How to Cover Sidelight Windows: An Info Guide to Treat Sidelight Window


A window near the front door is pleasing to the eye; it makes the door appear larger and gives it more prominence on the exterior of the house. Although it appears like an architectural element, it is not easy to conceal when privacy is desired in front of the door. This is why we show you the method on how to cover sidelight windows. Through learning about the options on how to cover sidelight windows and employing some decorating tricks, homeowners can take care of the sidelights with an effective cover that will enhance the entranceway.

How to cover sidelight windows

The window near the front door is pleasing to the eye; it enhances the appearance of the door, creating more prominence on the outside of your home. Although it’s beautiful as an architectural design, the sidelight can be difficult to conceal if you’re looking for privacy in front of your door. If you know the various options to cover narrow-width windows and by employing some decorators’ tricks, homeowners can take care of the sidelight with a practical cover and adds value to the entry.

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Blinds and curtains

Innovative manufacturing techniques for blinds allow blinds made of cordless that can fit into smaller spaces, such as sidelights with a maximum height of 11 inches. Venetian blinds permit sunlight and views through slats which can be adjusted to provide privacy and let light in the lobby. Honeycomb curtains can regulate heat and light by using a fabric or a full shade. Sidelight Curtains and shutters are available with cordless options to safeguard pets and children from strangulation risks.


The glass can paint using glazes made of glass to form an art canvas for your family’s artist. Glass paint allows light to enter the room and offers complete privacy if required, based on the colour of the paint and style. You can remove the glass paint easily from a sheet when dry, and then change the design according to the season or the vacation. The geometric drawings created using painter’s tape are an ideal project suitable for everyone. Paint finishes made of synthetic materials like a sponge or faux leather are ideal for painting windows. Some fancy lines of lead can remove and then glue to the glass to mimic the look of lead glass.


Semi-transparent, opaque or sheer fabric with a design or pattern that matches the room’s decor is ideal for the French door curtain’s ruffled bottom and top headers. It is a design that suits a small window.


Swingarm hardware, positioned just outside of the window frame, allows curtains to be moved to the side frame for a light and then swung back to provide complete privacy. Small tension rods may also be added to the sidelight frame on the bottom and top.

Window film

Window film with decorative sidelights placed directly on the window’s surface offers protection from UV while enhancing privacy. The product comes in plain colours, tone-on-tone decorative patterns, like geometric diamonds and traditional designs with vibrant colours like the ivy trellis in green or larger full-colour reproductions of art that can be adapted to any style decorating. The installation is the responsibility of the homeowner of the property. You can remove it easily. Cut it to a precise size, which allows it to personalized.

Front door window covering ideas

The front door windows are small windows located next to the door, which can create the appearance of a challenge for decorating. Take into consideration the light and privacy of different sidelight covers before deciding. Additionally, consider sidelight window treatments that complement your interior’s colour scheme and design style. You can walk outside of your house to observe the interior treatment from the outside. Modern design concepts are available on the web. Window treatments for sidelights should complement the existing window treatments to create an appealing exterior look. Vertical window treatments are very effective depending on the purpose you want to achieve.

Window film

Window film adds a stylish addition to the entrance’s sidelights. It comes in various designs and colours (stained mosaic glass, mosaic and floral foil, etched glass, and floral) to fit any decorating design. Window films can also provide a barrier to harmful UV Rays. It’s usually self-adhesive and simple to apply without the need for a plethora of adhesives. Window films can easily adjust to an exact fit and provide an amount of privacy that differs following their transparency. Window film tinted with tints allows for an unobstructed view of the outdoors and shields your eyes from prying eyes from UV rays.


The installation of curtains over the door’s sidelights provides texture, colour and privacy to the home’s interior. It is essential to choose an open-faced fabric in certain situations. The drapery fabric hung over rods for curtain installation on the top. The bottom of a light fixture gives an attractive appearance. In contrast, rods keep the fabric in the right position. Fabrics that drape lightly (lace or linen, or sheer cotton) offer limited privacy. However, let natural light be able to enter the home. You might want to ask about French door curtain designs in other cases. More substantial fabrics (canvas tapestry, denim and tweed) tend to be more transparent. They block light and offer more privacy. Pick soft vanes of fabric that will meet your lighting and privacy needs and complement your existing design and colour scheme. Then you will be able to see your completed curtain panel.

Paint and frost

Painting the front door’s sidelights provides a charming and personal accent. Clean your windows using the window cleaner of your home and rag to create a clean surface that the paint can stick to. Acrylic craft paints are affordable and you can find them in various colours and are simple to apply. They’re not very easy to apply. Therefore they’re ideal for painting pictures of the seasons. The acrylic ink design specifically to use on glass is permanent. Another option is to freeze sidelights using a transparent glass spray to create privacy while allowing light to be reflected through the glass panels.


Louvers let you control the intensity or direction of the light is that enters the front door’s sidelights. Wood blinds that have slats of 2 inches give a unique appearance. However, they are more costly than less costly aluminum blinds. Blinds made of affordable synthetic wood give the appearance of wood but do not come with the price of wood. Honeycomb or cellular curtains offer the option of a cover for sidelights. They are reasonably priced and come in a range of colours. Cellular curtains can also be adjusted from the top or the bottom to cover any portion of a window you wish to cover. Before you do anything else, go through the Privacy Policies for your home area.

What’s the reason you must cover windows

It prevents sun damage and fades

Furniture in your home, such as flooring and carpets, will last for a long time when you take proper care of them. Due to the materials and yarns used to make rugs and upholstery, these pieces are vulnerable to UV radiation even when not directly exposed to sunlight. Windows are the ideal option to shield inside your house. A high-quality clear window treatment will block out many UV rays entering your home, delaying damage and maximizing the amount of light that enters your home.


If you don’t have window shades, the home is accessible to anyone who wants to look in, whether a curious neighbor or anyone passing by or passing through. The appropriate window treatment can improve the security of your home, which makes you feel more secure and relaxed, particularly in the dark, as the darkness outside makes it easier to look inside your home with good lighting.


Like window treatments, which provide security to your home and shield your home from sun damage, blinds, shades, or drapes also protect your home from burglars. Most burglars peek inside the home to determine whether there is anything worth taking before attempting to break into. If you shut down your windows, you’ll limit the chance of them snooping around your home. Additionally, having curtains drawn when you’re not home for any length of time is a way to keep individuals from knowing when anyone is in the house.


Many people desire peace in their homes, and the windows at the sides of the house cannot offer it. However, there are many ways to enhance this. You can use curtains or paint and many other items to help you remain private. However, these options aren’t 100% safe. If you search the web, you will discover a variety of DIY sidelight windows. Today we’ll leave you with an article that details that you to cover sidelight windows. You may leave the job task to experts. If you think you can do this task by yourself, simply look at our article and follow our instructions. Your success will be impressive when you follow any of our techniques.

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