How to Find Leak In Sprinkler System – A Detailed Guide With Lots of Info


Many people today are asking what is the best way to find a leak in a sprinkler system? When you set up sprinklers to maintain your lush green landscape, it is natural for the water to run away. It is best to control your water’s flow to ensure that it can reach the strips of the garden and lawn in the order you have planned and carried out exactly as planned. You don’t want an issue with the sprinkler system, which causes confusion and a muddy mess. If you are attentive, you’ll see that the underground sprinkler system isn’t easy to fix. It’s best to consult an expert.

You’ll be able to find leaks in sprinkler system subway pipes because of the situation of your yard or the fluctuation in water prices. In this instance, we are wondering how to determine the source of the leak within the system of your home. There are some items you can look at yourself. If you cannot find a leak in the sprinkler system, you could call experts to help you identify and correct the leaks. These are only a few ways to spot the leaks inside your sprinkler’s system and restore it to full functioning. An increase in the cost of water is usually an indicator of water leaks inside or around your house. If you’re not drinking greater amounts of water than you’re accustomed to in recent times, the first step is to pinpoint the cause of the leak.

How to determine the source of your water leak

  • Many utilities will advise you to shut off the water to your home and check your water meters. Greeley is not adamant about you going into the pit of your meter as it can harm the wires within. The department of meters will be able to open the pit and assist in identifying the problem.
  • The meter’s gauge continues to show water usage even with the water off. You may have an issue with your plumbing.
  • Another step to take is to look for indications of leaks within your indoor plumbing. If none are found indications of a leak, it is likely within your irrigation system.
  • Greeley’s WaterSmart portal offers a step-by-stage leak detection procedure. You’ll require your account number to establish your login.

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How To Find Leak In Sprinkler System

How to find leak in sprinkler system

The first thing to be aware of is that many leaks are not obvious. It’s common for sprinkler heads to get damage or block. It is also possible to suffer from leaks in underground pipes within concealed components of the irrigation system or sprinkler heads that leak at the base. The issue might be related to controls for your irrigation system. Let’s discuss some simple ways to find leak in the sprinkler system. 

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Verify for irrigation Ccontroller issues

 While irrigation controllers don’t leak, they have an electronic clock that regulates the valves for your sprinkler system. The clock initiates a release of water via sprinkler valves, keeping them open for a specific duration. Consider if you make any recent changes to or expansions to your landscaping, or even install turf, or has a contractor made modifications? Examine the controller’s settings to ensure it’s not changing or return to its default settings that will increase water use. In some instances, irrigation controllers could run sprinkler systems inefficiently for long periods, which could substantially increase the amount of water you pay for. Review the program that covers all zones. Many times, other programs install for landscaping or grass, and they are still in operation.

Check the sprinkler zone for leaks or other problems

To check the sprinklers, you may need assistance from a third party when you have a huge irrigation system. The person in charge must at the control panel to switch individual stations off and on while another person inspects the sprinklers when they active. Check for indications of leaks when operating the system.

The presence of water on the grass between sprinklers is usually a sign of a constant leak coming via an underground pipeline. A sprinkler’s water spouting from its base may indicate that the seal has been broken at the point where the riser or the nozzle connects to the supply line for underground. Also, check for dry areas, which could mean that water leaks within the zone prevent it from reaching dry regions. Check for irregular performance between one head and another.

This could be a sign of the presence of a leak in an underground pipe. The flooding around the sprinkler base may be a sign that the valves aren’t shutting off correctly. The soil is washing away on the sidewalk or the holes created by water. Water sprays/geysers typically indicate broken or missing spray heads. Spraying water between sprinkler heads can indicate a crack in your line lateral to the head.

It’s a bit leaky sprinkler stations signs

A flood around the sprinkler base could be a sign that valves aren’t shutting off correctly. Geysers and water spray usually signify the absence of spray heads. Spraying water between sprinkler heads can be a sign of a damaged lateral line. In the grass, water dripping between sprinklers is usually a sign of an ongoing leak through an underground pipeline. The water leaking from the sprinkler’s base could indicate that the seal has been broken at the point where the riser or nozzle is connected to the supply line underground.

Make sure that the sprinkler heads are aligned

 While misaligned sprinkler heads aren’t technically considered to be a kind of leak, it is important to determine if your sprinklers are emitting water exactly where they are supposed to. If you’re planning on being away from your home for longer than a couple of days, be sure to examine your sprinkler heads before departing. The loose heads can suddenly go from their intended direction when left unchecked for prolonged durations of time. Low head drainage is water leakage (usually the lowest point within your house) even after a complete system. You can solve the issue by installing check valves.

Check your sprinkler valves

Valve boxes must be dry and not overflowing. Wet valve boxes may signal leaky wiring or water from the valve due to damaged fittings or worn components. Verify if the valve is leaking due to dirt or a worn diaphragm. Talk to a professional in case you’re not sure.

Finding a professional to hire

If leak detection on your own isn’t your thing, then get in touch with skilled plumbers and sprinkler experts with deep knowledge and tools specifically designed for the industry to detect leaks in sprinklers and fix them without harming your grass. They also can provide routine maintenance and inspections to make sure the sprinkler system functions correctly and that your lawn remains healthy, lush, and gorgeous.

How to repair a leak in sprinkler system

Making an appropriate repair sprinkler starts with digging the damaged sprinkler head(s) using small shovels. Be careful not to cause damage to pipes that are buried and take out the final bit of soil by hand. Get rid of the sprinkler head as well as the riser. Make use of an “easy-to-remove” pipe removal tool to take off the riser. Check the riser for damages. Most of the time, when they damage, it’s because someone has stepped onto their sprinkler heads. Replace the damaged component. If you have a replacement of a sprinkler’s head, make sure you choose one spraying in the same way as the prior one.

Before you install a new riser, you should wrap the ends in plumbing tape. Take the water out of the hole using the help of a small cup. Clean the spout to which the riser is positioned by using an electric toothbrush. Set up the riser, making sure not to scratch the threads. Repair any other heads that are malfunctioning. Do not install your sprinklers until you are sure that the entire system is clean properly. Turn on the water, and cleanse the system. Reinstall the heads of the sprinklers. Fill the holes and try turning the system. What you’re hoping for will be that the sprinkler system repair is in excellent condition, which will save you time and money.


In conclusion, we could be able to conclude that a leak of water within our own home is something that we can’t see and, beyond being “Insignificant.” The issue is that it, without any doubt, could be costly in terms of money, and it could disrupt the peace in our space of existence. The leakage that is this kind could become a massive, huge issue. It is usually recommended to leave this issue to experts in the field. If it’s an insignificant leak that you can monitor for, you should check out our article, where we provide a variety of ways to identify and correct the issue. We hope you’ve learned how to find leak in sprinkler system. Share this article if you find this helpful. 

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