonia.

Use furniture & car wax 

Despite its presence on nearly every list about removing scratches and scratch marks, it’s important to note that it should never be applied to lenses in any form. Furniture or cars, certainly. The application of wax to cover scratches in the legs of your armchair does not affect the quality of the chair. However, one of the primary characteristics of a good lens is the ability to see through it. If you’re trying to view your world from a thin layer of wax creating more problems.

Use baby products 

Baby products and baby wash are created with utmost care and concern for children. Baby shampoo and baby wash products are gentle and gentle. To remove scratches from your glass, it is possible to use baby wash in the form of liquid. Apply the baby shampoo, and rinse it off using the lukewarm fluid. To avoid causing further damage, ensure that you only use microfiber cloths to clean your eyeglasses.


Yes, you read it right. One of the less often-publicized techniques is to use a sandpaper tool to scratch the lens to the point of scratch and then apply the buffing wheel with wax and a polishing tool to bring the lenses to a shiny. It’s a great look. It’s all about the look. It can also take up large portions of your time. If all you’re concerned about is getting the scratches out and not worrying about the lens’s quality, this technique is effective.

However, if you are thinking that changing your clarity and refraction or perhaps even the shape of your lenses, as well as removing crucial coatings like anti-glare, hydrophobic, and UV protection, isn’t the best option to go about it, then it might be better to put the sandpaper on the lens right now. If you’re looking for an excuse to make use of an electric tool, then put up some shelving in the garage. There’s no shortage of more shelves. Now is the time you’ve been waiting on -the most efficient method of get rid of scratches and bring your sunglasses back to life.

Alcohol consumption 

In the event of medical issues, doctors may advise drinking alcohol to gain positive health effects. You can apply this technique also to wash your glasses. Don’t apply alcohol directly on your glasses. But mixing alcohol with a soft, non-abrasive substance, such as baking soda, then applying it to the glasses using microfiber cloths is an excellent alternative. The rubbing of an alcohol abrasive could be highly beneficial to fix sunglass scratches. This method is easy, and you can use alcohol. Contrast this with other hacks; this hack is costly.


Some of the minor microscopically-sized scratches on lenses are indeed caused by inadequate care and maintenance. A good microfiber cloth is an absolute necessity, and all paper products ought to advise to avoid at all costs. Even the softest tissue is made of wood fibers that easily scratch. It is helpful to get a cushioned chance that can be adapted to your eyeglasses or sun for cases go. Of course, what’s more, is using the subject frequently.

One slip from a desk or chair can cause severe damages to the lenses. It’s a reality of life, at the very least for those who wear glasses – the irritation that comes with damaged glasses will take over shortly, no matter how carefully or judiciously we look after our drinks. However, the solutions and suggestions on how to fix sunglass scratches will allow you to delay that time. Enjoy!

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