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Fashion lovers beware: It’s time to unleash your creativity and create custom shoes. Many brands and athletic sites offer the option to design customize shoes. You will be able to create your sneakers and show the world how creativity can be practical. For people with foot problems, orthotics, custom-fit shoes, and sneaker designs are available. Personalizing shoes isn’t just a luxury option for the wealthy; it’s also a good practice for people with health problems. If you have foot problems or are diagnose with a condition, you may be able to tailor shoes to provide the best support and model for you. Let’s have a look on how to customize shoes.

How to customize shoes

You can make canvas shoes by using permanent fabric markers. Before you begin to draw them, make sure they are clean. There are always mistakes, so make sure to sketch your design ahead of time. You have the option of using one or more colours. However, it is essential to make sure you use lighter colours first before applying darker outlines. These are some great ideas on how to customize shoes.

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Embellishment in the front toe 

You can attach brooches or pendants to the front of a fancy dress shoe if you want to create one. You can attach them with industrial-strength glues like Super Glue and E6000. Or, choose a large shoe clip that you can remove when needed. Decorate both soles in different ways, but they should match. Another option is to buy blank clip-on earrings and hangers, attach them, and stick brooches and pendants directly.

Instead of plain laces

A satin ribbon is the most straightforward and cost-effective method to make a pair of old shoes look new. It can be used between 1.27 and 2.54 centimetres (half an inch) in length. To prevent fraying, take the ribbon and cut each end at an angle. Seal them with super glue. They will instantly make your shoes look more individual. Any colour is possible, even contrasting colours that look adorable.

Use flip-flop straps 

Attaching rhinestones on sandals or flip-flop straps is a hot trend in custom shoe design. This can be done quickly with superglue and E6000. You can use any size, but be mindful of the colours and patterns you choose. According to shoe designers, it is best to arrange them in random order. This will make them look more personal and professional. You might like to read how to stop shoes from squeaking.

Flip-flops dressed up with ribbon

You can dress up plain flip-flops by adding a colourful ribbon band to your straps. Cut off any excess material from the sandal’s other end and attach the edges to its base. It doesn’t need to be a satin ribbon. You can use any sustainable fabric.

Canvas shoes and painting fabric 

Make sure you have everything you need. Painting shoes to reflect who you are and what interests you is the most creative thing you can do. Many people stick to the canvas shoe painting method, whether genuine leather or traditional fabrics. Remember that paint lasts the longest on fabric and will need to be repainted on other materials such as leather and plastic. Use painter’s tape to cover any areas you don’t want. You will have clear lines to work with and won’t get lost. Apply primer paint to the surface before you start painting. This will reduce the impact of the original paint on the canvas and allow you to clean it up correctly so that your creativity can shine through. Primers can help paint stick to the canvas. However, you should only apply thin layers to keep the original texture.

Sketch in pencil

This will help you mark the area and ensure there are no mistakes. You should sketch lightly as you don’t want your pencil marks to be seen after you have painted the canvas.

Use acrylic paint

It is possible to make mistakes or cross a line. In this case, you can let the paint dry and then apply a new coat. You can also correct more minor mistakes with primer. In this case, we recommend laying down the base colour and letting it dry before repainting the highlights and shadows.

Dry the paint

It is a wise decision to contact a professional to ensure that your acrylic paints dry quickly. Some oil-based paints can take more than an hour. Permanent markers will use to outline the work you have done, so it stands out more than you thought. This tip will make your work look more professional and neater. Spray the shoes with a clear acrylic sealer. You will able to clean the shoes often and prevent them from getting smudg or torn. After you have removed the tape, your shoe design is ready to go.

Don’t remove the tape for longer than the sealer is still wet. Otherwise, you might accidentally chip it. To be safe, you should let the shoes dry for at least one day before you put on your shoes. Also, remember that there is no guarantee that spray sealers will not damage the paint. This means that you shouldn’t wear these shoes in wet conditions.

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How to customize high heel

Use making tape to cover the soles and the heel with masking tape. A can of opaque acrylic spray painting should be held 10 inches away from your first shoe. Use the paint to coat it evenly. Do not paint the sole or heel of the tape-covered shoe. Do the same for the second shoe. Allow the shoes to dry completely. To place embellishments on the painted fabric, use a pencil. A ballet-shoe effect will create by a cluster of embellishments at the toe.

A scattered design will look more bohemian. Use fabric adhesive to attach a gem to a marking. Keep it there for 10 seconds, then release. Keep going until you have covered all the pencil marks. You can use rhinestones to make a statement or smaller coloured jewels to give it a more subtle look. Removethe masking tape . To protect the sole, cover it with masking tape. Combine 1/4 cup white glue with two tablespoons of craft shimmer in a bowl.

Use a spoon to mix them until you have a uniform paste. You can use fine glitter to make heels that shine in the light or dense glitter to make your shoes look more polished. Use clear craft glue to ensure that only glitter is visible. Use a small brush to apply the paste to the heel. Continue to brush the pastedown until you reach the top of the shoe’s heel. Keep going until the heel is complete. You can do the same with the second heel. Keep a spray can of clear acrylic sealant paint about 10 inches from the shoes. Let the shoes dry completely after applying one coat. This will protect your design from wear and the elements.

how to customize shoes

How to customize shoes: Bonus tips

  • It’s better to be less than you think! If this is your first-time custom-designing shoes, don’t feel pressured to create a masterpiece. Simple lines and shapes are often more appealing than complicated, boring designs that don’t reflect your personality.
  • You may be a talented artist, and eventually, you will be able to make shoes for sale on the local marketplace. Your work may be sought after by a craft store or artisan shop.
  • You can practice on shoes you don’t use or want. Then, transform them into the latest hit everyone is obsessed with.


The newest trend is customize shoes. They are, for some, a solution to a frustrating foot commodity problem. Others love the idea of wearing shoes outside of their standard box. Both cases are great examples of customize shoe design.

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