How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in Septic Tank: The Best Tips from Experts


Suppose we aren’t aware of how to dissolve toilet paper in septic tank.. In that case, we might develop complications over time. It is therefore important to understand how to do it correctly. The most important thing is using the correct toilet paper and the correct maintenance of your septic tank. Utilizing the products related to maintaining septic tanks can reduce the cost time and help with any issues that could occur. The question lies in the kind of product you choose to use. It should be that it is easy to dissolve toilet paper, such as biodegradable and septic. In other words, both of these factors are crucial.

How to dissolve toilet paper in a septic tank

Toilet paper is designed to dissolve in water; therefore, there’s nothing you have to do in the first place. However, certain toilet paper dissolves more quickly than other types. A simple test on toilet paper will reveal the type of toilet paper you’re using. Continue reading to learn how to dissolve toilet paper in septic tank. We’ll also discuss why it is essential to dissolve your toilet in water. We will also discuss what toilet paper is best for the septic toilet tank.

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Every few months, check to ensure everything is thoroughly rinsed

We also recommend an annual review to dissolve toilet paper in septic tank.. What is happening is that this recommendation is due to the lack of understanding of people about this sort of thing. The majority of people don’t even think about their tank septic. It is only when leaks or breaks occur that they can remember them. This requires the addition of enzymes and bacteria and then verifying the operation. This way, you’ll save money while being on top of your own health. Follow these suggestions and ensure that your septic tank receives the regular maintenance it deserves. You’ll be in good shape, and the tank will last longer.

Silk’nSoft bamboo toilet paper is highly recommended

Enzyme Pac must be up-to-date. The first step is to ensure your enzyme program is current, and you will also ensure that your paper won’t disintegrate. The best toilet paper is advantageous. However, it will dissolve like toilet paper, using top enzymes in the market. Live bacteria packs boost the rate of dissolution of paper. Utilize live bacteria packs if you wish to maintain your septic tank. This can increase the rate at which the paper dissolves and the remainder. Don’t forget to perform this process every few months. Depending on what size you have for your septic tank, you can even perform it once per month. It will not work when you’re not serious about taking care of the septic tank, as it is an essential component. The tank’s atmosphere is controlled by these beneficial bacteria and will dissolve what needs to be removed.

Biodegradable toilet paper is great for Septic tanks

This type of paper is very effective since it dissolves within the tank. But, you need to provide maintenance using living bacteria and enzymes. This makes it easier (dissolve the paper). It is possible to use chemicals to speed up the process. So the tank will not have any leftovers inside the tank.

Explore different tank treatment

Use different methods to treat the tank. In this manner, determine the answer to your problem. Sometimes having difficulty dealing with obstructions to the path could result from the chemical employed. Every house is unique. Therefore, it is suggested to try different solutions, so it is important to maintain the septic tanks. If needed, alter the kind you use for your toilet, enzymes, bacteria, and other necessary things for proper functioning.

Use septic-safe toilet paper

We refer to the toilet paper designed to not block the flow of water out of the tank for septic. As mentioned above, the crucial thing is to select the right toilet paper and ensure adequate maintenance. It stresses the importance of regular maintenance to be done. However, maintenance is important as it can stop the septic tank from getting blocked.

How to test toilet paper for dissolvability

There is a variety of toilet paper; however, they aren’t all designed to be the same. Certain dissolve more quickly and thoroughly than others, and consequently, they are better suited to the septic tank you have.

  • Make four sheets of toilet paper and put the four sheets in a jar or a Tupperware container.
  • Add 2 cups of water, and then wait 20 minutes.
  • Stir the Tupperware or jar container for about 10 seconds. Let the contents get a little more settled.

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Why is it important the toilet paper you use dissolves efficiently

Everyone is aware of the hazardous WD-40 is to the septic tank. However, not everyone is aware that certain toiletries are also harmful to wastewater treatment. Since only wastewater can leave the tank, while solid waste and toilet paper that is not dissolved remain in the tank, it is essential to pump the tank every three or five years. Since certain toilet paper dissolves slowly and isn’t as complete as others, the choice of paper for your toilet could determine how often you’ll need to pump your system. Additionally, a toilet paper that isn’t dissolved rapidly could lead to plumbing issues. It could form some sort of clump within the plumbing; this is where the risk is.

If the tissue is trapped at an angle in the pipe or a sharp edge and is left in the area for a long time, more tissue can be caught. At some point, a large mass of undissolved tissue can develop in the pipe, which will block it. Then, one day your toilet is flushed; water in the toilet bowl, to your astonishment — will begin moving upwards instead of downwards!

Do you want to avoid having this occur to you? Try this simple DIY bathroom test that we have shown above to ensure the toilet paper you use is the type that disintegrates quickly and fully in the water.

Don’t, and you should never flush facial tissue, tampons and paper towels into the toilet. They could clog the pipes in the process and are definitely bad for the septic tank.


That’s how to dissolve toilet paper in septic tank.. Choose the brand of paper which is the most efficient to reach your goals, and keep it the amount of paper you need. Don’t overlook that there is something essential for things to dissolve within the tank. This is adding enzymes to the tank. It’s simple to keep track of. We must organize ourselves. We have included cleaning our septic tanks into our list of priorities, which will help us prevent many issues shortly.

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