How to Eliminate the Virginia Creeper Naturally – Steps You Must Apply Now


Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) is an invasive plant that can grow on everything, including your most prized ornamental shrubs and trees. If it continues to grow indefinitely, it could eventually kill those plants growing over by denying them oxygen and light. It’s sometimes called five-leaved ivy. Like traditional ivy, it could not be easy to eliminate. But don’t despair. We’ll look at ways to get rid of the garden from this plant. Be aware that a weed is simply a plant growing when it’s not needed. You may be surprised to learn that some grow Virginia Creeper to make a point. However, that’s another matter. In this article, we are going to teach you how to eliminate the Virginia creeper naturally.

What is Virginia Creeper

Virginia creeper, also known as Parthenocissus quinquefolia, is a creeping woody member of the grape family. It is found throughout Northern America; this plant is well-known for not just being able to grow naturally on vertical surfaces but also for being planted intentionally to be used as a home plant by certain individuals. Leaves of Virginia creeper plants consist of five leaflets, each leaflet measuring between 2 – 6 inches in length. The leaves are colored red when they first begin to grow, but they change color when they get older. In autumn, they turn a beautiful red. Virginia creeper’s leaves take on an iconic red hue, making them popular for their use as house vines as they make the walls, roofs, and other surfaces appear stunning under the shade of their reddish shades.

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What kills Virginia Creeper

A negative effect of using herbicides, such as glyphosate, is that they also destroy host trees and shrubs in the vine’s enclosure. The best method for Virginia creeper management on your own is to utilize organic methods to eliminate the Virginia creeper naturally.


Using mulch is an excellent method to eliminate this Virginia creeper vine. You need to remove the entire top of the vine and then cover it with a thick layer of mulch. It is recommended to utilize organic mulch. Our personal favorites are newspapers, bark as well as dead leaves. This technique can deprive the vine of air and sunlight and cause its final death. You may have to wait several weeks for this technique to be effective.


Killing Virginia creeper using vinegar is a tried and true natural cure loved by gardeners and homeowners. Combine 20 percent vinegar and 80 percent water, and spray your plant by spraying this solution. In three days, you can remove all the stem and leaf parts which have lost their leaves due to the mix. Repeat this procedure until the entire vine has died down in the end.

Rock salt

Rock salt is a great way to eliminate Virginia creeper, but only if you aren’t planning to grow something on your property for a few weeks. This is because the soil absorbs the rock salt and requires a long time. It can also kill other plants that are in the vicinity. Mix the equivalent of one-cup stone salt for every gallon of water, and place it on the ground where the creeper appears. Give it a few days to rest and remove all dead leaves. Repeat this procedure until the entire vine is dying down.

How to eliminate the Virginia Creeper naturally

Cleaning them up with herbicides and regular pruning and mowing are some of the known and tried methods of eliminating Virginia creepers. Killing Virginia creeper is straightforward enough while the vine is young, as you can take it off with your hands. After a couple of years, the vine begins to cover the host’s surface with such a thick layer that it can be a major hassle to get it out. Read on to learn several steps to eliminate the Virginia creeper naturally.

Step 1

Always ensure you use gloves with protection when trying to pull Virginia creeper vines from the ground by hand. You don’t want to get an unpleasant rash due to the process. The springtime season is the best time for this project. For vines that are already established, you’ll need to employ a shovel to take out the vast root system of the plant. Any roots that remain in the soil can trigger the growth of new vines.

Step 2

Virginia, removing creepers by organic methods is beneficial because it keeps hosts plants from dying together with vine. White vinegar can be used in mulch, rock salt, or organically kill this pesky creeper. Purchase a high-quality non-selective herbicide, which contains chemicals like glyphosate. Apply it onto the plant along with its leaf until at the very least half the leaves are treated by it. You can also cut the vine to the ground and then apply glyphosate around the stump of the cut stem. The ideal time to apply herbicides to get rid of Virginia creepers is between the fall and late summer.

Step 3

This approach will not remove this Virginia creeper vine, but it will stop it from spreading across areas. Use a lawnmower to take the top of the vine from the ground. You can use garden shears to prune the vines when visible shoots begin to emerge off the earth. The process should be repeated regularly, and any neglect could result in the sprouting of the vine.

How to kill Virginia Creeper

If you’re looking to permanently eliminate all weeds in your yard, there are several steps to follow for successful elimination. Make sure to wear gloves, as well as long sleeves, before you begin the first step. Armed with a set of shears for pruning and some heavy-duty clippers, You can cut the plant in the most forceful way you can. It is also necessary to remove it from your trees and shrubs, then remove it from the fence and other structures. You should cut it back to ground level If you can. The clippings should be put in bags and then disposed of them. Be sure that you eliminate any seeds or berries which may remain in the plant. Using Herbicide

If you aren’t a fan of using pesticides for your yard, look into alternative ways to get rid of this invasive vine. These methods might not be as swift, but with a little perseverance, they will work. If your Virginia Creeper is mainly growing on the ground, you can protect it with a thick blanket of mulch. This will deprive the plant of oxygen, water, and sunlight and eventually lead to its death. However, this method could take a long time before noticing positive outcomes.

Using vinegar And water

Due to its extremely acidic properties, vinegar may effectively eliminate Virginia Creeper. It is recommended that you need to cut the creeper first before applying the vinegar mixture, as it may harm other plants, too. You can mix 20/80 vinegar and water and then put it in the sprayer. You can then spray the vine, and it will begin to die off in approximately three days. If you’ve cut your vine back to its original level, It is also possible to try pouring straight vinegar around the stem cut. Be cautious not to spill the vinegar on any other plants. After a few days, you can add some organic manure or compost into the soil to counteract the acidity.

Using boiling water

It is possible to make this work If you spray the boiling water repeatedly around your vine’s root and base structure. You’ll need to first trim the creeper back to the ground before applying this method.

Using rock salt

This method is only recommended. If you don’t have any suitable plants, removing the salt from the soil takes some time. Mix 1 tablespoon of rock salt in the gallon worth of boiling water. After the salt has dissolved and then pour the mixture over the base of the plant, the vine will be dead within a couple of days, and then you can take it down roots and everything.

Tips to keep in mind

  • It is the Virginia Creeper plant. It is well-known for its unimpeded growth on any horizontal or vertical surface it may come across.
  • It’s easy to remove the Virginia creeper when young. Remove its roots with a shovel or by hand.
  • You can also eliminate this plant organically with white vinegar mulch or rock salt.
  • A glyphosate herbicide can kill the Virginia creeper. Apply the chemical to the stem and at least half the leaves. Alternately, cut off the entire stem and apply the herbicide to the stump that has been cut.
  • It is also possible to eliminate the Virginia creeper by frequently cutting its branches or mowing the growing.
  • Cutting off the top of the vine and then covering the rest with mulch can also cause it to die.
  • Another approach involves spraying the area with a solution containing 20 percent white vinegar with 80 percent water.
  • The use of rock salt can also kill the vine; however, you won’t be able to plant anything else in your garden for some time afterward.

Wrapping Up

Virginia creepers monitored closely could take over the entire garden. It could kill plants around it because it eats away sunshine and nutrients. You can get rid of Virginia creeper by cutting it back or using mulch or acid, salt or rock and boiling water.

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