How to Deep Condition Naturally Curly Hair: Uncomplicated Methods


If you are following your Curly Girl Method, deep conditioning is an essential element of your routine for hair. Maybe you’ve tried an earlier hair mask, but this is like it. It’s a conditioner absorbed deeper into hair and is highly nourishing. It can be seen as an additional treatment to repair damaged and dry hair. The advantages of deep conditioning include more gorgeous, healthier, and shiny curls that are more shaped. Do you want to know how to deep condition naturally curly hair? We will help you by providing helpful tips!

How to deep condition naturally curly hair

Do you really need to deep treat your hair? There are a variety of opinions within the hair community that is natural about the issue of whether applying a conditioner to your hair for a prolonged duration of time is beneficial. Some believe that the most effective results can be achieved in five minutes, while others suggest that your hair conditioner must be on for 20 minutes at least once weekly.

If we take a step back, let’s look at what happens to the hair as it’s being treated. The shampoo is used to get rid of grease and oils from your hair and clean the shaft of your hair. But, it does not let the cuticle open. Follow the below tips to deep condition naturally curly hair.

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Get a good deep conditioner

The deep conditioner must be akin to a rich, thick cream. It’s not required to mention a “deep conditioner when you put it on the product’s packaging. The ingredients that are contained inside the conditioners are of greater importance. Make sure to read the directions on the label before use! If you purchase the product, think about your hair’s curly and curl and whether your hair requires more protein or hydration so that the product is matched to your curls. Protein helps hair grow healthy and strong.

It promotes the growth of hair and is the primary factor determining your hair’s strength. If you want to curl your hair into a ball, your hair must be of the correct elasticity since you want your curl to bounce back whenever you tug it. For healthy and strong hair, moisture and protein must be in harmony. Have you noticed that your hair is deficient in protein and therefore needs water? This is why focusing on adding protein to your hair is better and not relying on hydration before your treatment.

Apply the deep conditioner

If you’ve found the perfect hair conditioner, wash it with co-wash first. The term “co-wash” is an abbreviation for “condor washing. It’s washing your hair using conditioner. It’s essential to wash it first to remove the accumulated build-up hair products within your hair. If you put on the deep conditioner like this, it won’t have a chance to be absorbed.

After washing, gently squeeze some water out of your hair but leave it in the water. To ensure that your hair gets the benefit of the deep conditioning process, it’s recommended to split your hair into 4 sections. Eight, if you have incredibly thick hair. Apply the conditioning to all of your hair in one stroke. It is possible that the treatment won’t get to the middle of your hair.

Apply the deep conditioner to your wet hair from the ends to the roots. Concentrate on the ends since that’s where your curls will dry the most. You can tell this in the case of hair ends that are frizzy, dry, or damaged. Each section of your hair is separate, and massage the product from the root to the tip. In this way, you can completely cover your hair, and it will be able to take in the conditioning sincerely to its greatest extent.

Leave the deep conditioning on

The deep conditioner should be placed for around 20-30 minutes. The essence of deep conditioning lies in the amount of time it takes to remove the product. This means it takes longer. Therefore make sure you are doing this at night or at weekends. At times, you could also allow the product to soak in for a few hours.

Cover and heat your hair

After that, put the Cap on your shower to ensure that the deep conditioner doesn’t end up across the floor. A plastic bag can also work in the absence of a shower cap. The natural warmth on your scalp, held well in your head with the shower cap, can help the product absorb more. If needed, put a towel over it.

It is also possible to give nature to your scalp using the help of a hair dryer. In reality, no heat products are utilized in Curly Girl Method. Curly Girl Method, but when combined using a deep conditioning product, it is highly efficient. The heat helps to ensure that your cuticles are opened, and the components in the conditioner will be more easily absorbed. You can use an appliance for drying hair, a steam device, a hair dryer, or even by making steam from a hot shower.

Another option is to utilize the Cap on the heat. Cap. It’s similar to the electric hair dryer. The difference is that it occupies less space, is wireless, and allows you to move around quickly. This Cap has linseed, making it heavier than you would think. All you need to do is warm it in the microwave before you use it right away to deep condition. The linseed contained in the Cap will hold the heat for around 30-45 minutes. The result is soft and smooth hair!

Rinse out the deep conditioning

Remove the conditioner from your hair by rinsing it with cool water. This process takes time to get used to and is cold, but it will ensure that your cuticles will close again. If you’ve used a hair dryer or steam hood, allow your hair to cool before washing it with conditioner. It’s unnecessary to clean it thoroughly and carefully since it’s not a problem, even if a little remains. It’s grooming, after all!

How to choose the best conditioners for natural hair

We have given you easy tips on how to deep condition naturally curly hair. If you’re a natural hair type, you should search for the following ingredients in your hair conditioner: coconut oil, water Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, caffeine, cetrimonium chloride, and panthenol. In the following sections, we’ll give you more information on how each ingredient works in your hair.

Coconut oil

To allow penetration, coconut oil must be left for a long time. The Journal of Cosmetic Science released a research study that showed a penetration between the cuticle layer and within the cortex. Coconut oil was tested on hair that was naturally colored and discovered that it penetrates into dry hair.


For the majority of silicons (not everyone), to get into the hair, silicones should be applied to the hair for a minimum of 20 minutes. The silicones can penetrate into the cuticle layer along with the cortex. The studies on bleached hairconcluded that trimethylsilylamodimethicone can penetrate bleached hair when combined with a conditioner.

Caffeine and panthenol

As per the British Association of Dermatologists, in an article entitled ” A novel cosmetic approach to treat thinning hair,” the details of the absorption of caffeine and panthenol aren’t entirely transparent. This study indicates that panthenol and caffeine could be used as a leave-in treatment.

Amino acids

To allow the majority of amino acids (not all) to be effective, they must be left on the hair for a minimum of 3-10 minutes at 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because research suggests that amino acids will make the only likely to enter the cortex. Tests of amino acids were carried out on colored, bleached hair, but not natural hair that was not treated. The study revealed that mixing amino acids in the conditioner made them more effective in absorbing.

Arginine, an amino acid, was discovered to penetrate hair colored with color when mixed with hair conditioner or water. However, different amino acids like, for instance, glutamic and glycine acids were found to penetrate hair only when they were mixed with hair conditioner. Phenylalanine and histidine penetrated the hair only when mixed with water.

Hydrolyzed palm oil

For the hydrolyzed oil to get into the hair, it must be left on the hair for 30 mins at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Afterward, it will reach the cuticle layers and the cortex’s outer layer. The palm oil that was hydrolyzed was tested on bleached hr, and it was found to penetrate the outer layers of hair.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein

As per the International Journal for Trichology ( source), Hydrolyzed wheat protein should be kept for a minimum of 30 minutes at 95 degrees Fahrenheit to allow its penetration to begin. Howevkeepingkeep it in the freezer for 16 hours recommended for achieving the most significant penetration. The protein will pass through the cuticle layers and into the cortex of natural hair that is not processed. However, if damaged hair is present, it will only go into the cortex. The ingredient was tested uniformly on natural, bleached colored, or relaxed chemically. When using the wheat protein hydrolyzed for testing purposes, it dissolved into the water.

Artificial peptides

For the artificial peptides to be effective, they must be left in the hair for about five hours, with a temperature of 98.6deg Fahrenheit. After that, they will probably go through the cuticle layers. Artificial peptides have been tested on bleached hair as well as natural hair with no chemical processing, and there was no penetration observed on hair that is natural. However, for the bleached hair, there was a little cuticle layer penetrated.

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