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It’s common in our training routines when we are tired and bored of the same exercises every day. Your fitness has reached the highest level, and you’re thinking about whether this is the case. Do you own a stationary bike and a towel, water, and a desire for a new challenge? It’s the best method to boost your fitness levels, no matter if you’re an amateur or a pro. It will give you the foundation to create and customize an exercise program tailored to your goals and needs. However, you don’t know how to do HIIT on stationary bikes! Read on, and I’ll explain how to do HIIT on stationary bikes and the reasons why the stationary bicycle is an ideal instrument for a great workout. I’ve got a beginner-friendly fixed bike HIIT program!

What is HIIT

The term HIIT refers to high-intensity interval training, and it is the exact definition of. It’s a series of unsustainable, quick sessions of intense activity and then a brief time of slow-paced activities to recuperate before repeating. This is one of the most well-known cardio exercises available today. It’s because HIIT requires no apparatus or even time. Additionally, you can customize it to your personal preferences. For instance, if you’re looking to lift weights, you can use them or a treadmill when you’re a runner. The intense, sudden periods of high intensity followed by a quick breath will cause your body to burn more calories while increasing your stamina and speed. It’s also been shown to treat type 2 heart disease and diabetes far more than regular exercising would. A few sessions of HIIT a week can increase your cardiovascular health dramatically.

How to do HIIT on stationary bikes

As we’ve seen that HIIT can accomplishe with any equipment or none. But a stationary bike is a little more practical, particularly when you’re just beginning to learn the basics. In contrast to a treadmill, stationary bikes are an extremely low-impact exercise that means it can allow you to increase your intensity to the next level without fearing injuries. You’ll also be better able to perform more, develop endurance, and after your workout, your calories burned will be greater. It is possible to reap similar advantages for other sports too. For example, it could enhance your swimming or running or even help to lift the extra weights. If you use a stationary bike for HIIT, you’re engaging multiple parts in your physique, including some which could constitute ones that are your “trouble” areas, such as your thighs and core.

How to do HIIT on stationary bikes

Stationary bike workout plan-1

Perform the HIIT exercise for 30 seconds at high intensity and then for 1 minute at low power. Repeat this four times. Perform a HIIT session for 40 seconds on high intensity and then for one minute at low intensity. Repeat this four times. You should do HIIT training for thirty secs at high power and then one minute at low intensity. Repeat this four times.

Stationary bike workout plan-2

To warming up, set the bike to the lowest resistance. You should pedal just enough to raise your cardiovascular rate. However, be careful not to overdo it. Perform HIIT for 30 seconds at high intensity. You have 60 seconds to recover. The resistance level must adjust to moderate when you start to accelerate. This first interval aims to achieve 7 to 8 mph of intensity. A basic scale of one to 10. Ten would be a simple walk, and ten is giving everything you’ve got to the highest level of your body. The intensity should last 30 minutes.

After 60 seconds, reduce the resistance and speed for a minute. The ideal intensity for this is 3 or 4. The interval should last for one minute. Repeat the breaks four times. The total duration for the entire period will be 5-11 mines. The second time, it is the method of switching on and off. The second interval will comprise four sets of gaps that are scheduled to alternate between 1 minute on to one minute off to allow for recovery. If you’re doing high-intensity level intervals, the goal is to get an intensity between 8 and 9.

The goal of achieving an interval that is 10 is even more beneficial. The entire second period will take between 11 and 19 minutes to complete. Interval three is known as the home stretch and can last anywhere from 19 to 25 minutes. Next, do HIIT for 30 seconds in a high-intensity. The goal is to achieve an intensity level of seven or eight. Then, follow up with a second of recovery. The three-minute interval should be repeated four times.

Benefits to do HITT on stationary bikes

Cycling on a stationary bike is a powerful and effective method to burn calories and body fat while building your lungs, heart, and muscles. Compared to other types of equipment for cardio stationary bikes place less strain on joints. However, it gives you a good exercise. Learn more about the advantages of doing HIIT on stationary bikes.

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Increases the cardio fitness 

Cycling is an excellent method to get your heart rate going. It is essential to keep your heart and lungs healthy. Aerobic exercises like cycling can strengthen your lungs, compassion, and muscles. They also boost the circulation of oxygen and blood across your body. This is a great way to improve the health of your body in a myriad different ways.

Help to weight loss

The level of your exercise and your weight depending on your body weight and intensity. You could lose over 600 calories per hour when you do a stationary bicycle exercise. Indoor cycling is an ideal exercise option to burn calories fast. Consuming extra calories that you don’t drink is the most crucial factor in losing weight.

Burns body fat 

Exercise in a vigorous way helps to burn calories as well as build strength. This, ultimately, could help to reduce fat. For example, a study conducted in 2010 by Trusted Source discovered that cycling indoors in conjunction with a low-calorie diet proved effective in decreasing body weight and fat among the participants in the study. It also helped in lowering cholesterol levels and the levels of triglycerides. Participants were on a bike for 45 minutes, three times a week. In addition, they ate 1,200 calories daily for 12 weeks.

Offers a low-impact exercise 

A stationary bicycle workout is a gentle workout that employs smooth motions to strengthen joints and bones without placing too much pressure on the joints. This makes it an excellent exercise choice for those suffering from joint problems or injuries. Your knees, ankles and hips, and joints could be subjected to many strains during jogging, running, and jumping, or performing other aerobic exercises that are high-impact. Since your feet aren’t lifted off the pedals when riding stationary bikes, This option is gentler to joints. However, it’s still an intense and efficient exercise.

Strengthens lower and legs muscles 

Cycling on a stationary bike can strengthen your lower body and legs, in particular, if you choose to use the highest resistance. The action of pedaling can strengthen your hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps. It can also train the muscles of your back, core, and glutes. In addition, if you are riding a bicycle equipped with handles, you’ll be able to strengthen the upper muscles of your body, such as your triceps and biceps, and shoulders.

Helps to do interval training 

Training lets you mix short bursts of intense activity with longer intervals of moderate exercise. This type of exercise can assist you in burning more calories in a shorter amount of time and improve your cardio endurance. In addition, stationary bikes offer a variety of resistance levels. This means that you can work out at moderate, low, or high intensities. This makes them ideal for an interval exercise.

More secure than road cycling 

Outdoor cycling is an ideal way to exercise. However, it is also a risky activity, including inattention of drivers, slippery or uneven roads, and low visibility. In addition, if it’s humid and hot or cold and damp, it might be challenging to summon the desire to go outside. It could even be not secure to go out in the first place. When you cycle indoors, you won’t need to worry about road conditions, traffic, or the weather. You can exercise safely at a pleasant temperature all year round.


Cycling indoors can help you meet your fitness goals in the rain, shine, or whatever the weather throws at you. In addition to its many cardiovascular benefits, Do HIIT on stationary bikes can help you boost your muscle strength, lose weight, and burn body fat while being kind to your joints. Use an app or journal to track your progress over time so you can see your results and stay motivated. Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program if you’re new to exercise, take medications, or have any medical concerns.

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