How to Decorate a Corner Fireplace – 14 Clever Hacks from Expert


Many corner fireplace ideas can be remodeled. These fireplaces delight architects and top builders of apartments and family homes. One of these shelves can be found in many homes, adding elegance and sophistication to the space. You need to decorate their shelves to enhance the ambiance and add that special touch. We will provide all the details you need on how to decorate a corner fireplace surround.

How To Decorate A Corner Fireplace Mantel

Here are the best 14 hacks on how to decorate a corner fireplace. Follow them

Decorative objects

You may like to purchase things reminiscent of trips you have taken or gifts you received. You can use the shelf to display these items as one of the corner fireplace ideas. These should be placed in a reasonable size to not overcrowd the space. They should be arranged in chronological order, just like family photos.

Decorate with plants

No matter how artificial or natural, adding flowers and ornamental plants always adds a sense of freshness and vitality to any space. You should make small bouquets to avoid overdoing them with the pots. Add transparent vases to a casual touch or allow artificial light to use inside. Keep them away from the wall to avoid saturating the area. If you like to experiment, natural materials are best. Artificial materials are better for you. The most important thing when choosing plants is to match their surroundings’ colors and fireplaces. It is difficult to achieve this harmony to enjoy their beauty and aroma.

Use artificial lights

Corner fireplaces are usually located in bright and cool places, often in the living area. Low lights, or LEDs of low intensity, are best to highlight objects. It will make the decoration more visible in an environment without sunlight. They are currently used as decorative objects in fireplace mantels.

Simple electric corner fireplace

Are you without a fireplace? This remote-controlled electric corner fireplace will make it easy to have one. The corner fireplace has a programmable thermostat with heat coverage of almost 1000 feet. It also features a flickering flame effect screen and screen for maximum convenience. You can install the fireplace’s simple design on hardwood floors or carpets. Turn it on by plugging in the socket. Decorate the faux fireplace top with photos and candles for style and convenience.

Use tablecloths

Use a mix of fabrics with the right color. The mantel should also be made of stone, brick, wood or other natural materials. This gives it a feeling of comfort and delicacy. It is easy to see that it brings joy and pride. The fabric should be at least half the width and length of the mantel. The ideal place is centered, so there’s enough space to place items on it. It is essential when decorating. You can change them according to the season, events, and parties. This allows you to show different decorations at every event.

Use images

It is common to place pictures on the mantelpiece, but you must understand it. You can display anything, from family memories to travel experiences to masterpieces. Harmonizing the paintings and the location of the mantel is the key to creating magic. This will create harmony among the ornamented objects and enhance the space’s aesthetic order. Mantel decorations have such a pleasing effect that it almost looks like a fireplace remodel. It is important to combine all objects correctly and only use the essential.

Rustic shiplap

It can be hard to know how to improve the design of a fireplace or add decor to this area. You can transform your corner fireplace into a cozy haven with a little wood detailing. This DIY corner fireplace looks great with a shiplap backdrop. Add a wooden mantle below the alcove’s stately curves. Decorate the area with a mirror, frame, lanterns or other personal touches.

Use mirrors

A mirror that is tall enough to fit the fireplace’s structure will be needed. You should look for the ideal combination of the mirror’s frame and the fireplace’s shape. They should have a medium-term, large saturate and very brief show absence. They create an aura of elegance and security. A solid medium mirror centered on the mantel adds elegance to a renovated mantel.

Fireplace revealed with whitewashed brick

This fireside room reveals stunning. This DIY corner fireplace has a showcase feel thanks to the raised concrete slab. The faux brick wall gives the space a farmhouse, rustic feel. Vintage framed portraits make it feel old and antiqued. The wood-burning stove’s wood-burning fireplace has a stacked wood border that serves decorative purposes but adds warmth and coziness to the space. You can make this corner fireplace a focal point of your home and do many things with it. You can change the decor of the shelves next to the fireplace by adding trinkets and books, or seasonal items, to make it feel welcoming and fresh all year.

Corner fireplace with wraparound mantel

There are many ways you can integrate a fireplace in any room of your house. This DIY project will transform this corner into a cozy fireplace retreat. Hide the fireplace in the corner, and you can see them from both sides of the wall. This fireplace has a rustic look thanks to the white brick and wood mantel, which wraps from corner to corner. This DIY corner fireplace looks vintage and modern, exposing the red brick flooring. Decorate this fireplace with hanging decorations, lanterns, picture frames and other decorative items.

Farmhouse style wood burning stove

A little light is needed to transform your old corner fireplace. There are many options to brighten up a space in your home. White is one of the most common. It is easy to make this space look brighter by painting the bricks around your fireplace white. The wood-burning stove’s black color makes the white accents pop and makes the area stand out. This corner fireplace design will be brightened with decor items such as white vases, flowers, and other natural fixtures.

Decorate with personal items

The mantelpiece is the best place to display photographic memorabilia. You should be cautious when selecting the right photo frame. The frame’s color must match the mantel’s material to ensure that the object stands out. The number of objects will determine the position. You can arrange them chronologically, starting from the left and ending at the right. This means that place the oldest keepsake first and then next to the right. They should all be the same size and in the correct order. You can visualize them this way and automatically get the chronological facts they represent.

Make a tall DIY corner fireplace

They sell DIY corner fireplace mantel kits that look great, are unique, and affordable. The design elements of this tall DIY corner fireplace are more important than the actual warmth element. This project is about creating ambiance in the master bedroom. It is possible to make a fireplace that looks like a wood-burning fireplace without taking all the necessary precautions. You can create a beautiful and elegant replica of a fireplace using the corner fireplace mantel kit. Adding the exposed shelving, you can make a stunning collage with photos, plants, and holiday decor.

No cost standing corner

A screen is necessary to prevent sparks from your fireplace from flying into the room. These sparks are responsible for the majority of fireplace fires. It is important to have a fire-screen stand in your home. This prevents pets and children from getting too close to the fire. The fireplace screen, which is freestanding and has two panels, is made of wrought iron. It also features two feet to keep it in place. Keep open one side to load firewood. Each screen is made specifically for your fireplace.

How to decorate a corner fireplace mantel: Tips

  • Only use the essential objects. Unsaturated mantelpieces can create a crowded atmosphere.
  • Natural plants and mirrors are a good choice for traditional decoration. This will help create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • If you want something bolder, mix fabrics, photos with reflections, small items, and LEDs on a wall. It would be easy to create a happy and elegant atmosphere by having a little of everything.
  • You want to create a familiar environment, with memories captured in photos and photographs, and flowers and a mirror are your options.


We recommend you make your shelf unique and personal by analyzing all the information. You can express yourself, create harmony and have a place to relax. This area is perfect for reflection and enjoyment of the moments. Also, give that touch of elegance to the site where the fireplace is located–highlighting the architectural work you have in your home. Now you have learn how to decorate a corner fireplace.

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