How to Dissolve Feces in Toilet – Experts 7 Easy Steps You Must Follow


A very well-known way to clean your toilet is to use a plunger. Some people may find this technique to be too complicated or lengthy. What can you do when you need to dissolve feces in the toilet? The solution is to dissolve feces inside the toilet. This procedure is simple and can be completed in only some minutes.

How to dissolve feces in toilet

Hiring plumbers is the most efficient method for this job. However, the risk involved is well worth the risk. It is recommended to choose readily available products. Read below the steps to dissolve feces in the toilet.

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Choose a large plunger to form an air vacuum inside the open portion inside the bowl. Place it in the opening and then begin to move it upwards and downwards with ease. This way, you’ll produce the necessary vacuum to clear the obstruction. You can gradually increase the speed at which you move. After the poop has flushed into your drains, you can flush it once more.

Metal cloth hanger

If you’d prefer not to get yourself dirty, you could get rid of the feces from the toilet with a wire hanger wrapped in plastic. Don’t use it without wrapping it in plastic to protect the porcelain from becoming damaged. Wear gloves that are waterproof and use pliers to remove the hanger. Place one end in the toilet. Try to clear the clog by moving the hanger. When the toilet is clear, flush the toilet a few additional times until your bowl appears clear.

Make use of warm drinking water and dishwashing liquid

Liquid dish soap performs like enzyme liquid and is a fantastic home remedy to avoid difficult stool. Fill the toilet halfway with a tablespoon of dishwashing fluid. It’s thicker than the water, and it will fall into the bottom of the stool. The boiling water can cause the toilet to crack, so be sure that the water isn’t boiling before pouring it in. It will not dissolve completely; however, it must be sufficient to dissolve by itself. You may have to repeat the process at least another time to cause it to self-dissolve.

Toilet using an electric flush

Toilets with electrically assisted technology can be a fantastic solution for eliminating the difficult-to-expel excrement. They use extremely high pressure to push the obstructions through the pipes before going into the drain. This means you won’t experience an unclean toilet ever again, regardless of whether it was the result of a large stool or another reason.

Coca-Cola, along with plastic sheeting

Pour the entire Coca-Cola (0.5 LT) into the bowl. Cover the opening with plastic. Give it a couple of hours for the Coke to do its magic over the droplets. The plastic wrap will create enough pressure to push the droppings into the drainage. Then you can flush your toilet.

Baking vinegar and baking soda

Begin by placing 1 cup of baking soda into the bowl. Gradually add vinegar to a cup to kick off this chemical process. Be prepared for lots of foaming, and be careful not to splash. Pour the vinegar regularly until the mixture ceases to form bubbles. In certain situations, it will suffice to clean the bowl. If, however, the bowl is highly clogged, it is recommended to pour 3.8 L of hot water into the cup. Repeat this process until you can do so.

Toilet auger

It is also possible to efficiently run the cable of a medium-size through your toilet’s drain. Toilet augers are well for removing the blockage and taking it away. It is among the most effective ways to clean the toilet after being blocked by excrement or toilet tissue.

How to dissolve poop in the toilet

Baking soda and vinegar

This combo is a reliable non-toxic household cleaner that can be used particularly when one is lost or doesn’t have access to a plunger. When used for cleaning surfaces, baking soda possesses a lot of benefits. They are potent deodorizers and can be effective in removing grease from drains. This is a straightforward, easy, non-fussy way to reduce the amount of poop in your toilet bowl. Pour 240ml of baking soda into your clogged toilet. Give it a minute or two minutes. After that, slowly and carefully pour 34 cups of vinegar inside the bathroom bowl. While you wait, let the baking soda with vinegar mix over about a couple of minutes. The sparkling chemical reaction helps dislodge the clog. After that, flush the toilet and check if the poop stuck in the toilet and won’t be flushed has been dissolved or loosened up.

The use of eco-friendly products to dissolve poop

This is among the most efficient and clean methods of dissolving poop inside the bathroom. Numerous enzyme-based products for removing waste offer solutions to this not-so-cool issue. If you decide which product to choose, pay careful attention to a mix of enzymes effective in reducing the weight of waste through the breakdown of waste and drain-clearing capacity.

Choose a green product that won’t harm the toilet and pipe system and, in turn, is less harmful to the environment. The solution should be poured into the bowl of your toilet. After that, you should wait four to six hours for the enzymes to break down the poop. When the obstruction has gone away, it is time to flush the toilet to eliminate the mess.

Use a plunger

Having a plunger at home could seem like a basic, but it’s the most efficient, clean and fastest method to unclog the poopy, heavy stuff that doesn’t drain. There are two kinds of toilet plungers: flat plungers are commonly used to clean shower drains, and the flange plunger is the best for clearing toilets. The correct way to flush into a toilet. Before you begin, wear rubber gloves to guard your hands against germs. Be careful when inserting to the bowl of your toilet.

Begin by gently pushing up and down. Do not pull or push too in a hurry, as it could result in unclean water spilling onto the floor or on you. Make sure to create the illusion of a vacuum by making the seal right close to the hole that exits the bowl. You can gently push the plunger upwards and downwards while keeping the seal. This will eliminate any airlock. It recommends repeating the process several times and then do one final, sharp pull that breaks the airlock, causing the water to flow through the drain. Repeat the process until the clog is cleared as you attempt to flush the toilet.

Toilet auger to clear an obstructed toilet

Toilet Auger is an average-sized cable specifically designed to effortlessly snake through the toilet drain and assist in loosening up any toilet blocked by poop; by breaking the obstruction into smaller pieces or hooking onto the clog, it is easy to pull the obstruction. It’s constructed with the rotating cable in an unfinished tube encased with a soft rubber shell that shields the bowl’s porcelain from scratches caused by numerous pullings and pushes. The toilet auger can smoothly move through your toilet’s drain and remove any hard blockages. This is a tool for the toilet that is worth having.

The DIY drain snake using the hanger

Be aware that this entire procedure could be disgusting to some. You’ll need a hanger for clothes and pliers to make this process work effectively. Begin by cutting off one end of your hanger, straightening the wire with pliers, and then creating a hook of medium size on the other end. Wrap the hook in cloth to keep cutting the edge from causing damage to the porcelain toilet. Wear gloves, put the wire into the bowl drain, and then push into and out as you twist the wire in a circular movement. If you notice an obstruction in the drain, attempt to poke it by pressing the wire until the water begins to drain.

Hot water and detergent

Here’s the secret and method: hot water and dishwasher detergent help clear the blockage. Make five liters of hot water and cover it with a lid to allow the water to heat more quickly. Pour the dishwasher detergent into the toilet. If you don’t have dishwasher soap, you may also chop any bar soap into smaller pieces and pour these into your toilet. Once the water is heated up, carefully pour it into the toilet, and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. (The combination of the hot water and detergent help break down and loosen the blockage) After that, openly wash the toilet.


Be prepared for the unexpected about plumbing fixtures and plumbing generally. Even if you do not have a large amount of poop that you can flush or blockage toilets by hard feces, be prepared for them to occur. Now, undoubtedly you are an expert in how to dissolve feces in toilet. Get those tools and equipment within your home to ensure they’re available whenever you require them.

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