How to Decorate a Bedroom with Slanted Walls | In Detailed Guide


Anyone with an attic or multiple rooms with slanted ceilings knows how difficult it is to decorate these rooms. At present, you might be filling these spaces or ignoring these spaces. We’re here to remind you that these slanted rooms can make beautiful bedrooms for your home. Let’s discover how to decorate your bedroom with walls that are slanted. Developing ideas for decorating rooms with sloped ceilings or angled walls can be challenging. Due to the way, it’s placed, the space appears smaller than it is. The tall furniture might fall out of fashion. Measure each piece carefully to ensure that nothing touches the ceiling or wall. How to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls? There are benefits of having walls that slope in bedrooms. First, the structure stands out from others due to its distinctive style.

It makes the space appear more comfortable, which may be lacking in large spaces. Consider thinking outside the box when designing a room with an angled wall. Make sure to think outside the box. Also, don’t try to work around the ceiling’s slope. Instead, could you make use of it? Let’s take a look at how to achieve this more thoroughly.

How to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls

Decorating a space with a slanted ceiling starts by taking the existing decor and then enhancing it with style. Attic spaces with sloping ceilings are tight and cramped. On the other hand, vaulted ceilings can accommodate your loft’s living space. Instead of introducing an entirely new style to the space, this approach uses an existing layout. They are striking and attractive. Sloped ceilings are the perfect chance for ceilings to become the focal point of the spectacle!

Skylights as well as windows

Increase the number of skylights and windows to take advantage of the many advantages of ceilings with slopes. This is the most simple and efficient method to reduce the overwhelming look of the sloped ceiling.


While it’s an outdated design, wallpaper is ideal to use to cover the wall or the area. Wallpaper does not have to be seen in a straight line to be attractive, or on a slanted wall, the main issue will likely be putting it on. But, if you plan with care and use the appropriate equipment, applying wallpaper could give an energetic style. Opt for a wallpaper that isn’t a clear repeating pattern to avoid creating a disheveled appearance. You could also use the sloped wall to create an accent wall. But, again, think about the style you’re going for and which colors and patterns will be appropriate.

Light and airy colors

The most effective method to reduce the irritation of your eyes is to employ an accessible and neutral color palette. However, before you make a choice, consider the space’s dimensions and the dramatic impact of the sloping ceilings, two-tone color schemes, and a painted ceiling that can look great in attics with slanted walls. Likewise, a single fence of black can make a space more appealing by painting the rest of the area white.


If you have the money, think about putting a slanted skylight on the wall. While it’s more expensive than other alternatives, it allows natural light into the room to balance the dark space created by the slanted wall. Additionally, sunlight can improve the mood and is an excellent option to add a touch of elegance to the room.

The rooms with slanted walls tend to lack light because it’s challenging to get ceiling lighting sufficient to light the entire room, and there’s not enough room to install floor lights. It’s also a method to freshen up the space if it’s part of an older house. Another way to light up your living space is to hang string lights on the wall and let them slide down and drape over if you secure them at an upper point of the slope, then to the lower end. It’s much less costly than the skylight and can illuminate your room.


Instead of leaving the tapestry or wall decor hanging straight instead, it is possible to pin each of the four corners to the wall. You can leave it loose to add an extra dimension to the wall by floating it out or hanging it stretched against the wall to ensure it sits flat. The choice is an individual choice and the amount of space you have available and require. The most common rule of thumb is If it’s a pattern hanging it loosely can create visual interest. Likewise, if it has an image or photograph on it, keeping it laid flat will provide the most optimal view from a certain angle.

Contrasting colours

One method to reduce the unevenness of an inclined wall is to apply block colors in contrast colors. You can do stripes or geometric patterns or mix the colors from one to the next. This can help highlight the wall and make the room seem less enclosed by the tilt. It is possible to stick with the colors of the surrounding rooms to ensure that the wall is a part of it while still appearing to be an integral element of the space. But, you’ll probably prefer light or bright colors, so the space doesn’t appear smaller and more a little cave-like.

Add visual texture

Add dimension to your walls by putting up wooden beams or wood struts. This is an excellent way to create visual interest without radically altering the look of your walls while creating a significant change in how rooms and walls are perceived. If you already have exposed wood beams, think about staining them to help them be a focal point in the space. It is possible to make it the appropriate color to blend with your current theme or use it as a contrast to add an element of new to the space.

Cozy nooks as well as peripheral storage

There’s nothing as wrong as an overly large number of shelves and cabinets in a room with a sloped ceiling. To make up for the absence of wall-mounted storage units, install elegant bookcases and great storage units along the walls.

Decor that is proportional!

Rooms with low ceilings are great for decorating with low-cost decor because of the limited space. However, even if ceilings aren’t inclined, decorating a space that has low ceilings can pose particular challenges that can be overcome with this simple approach and lighting.

Decals and stencils

Peel-and-stick stickers and stencils that resemble decals are an excellent method to decorate if renting. If you’re not and you like to alter the appearance of your room frequently, it’s a simple and inexpensive way to alter the ambiance of a space. Many smaller stickers around the room highlight a particular theme, such as birds flying about or a night sky with stars. You can use larger stencils on panels, for example, the tree that runs through the central wall towards the slanted wall and then up to the ceiling. If you’re looking for something more abstract to ensure the style can be more neutral in tone, then you could opt for patterns, dots, or stripes to create a unique and varied design on your walls.

Add an open window seat

Even if the bedroom is fitted with slanted walls, making it just as cozy as the remainder of your home is essential. Because of the small space available in the room, the bookshelf, a coffee table, and a reading space might not be practical. Thinking of ways to make the most of your space without creating a cluttered appearance is essential. Window seats are an innovative method to create a cozy atmosphere in rooms with slanted walls.

It’s an excellent spot for meditation, reading, or work. It also offers storage. It is also the main focal point in the room. Remodel the window or put it in an armchair to create this style. A built-in bench is beneficial since they can use it to store storage, and it doesn’t block the view through the windows. To ensure that each household member has their own space, you must have a plan before seeking a new home.


Rooms with slanted walls are appealing as they exude mystery and exoticism. They conjure images of an artist’s studio or a Dutch windmill house. Many teenagers or young adults inspire feelings like “escaping,” “being intimate and warm,” and flirtatious and playful. This could be because caves and huge hollows in trees were once the primary types of human shelter. In actuality, the bedroom with walls that are slanted is an interlocking series of triangles. However, decorating a room with sloping walls is an obstacle. Now you learn everything about how to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls.

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