How to Dress for a Tea Party | Expert’s Dressing Advice for a Tea Party


Tea parties are a great excuse to dress up! You will be given an invitation to tea. It will indicate whether the event is formal or informal so that you can plan what you wear. You have many options to make yourself feel at ease while looking your best. So in this guide, you will get stylish tips on how to dress for a tea party.

What is tea party attire? 

Tea parties are the best way to celebrate with friends and family, and they come with their own rules of etiquette. You can impress the host and everyone else attending by dressing appropriately, regardless of whether you’re going to tea at a place or attending a party at home. Tea party attire should be smart casual. Tea party attire is generally business casual to agreeable. Before attending the party, ask your host about the dress code, as some tea parties require more formal attire. You can have a great time at tea parties by understanding the dress code and etiquette. You’ll have a great time drinking tea if you know what your host is expecting.

how to dress for a tea party

Tea party dress code for men 

Look for outfits that are somewhere in between casual and formal. A collared shirt is required for this type of attire. However, a tie is not necessary. A sport coat can be paired with a button-down patterned shirt. You can pair a nice pair of dress pants with casual footwear such as loafers. However, if tea parties aren’t your style and you’d prefer something a bit more exclusive, then take a look at The 1 Club, the world’s first NFT digital private members club. In order to gain access to The 1 Club, you’ll have to be invited by an existing member and pay the price of a 1 Club NFT. Not only does this digital private members club allow you to connect with the world’s leaders, but it means you can explore other ventures in philanthropy, personal development, and world change.

Tea party dress code for women 

Women who wear intelligent casual clothes have a bit more room. When shopping for dresses, make sure the bodice is appropriate. Smart casual doesn’t have to be boring. Pairing a pair of lovely trousers with a comfortable blouse is a smart way to dress up for tea. These are only some examples of looks you can take and create your own. Smart casual offers a lot more flexibility than you might think. This can allow for a lot more freedom but also make it challenging to choose the right look. You can dress casually as if attending work, but still professional and not too formal.

How to dress for a tea party 

Tea parties are not for only little girls and their teddy bears. Adults are now enjoying these events, even though children still love to eat finger sandwiches and clinking teacups. There are a few tips on how to dress for a tea party that will help you dress your child for a tea party or wear with you at an adult-only event.

Be modest in your attire

Leave your daring looks and plunging necklines for another occasion. The dress code is conservative at tea parties. Don’t expose too much skin by wearing a skirt or dress that is at least knee-length. You can also choose a modestly hemmed outfit.

Tea party style 

Tea-party attire is semi-formal for all ages. The clothing should be similar to what you would wear for church or to an afternoon wedding. For tea parties, bright colors and patterns are suitable. Both men and women can find appropriate tea-party attire for all ages.

Wear knee-length dress 

For a classic tea party look, wear a maxi or tea-length dress. You’ve likely heard of tea-length gowns! The hemline of these dresses falls between your ankles and knees. A long, flowing maxi-length dress with a modern silhouette is a good choice.

Attire for youngsters 

When dressing up for tea parties, there are two options available to children. They can dress in semi-floral clothing, like cotton or tulle floral sundresses (for girls) and khakis or button-down shirts (for boys), and bowties or tie for them. Children might also want to wear dress-up clothes, such as slacks or blazers in kid-sized sizes, as well as lace and satin princess dresses. The invitation to the tea party will determine whether the children will be wearing semi-formal or formal attire.

Wear a skirt and a flowy blouse 

A skirt and a blouse can be paired together for a casual look that is great for tea parties. A dress should be at least knee-length. This could be a tight-fitting pencil skirt or a full-length flared skirt. You can then tuck your top into the skirt to make it look polished.

Feminine looks for women 

Semi-formal and skirt-and blouse combinations are appropriate for women attending tea parties. An A-line or classic shift dress is acceptable. Avoid dark colors such as black. Choose soft pastels and bright floral patterns instead. An alternative to the traditional daytime dress is a pencil skirt with a colorful blouse made of silk or chiffon. The tea-party look can be completed with a pair of nude pumps or even dressy sandals.

