How to Decorate Columns – 10 Unique Tips Must Surprise You


This article is designed to teach how to decorate columns, the living room, weddings, and the other topics discussed throughout the posts. In a home, the columns have a double purpose. On the other side, they provide support to the ceiling, divide rooms, and give support while also creating significant visual impact. Similar to vaults and arches as architectural features by themselves.

How to decorate columns 

Columns are structural structures that are vital to a house that has two or more levels. They assist in securing the shape above them and transfer the weight towards the floor. Often, an architect creating a home could hide the columns inside the wall; however, they must put them at the center of the space for some designs. Follow these below steps to decorate columns.

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Using wall decor Item 

The most straightforward, effective, and economical solution to decorate columns is incorporating wall art or other wall décor objects within the column. It makes the columns look appealing by adding more artistic features to the living area. Before you purchase the wall décor, It is essential to determine the width of your column for the proper size to buy.

Cover the column with wood material 

A wood-based feature can help bring balance to any space. It also adds freshness and a more natural feel, and its natural texture could bring some artistic flair to the room. If you find your home lacking natural elements. The use of wood for covering your column could be the best option. It will make a significant development by adding a touch of elegance to your space and helping to secure your dull looks to look appealing and attractive.

There are a variety of ways you could protect your space using wood materials. You can cover the entire portion with wood or even use one of the boards made of wood to cover an area. Make use of your imagination to discover the most effective ways that are compatible with the current design of your room. For wood products, there are many different options that you can choose to use. Naturally, genuine wood is a great option, but for any reason, there are alternative options like vinyl with a wooden texture or even wooden planks.

Making your column a dining spot

Columns as restaurant or bar space This idea is perfect for anyone who has small holes in their house as they aren’t able to possess a table for a meal and a bar table. You can actually use your space to serve as a bar or dining table. For this, it recommends to purchase an inexpensive table that can place directly next to your section. It is possible to use a collapsible partition mounted bar or feasting table like the image above for the most effective result.

Use wall lamps

This is the easiest way to decorate columns. Utilizing wall lamps with column-shaped lighting is an essential element required to achieve a stunning interior design. Using a different lighting layer will create stunning light effects in the ambient that make any space appear more elegant and sophisticated. A lamp type that can use to add some light is a wall-mounted lamp, and you can use your column as a spot to place this type of lighting. This way, you’ll not only have additional lighting options for your space. However, it can also make an uninteresting column look significantly better. Additionally, these lamps can use as ornaments to select wall lighting in harmony with your interior design.

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Make your column stand out

Instead of concealing your column rather, why not make it stand out? This will give a more dramatic and bold appearance to your living room. This can accomplish by with high-contrast colors to paint the column. For this, you could choose a vibrant or bright hue or dark colors. Utilizing bright paint for walls will make your space appear more brilliant and lively, while darker shades create a more flat appearance. Another option is to use bold and striking colors, such as green, blue, red, or any other colors that you might be a bit frightened of painting your entire space with. This kind of color is a great way to give richness and vibrant hues to your living space.

Transform your column into a green centerpiece

A little greenery can be an excellent way to add some freshness to your spaces, and utilize your column for this by hanging some artificial plants and putting some vase and planter in their place. It will bring fresh and natural vibes into your home. It can transform a dull column attractive and stunning and make everyone who sees it think that these columns were made to add beauty to areas. Numerous studies have demonstrated that incorporating plants into rooms can make people feel more relaxed and comfortable even when they spend a lot of time in those spaces. If you already have pots and plants in your home, the most straightforward and accessible method is to utilize the plants and move them around the column. If you have an additional budget, you can purchase some hanging vases or even plant to decorate and cover the column’s surface.

Use wall mirror

Another column to decorate your living space is to use mirrors to protect your column. By using the mirror, you’ll gain various advantages rather than making your column appear elegant and beautiful. Mirrors can also make a room appear more prominent as the mirror will reflect a great deal of light. It will also make a room appear brighter. The best way to apply these concepts is to use the real-deal mirror you have designed and encasing it with several additional custom-made frames. A cost-effective option is employing a ready-to-use wall mirror in the market. It is easy to place the mirrors yourself, and the column will appear much more attractive than it did before.

Create industrial rustic looks

It is essential to incorporate a retro or provincial flair to your living room at the time. Why leave your room unfinished? The unfinished part will appear stunning and perfect for any modern or rustic style and design. To add more interest and enjoyment, you’ll be able to add various accessories inside. However, make sure you choose items with traditional, natural, or modern touches. Some things that be a good fit with this style are the light of a provincial divider or rustic woodcraft for dividing.

Use marble stone 

Marble stones will give a stunning and shiny appearance not just to the area but throughout your space. It is essential to put the stone elements in the middle and enhance your style’s new look with an even more impressive and striking accent. This could cost you money, and the marble itself isn’t cheap, and you will need to find a specialist to introduce it into your area. However, every dollar you invest will be worth it, regardless of any difficulties, since you’ll achieve stunning results. There are numerous marble shades, styles, surfaces, and colors that you can pick from your space. Ensure that the marble you choose is in harmony with your interior design to ensure they appear flawless and harmonious with your personal lounge.

Turn your column into a room divider

Another option to use the column in your living space is to turn it into a pillar to serve as an area divider. By using an area divider, you can make it possible to isolate your living space from other rooms like the dining room to make it more private and personal. In the photo above, we made use of a wooden bar, which was placed vertically between two columns to create a separation between the living area and the dining area. We also add space between each bar to let light in the dining area and ensure that the entire length appears large. You can utilize your imagination in creating your own column room divide to achieve the effect and effects you’d like.

Another option you could make use of is to buy a pre-installed divider. Before purchasing, make sure that you select the division with the proper dimensions that fit the space between the columns. Room dividers can also have distinct designs that could be used as shelves, meaning you’ll have additional storage options in your area to display or organize the accessories or decorations.

Decorating columns in classic style 

As we have already mentioned that two common forms of a column are rectangular and round. A round-shaped column is usually employed in homes with a classic style, and rectangular ones are commonly used in contemporary or minimalist home designs. There are various methods of molding available, and you can pick the one you like best. You can also choose to complete the entire column with moldings or to cover only the column’s lower or upper portion. In the above image, we’ve illustrated an unintentionally hidden column using molding. We have only utilized them on the lower and upper legs and left the middle column untreated.

Paint column using two-tone style

The last columns decoration idea included in this list is using a two-tone look to decorate your column. Using this method will give you an even more exciting column than painting it with a single dull color. The key to success in this design is to select the most appropriate color combinations. You can mix two tones of the same shade or combine darker or bright colors in neutral tones. Use your imagination and creativity to find the ideal column shade to match the living space’s style.


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