How to Dress for a Hawaiian Party – Ultimate Dressing Ideas from Expert’s


Parties with costumes are great fun, especially when there’s a theme. Hawaiian parties are known for their abundance of music, flowers, and fruity drinks. To blend in with the other guests, dress in tropical or Hawaiian clothing. You don’t have to spend a lot on the party outfit. This guide is going to teach you how to dress for a Hawaiian party. Continue reading.

How to dress for a Hawaiian party

Are you going to a Hawaiian party this summer? We have some options for you to dress for a Hawaiian party if you don’t feel like going all out. A fun halter-neck dress with a floral motif. This is a fun and flirty dress that you would wear to Waikiki. Add a straw hat, statement necklace, and caged high heels to complete the look. What about a tiny, tropical dress? Your hair should be in a ponytail. You can also save some hair strands for your face. Finally, add gold-toned chandelier earrings to your look. You can wear this dress with strappy heels or sandals.

This beautiful dress from silk chiffon and beautiful prints from 1st dibs are perfect for evening Hawaiian themed parties. Fantastic mix of colours. This hand-painted bag by Shoe me demonstrates your passion for art and versatility. Lanvin’s block heel t strap sandals complete the look. For beach parties, wear a floral romper. If you like, you can add a bolero to the romper and then add pastel tee-strap platform heels, as shown in the photo. Add a belt to your waist if your romper is too loose. A tie front shirt by Ally Fashion, paired with a floral pencil skirt and comfortable jelly shoes, is a great combination.

Get this bright pink quilted strappy bralette from River Island paired with another bright skirt. This floral print loose kimono and maxi skirt from Rome can be paired with a pair of Lilly Pulitzer flat sandals. This is the perfect summer footwear!


Wear a bikini top with a bottom. It doesn’t matter what style or design you choose, as long as it covers you well. Wear a grass skirt over your bikini bottom. They come in both short and long styles. This costume is suitable for those with bare feet. You can wear a sundress or halter dress with floral prints. These are both casual and appropriate for a Hawaiian or beach theme. This costume looks great with sandals or bare feet. A lei can be tied around your neck. Authentic flowers are preferred for authentic-looking lei. A more petite lei can be worn around your wrist or ankle. Both costumes can be worn with the lei. Place one orchid in your hair just below your ear. You can secure it with a pin or bobby pin to keep it from falling out during the party.


Wear khaki pants or shorts. Roll your pants up to the mid-calf if you are wearing them. A Hawaiian shirt with a floral print is a good choice. It can be left unbuttoned if desired. You can wear sandals if desired, but bare feet are also acceptable. Complete the casual look with a straw hat. Wear a grass skirt over khaki shorts. The dress should be long enough that it covers the entire length of your shorts. You can also wear a tiki face mask. You should be able to see through the eyes. This costume requires that you have bare feet. You can also wear a lei around the neck or ankle. You can wear multiple leis if you want.

What men wear at a Hawaiian party

How to dress for Hawaiian party


Traditionally, a Hawaiian shirt is the best choice for a man heading to a luau. This shirt is typically a silk button-down with bold repeating patterns such as palm trees or hibiscus flowers. A camp shirt with double pockets on one side or pleats down the other can be a great way to shake things up and avoid appearing touristy. Solidly coloured linen shirts are a minimalistic option. You can leave the buttons at the top and roll the sleeves to the side. For a casual but stylish look, pair any of these options with silk-screened tees.

Pants and shorts

For men, a luau is an occasion when shorts are appropriate. If your shirt matches, you can choose any colour shorts, including tan, brown, green or white. Cargo shorts and board shorts work well unless it’s something more formal. You can also wear pants if you prefer, like chinos or linen pants. For a beachy look, fold the hem twice. Pants are the best option for evening luaus in Hawaii because they can get breezy and cold at night.


Men can also wear flip-flops, sandals, and even sandals. However, they shouldn’t clash with your outfit. Black footwear will not match your shirt unless it specifically designs to complement it. Many Hawaiian companies make leather flip-flops that are stylish and sophisticated for men. If you don’t need socks to protect your feet outdoors, sandals are the best option. Casual leather slip-on without socks is the best option for luau outfits.


A Hawaiian luau, or a theme party that celebrates the holidays, allows men to indulge in accessories. A lei will likely be given to you at the party. However, you can also wear leather or hemp necklaces and bracelets. You can also use sun-protective hats like Panama hats, fishing hats and cowboy hats. You can also use short-brimmed fedoras that have decorative bands with Hawaiian shirts. Don’t wear too many colours or patterns, as they could clash with each other. Your accessories should be able to tie the outfit together.

Rules you must follow for hawaiian party

Above you read about how to dress for a Hawaiian party. Now we will discuss the rules you must follow for a Hawaiian party. A luau is a Hawaiian feast or party that often includes entertainment. A luau is a gathering of friends and family that allows them to eat, have fun and bond over a shared experience. You can do it as a simple backyard BBQ or go all-out and re-create a tropical Hawaiian experience. You don’t need to travel to Hawaii or spend a lot of money to create this magical experience. It’s much easier than you might think to throw a Hawaiian themed party. These are the three main rules to help you become a hero among your friends.

Everyone wear aloha attire

A group of people dressed in brightly coloured Hawaiian shirts or cute floral dresses is the best way to say “Aloha!” It’s a great way to make your party feel like a Hawaiian theme party by allowing everyone to wear their favourite Aloha outfit. It should be mandatory. This will add tropical colour to your party and make it more festive. A contest to see who wear the best dress can make your party even more enjoyable.

Make a tropical atmosphere

Hawaiian music is sure to be a feast of the ears if everyone is dressed in Aloha attire. Playing Hawaiian or island party music on a boom box, computer or MP3 players speakers or a component system can create a tropical atmosphere. Contemporary music can create a more festive atmosphere, while traditional Hawaiian music will create an enchanting ambience. Both are good. You can also get the music you want from Amazon, iTunes, or any other streaming service.

Decorate your party with fake or real flowers and table skirts made of grass. You can use tropical-inspired plates, cups, and napkins. You can also use brightly coloured yellow or red items to imitate tropical fruits if you don’t have the option of finding tropical-looking plates, cups and napkins.

Delicious food

Without food, a party is nothing more than a meeting. While music and decorations are great, so is aloha wear. But the most important thing about a party is the food. This is a crucial part of the party. There are many great recipes for luau food that will suit your cooking skills and tastes. These are some basic stables that you can use to get started. List them in alphabetical order.

A party is only complete with delicious tropical drinks. You only need a small amount of mai tai from your local supermarket, some ice, and a blender. You can add some punch syrup to give it some colour and garnish with a drink umbrella or sliced pineapple. If you don’t feel like trying, go traditional with coconut rum or Coke. It’s better than nothing. Poi is perhaps the most iconic Hawaiian food. Some people like it. Some people don’t. 

We recommend ordering it online if you can. You can substitute poi with sweet potatoes or rice if you’re afraid it will be too gross for your friends. Both are common at Hawaiian luaus. Another staple at luaus is fish. It is easy to get frozen Mahi Mahi fillets at your local supermarket, then bake them in the oven. The tartar sauce can be added. Costco usually stocks a variety of frozen fish fillets. Any white fish meat will work.


This article is not only about how to dress for a Hawaiian party it also explains all and everything about the Hawaiin party. You can make your party unique and comfortable by using your imagination and creativity. If you follow the steps correctly, you can have a Hawaiian Shirt Party with just pizza.

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