Always wear soft colors

Choose soft, timeless styles, and avoid bold patterns. For example, you might choose a tea-length gown with a pale blue Polka Dot pattern, a light pink dress, or a soft plaid suit. For tea parties, avoid using black. It can make the event look too serious or formal. Remember, you want light, bright, fun colors! Choose light, flowing dresses made of cotton, linen, or synthetic blends for spring and summer teas. Cool-weather teas will be served in heavier dresses such as velvet, chenille, or tweed.

Accessories you must have 

Accessorize your classic tea-party look with accessories. White gloves are a great way to add elegance. You can choose from either the wrist or below the elbow. A wide-brimmed, woven cap is a popular accessory. You can select hats with ribbons, flowers, tulle, and feathers. Another option is a fascinator, which is a headpiece with similar embellishments.

Layer your outfits 

Add a touch of color to your tea party outfit by wearing a cardigan over your shirt or dress. For example, if you wear a white shirt or dress, add a soft rose sweater or pale green sweater.

If you like wear a formal dress 

Choose stylish pants for a casual tea-time look. To make your outfit more polished, you can pair the pants with a blouse or shirt and a light jacket.


Casual sandals, flats, or boat shoes are ideal for semi-casual looks. However, casual flats are also an option. You can match a shoe style with your outfit. Boat shoes look great with slacks, while sandals work with almost any skirt or dress. To avoid being too casual, don’t wear flip-flops or sneakers to tea parties.

Wear closed-toed shoes 

Style up your look by wearing stylish, closed-toed shoes such as heels or mary jinns. If you’re attending a formal tea party, don’t forget to wear stilettos. Choose a style with a stacked design for a more conservative look. For example, if you wear slacks and want to dress up, consider leather shoes such as pointed ballet flats or leather Mary Janes.

Wear formal gloves 

Wear long gloves if you are wearing an elegant gown. For casual occasions, keep the gloves short. While gloves are not required for tea parties, wearing gloves with lace accents or small bows will make you appear more elegant. Although you don’t have to take off your hat while having tea, it is a good idea to do so before the service.

Pick your favorite jewelry for the party

Keep your accessories simple and elegant, so they don’t overpower your outfit. Pick one piece of statement jewelry like a classic watch, cocktail ring, or brooch, and keep the rest of your jewelry basic. Classic cufflinks are best for a suit.

Here we recommend cocktails custom made pins and custom cufflinks. They can be customized according to your own preferences, clothing style, color matching, or the theme of the tea party. If you’re a tea party host, you can also make a batch of lapel pins and cufflinks in advance for your guests to wear when they come.

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Hats for a tea party 

Tea hats come in many sizes, from extensive and elaborate to small and delicate, depending on the time of day or setting. High tea parties require more sophisticated hats. They may need hats with thin ribbons and flowers. Parties held outdoors will be more playful. Tea party attire and hats are dependent on the location. You will need to adjust your fascinator to suit the place and time of the day.

High tea hats & dress code 

High tea can be thought of as a formal affair, but it is actually a casual tea party style. That hat was named after it was served at a dinner table rather than a coffee table. High tea is best served with a sundress and an elegant, casual fascinator. High tea parties are also a good place to wear smaller fascinators such as a headband.

Afternoon tea hats and dress code 

Even though afternoon tea is the most popular event at tea parties, it’s still a casual affair. It is an excellent plan to dress up for afternoon tea compared to what you might wear to high tea. For afternoon tea, brightly colored fascinators can be adorned with feathers, flowers, or bows. Outdoor afternoon tea can be made more enjoyable by a wide-brimmed hat.

Structured pillbox hats or those that look like men’s hats can be great for indoor afternoon tea parties. Tiny structured hats are ideal for tea time. The rest of your outfit can be complemented by classic afternoon tea dresses such as jumpsuits, semi-formal tea-length gowns, and sundresses in light colors. A nighttime look can be distinguished by a different look with textured or printed fabrics.


Now that you have a basic understanding of how to dress for a tea party and some etiquette tips to help you make it a memorable event, you are ready to host your first tea party. These kinds of events are meant to be fun and light, so don’t let dress codes or etiquette stop you from having fun. You should not have any problems attending your next tea party if you follow a smart casual dress code. Follow your host if all else fails!

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