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At the very first time, I didn’t know how to dry shoes. During that time, my feet developed painful blisters. Are you in this category? Are you looking for a quick way to dry shoes? It is not a good idea to wear wet shoes. It could also reduce the life expectancy of your shoe. Are you looking for a way to dry your shoes in a dryer? While you can dry your boots with a fan or hairdryer, it can cause damage to the shoe. Additionally, it could cause blisters and painful cracks in your feet. There are many ways to dry wet shoes. You can dry them in the dryer, oven, or through newspapers. This article will help you solve all your problems.

How to dry shoes

People have often wondered how to dry shoes overnight. Many people find it a nightmare to step in puddles or rain. It causes footwear to make horrible squeaking sounds and can even cause your feet to freeze.

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Use a fan 

Before we talk about drying shoes overnight, it is essential to verify the shoe’s construction. Gel soled shoes and leather shoes work best. Get rid of any dirt. Place the shoes on a table near a fan. The fan should be taller than the shoes and sturdy. To catch any water that drops from the boots as they dry, place a towel on top of the fan. If the insoles are not leather, remove them and dry them on a low setting for a few minutes.

To dry your shoes, you can place them on a radiator. Take an old wire and a cutter. Cut two lengths of six-inch wire. Bend the wires into an “S” shape. Make sure that one end has a smaller hook and the other has a more prominent theme. To keep the shoes separate, attach the fan’s small ends to the fan. Keep them about 9 inches apart. Next, loosen the laces and let the shoes breathe. Hang them from the inside with the larger hook. Make sure that the fan air gets to the inside of the shoes. Also, make sure the outside is properly aired. Turn the fan on for about an hour.

Use cloths 

Use mild detergent or warm water to wash them. Tighten the laces. Fill the dryer with dishrags or towels. Place the shoes in the dryer and pair them together. Keep the toes elevated. Set the soles against the dryer’s inside. Turn on the dryer. Place your shoes side-by-side, with your toes facing up. Place the soles of your shoes on the dryer door’s inside. The dryer door can be closed by tying the laces to the top. This is necessary to prevent the boots from getting knocked about in the basin. Set the dryer on a low or medium cycle for no more than one hour. You might like to read how to get grass stains out of shoes.

Shoe dryer 

Shoe dryers provide quick solutions to your shoe drying needs. Here’s how it works. Wash your shoes. Take the insoles out and dry them outside. You can also dry your clothes on low heat. Also, take the laces off. Place the boots or shoes on the drying tubes. To ensure it dries well make sure the toe of your shoe is higher than the heel. Anvils are required to provide proper circulation of warm air. Make sure there are 6 inches between your footwear and the base. Plugin the shoe dryer. Do not place obstructions or objects near the air vents. This will cut off natural air circulation. Do not place the shoe dryer in proximity to any secondary heat source.


You might be a little confused if you use a tool that is used for food purposes. You can use a microwave to heat food or dry your shoes. Remember that a microwave’s primary goal is to heat water and evaporate it so that you can put anything in there. This technique involves heating your shoes in a microwave on medium heat. The process will take 15 and 20 minutes to dry shoes. While your shoes are in the microwave, could you take a look at their condition? Please don’t leave them unattended and cause more damage. It would help if you exposed any wet areas of your shoes. If the inside of your shoes is very moist, you can open more space.

Use paper 

Drying boots Using newspapers to dry your shoes overnight is an old trick. Wash your shoes. Dry your shoes separately by removing the insoles. Take some newspapers and roll them up. Then, stuff them into your shoes. You can place your boots indoors in a dry area. If possible, place them near a space heater or fan. You can change the newspaper every few hours if it becomes mushy or wet. Wrap a few newspaper sheets around the edges to dry them. Then, secure them with a rubber band. Click here and read how to stop shoes from squeaking.


Rice is more than a staple food. It has many other practical uses. You can use rice as a desiccant, and it can absorb a lot of moisture. Here’s how to dry shoes overnight using them.

A Lamp

This method of drying shoes is suitable for those who don’t have much time. This method of drying your shoes is fast and will not cause any damage to them. You can dry your boots overnight by placing them under a bright light bulb. However, drying shoes in this manner is not a quick process.

Place the shoes next to a furnace

A stove can be a great way to dry shoes quickly. Ensure that the air blows towards your shoes when you do this. The heat doesn’t have to be in your shoes, but it is best. The shoes will not take more than 12 hours to dry if done correctly.


Another household appliance that can dry your shoes is the refrigerator. It would help if you dried your boots in front of the vent, not on the inside. You will find most refrigerators below the door. This appliance can blow out warm and dry air to dry your shoes after each cooling cycle. You can place your shoes behind the refrigerator, where an intake fan will allow you to keep them dry. The fan will pull moisture from your shoes.

Take your shoes off the floor and take out any insoles. Place your boots sideways with the opening facing the fridge. If you plan to place them in the back, turn the shoe opening towards the fan. Allow them to dry overnight. Rice socks can be made by filling extra stockings with rice and then tying them with hair elastics. Fill them only to the point that the rice can move within the socks. To remove any dirt or mud, clean your shoes. Take out the insoles, and place the rice sock sies inside your shoes. You can leave your shoes alone for up to 2 hours if they aren’t soak propelry. The rice will then remove the moisture. For the rice to absorb water, you can leave the shoes overnight in the rice socks if they are thoroughly wet.

Penyedot debu 

The method for drying shoes with a vacuum cleaner is the same as drying shoes with a hairdryer. Turn on the vacuum cleaner, and let your shoes dry for a while. Before you start this process, make sure to clean your vacuum. If your vacuum cleaner is not clean, your shoes will dry quickly. Dust can stick to your boots and cause problems. Before you choose this method, make sure to check the cleanliness of your vacuum!

Clothes dryer 

Your clothes dryers are the fastest way to dry shoes. This method is not suitable for all shoes. It would help if you looked for an alternative method of drying shoes made from leather or gel-core inserts. You can use drying racks to dry your boots in your dryer. If you don’t have one, this trick will work. If your shoe is dryer-safe, check the label. To prevent damage, assume the boots are not dryer safe if it isn’t on the label. Most shoes have shoelaces.

It would help if you loosened them until they are about 6 inches in length. If you can reach 6 inches, you can take the laces out of the 2 top holes. To dry correctly, make sure they are not tight around the tongue. Use the laces to tie the shoes together. The laces should be held against the dryer door’s interior. The dryer door should be closed with the laces still sticking out at the top. To ensure that the shoes are not damaged, turn the dryer to low heat. If the boots are still damp, run them through the entire cycle.

How to dry shoes overnight

Do not dry shoes with heaters, campfires, or stoves. This could melt the glue and render your boots useless. These boots may be your only choice at the moment. Make sure they are not damaged. Before drying the shoes, dry the boot’s interiors. These tips, or just a few of them, will ensure that your everyday or work boots are at their best and your feet stay warm and dry throughout the day.

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how to dry shoes


We have X-rayed every possible way to dry shoes. However, we must remind you that drying shoes wet takes patience. The shoe’s lifespan could be significantly reduced if this isn’t done. It is also important to dry the shoes correctly. This is important because shoes can develop molds that could cause foot problems. It is essential to know the material of your shoes before you use different drying methods. It could crack if we use techniques that are not friendly to the shoe’s material. Prevention is always better than treatment! Avoid situations that could cause your shoe to get wet.

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