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Do you know how to cover odd shaped windows? Installing windows in our homes is usually a task many people find difficult. However, window coverings are an everyday necessity. Without solid and high-quality window blinds, our homes are vulnerable to the wrath and ire of nature and the neighbours who could disturb the peace of our house. Today, we will show you the best way to cover windows with odd shapes. There are a variety of angled window treatments that are available. The majority of them can be altered to fit the size of the window, be it in the dining area, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

It all depends on the type of window that you have at home. It is always best to seek professional assistance in this matter when it comes to this. If you decide to complete the task yourself, take note of each of the instructions we have provided and depend on each of the tools to ensure that the process is tailored precisely to your needs. Follow our guidelines to cover odd shaped windows

How to cover odd shaped windows

A window that is oddly shaped in a decorated space might appear uninteresting. Therefore, you’re trying to figure out a way to hide it but are struggling. But don’t fret because we’ve got some great suggestions for you! Here are some amazing ways to cover odd shaped windows.

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Custom shades for the exterior of your home

This is the most reliable way to handle a rare window situation that requires little effort. Blinds or curtains that are custom that is made for indoor use must be considered concerning how the window’s shape will be. Shutters designed for unusual-shaped Windows could be of tremendous help. However, putting them outside does not require any consideration other than that they should be wide enough to allow for their length and breadth. Custom-designed exterior roller shutters are easy to install and, when closed, take up only a small amount of space. The same is true for a roller shade. This way, you can increase your home’s exterior appeal and safeguard it from the harsh weather, including intense sun and UV radiation, heat and reflections. Your home protects and safe, and you’ll enjoy wide access to the outside world while you relax in your bedroom.

Additionally, you can shut and open your doors using various motorized options available in the marketplace to make your life easier and more practical. There’s no manual cable to operate. It’s just pressing a button to ensure convenience. It is important to note that if you want to hang curtains on unusually shaped Windows, You should consider the type of curtain you want.

For skylights with slanted angles

Skylights windows construct into roofs for letting an insignificant amount of sunshine. The skylight feature makes it possible to reduce energy costs as they are excellent energy-saving solutions all day long. In the hot summers, homes heat up quickly. Living in a home with skylights with no curtains over the windows could cause discomfort and even inconvenience. If this happens, it is the case that you have to pay the high electric bills for air cooling units. In such a scenario, consider rooms that are dark or cellular honeycomb curtains that block light to shade your roofs.

They need a complete arrangement to be put on skylights. Once installed, they’re one of the most effective windows decorating alternatives to keep heat out and provide privacy and peace of mind. You can choose to go with lighter textures in single-cell shades. They intend to use primarily for light blocking. Double-cell fabrics for honeycomb shades are preferred if you require total (or at minimum 90 90%) protection from heat. This is the most efficient method to make sure the best light control.

For arched windows

There are a variety of alternatives you can choose from when creating arch-shaped windows. These windows are stunning and intriguing to look at, and you can experiment with various ways to dress them. On the internet, you will discover a variety of window covering alternatives for these kinds of windows.

Frosted Glass

This is a DIY method of making them more transparent to ensure that only light from diffused sources can pass through. You can hire a professional to install them or opt to have them sandblasted, academically cut and clear laminated. The benefit that frosted glass offers within the window are its long-lasting and easy maintenance. Because it is permanently inscribed to the window, it is unnecessary to shut or open it, as with curtains, draperies or shutters.


You may choose to set curtains high up on the windows instead of traditional draperies. This is the most effective way to go with irregular windows because a beautiful style or design can add elegance and charm to the structure of your window. Because they typically are affixed to the upper portion of the windows, it is possible to choose valances with invisible designs that act as efficient light filters but don’t alter the shape of the window. They can be used in various sizes and are available in various sizes and colours, making them fashionable.

Multiple windows

The French style or Palladian window, framed with smaller rectangular windows to each side, creates a classic and refined Victorian ambience. These windows keep people interested and thrilled by their chic interiors. You can get curtains or panels of raw silk or in vivid prints that cover all the sides of the window that are of this kind. This is also a possibility when you wish to cover triangular Windows. One of the best solutions is to use solar shades. This will allow you to control the level of sunlight in your home and avoid noise disturbance and UV reflections.

Additionally, they can be combined with a variety of shades. Think about wrapping the main window in the aluminium or synthetic wood/wood shades and then covering the rest with sheer shade. This will ensure a good mix of light diffusion and blackout properties. It can give your space an elegant, warm look. It is possible to combine different concepts for separate windows in a room. Honeycomb blinds with aluminium blinds, Graber blinds, curtains, Venetian blinds with sheers etc. Triangle-shaped window blinds are an excellent choice.

For windows with asymmetrical shapes

Asymmetrical windows are an extremely complex type of window. One side is always at risk of being exposed regardless of the kind of window treatments you select. It is possible to start at any corner and then create curtains made up of two panels with rod pockets on the upper part of your windows. It is also possible to find window curtains for trapezoid windows. Velcro ties or fasteners can be closed or attached to give the room a stylish appearance that pays equal attention to the unique shape of the windows and the curtains’ s poise and sophistication.

If you’re dissatisfied with the shape of the window, you might want to keep the curtains shut and let the design speak for itself. Pick bold colours that offer an intriguing contrast to the colours of the walls. You can also pick patterns such as graphics like polka dots, polka dots, or Aztecs, as each can effectively draw people’s attention.

How to cover arches and other speciality shape windows

Cellular shades

Honeycomb shades are an excellent choice for windows with special shapes. If your windows have arches to the top, you can choose between two options. Shade Fan Collage Cell Shade Fan Collage The first choice is to use the sunburst, or fan, like that above windows. You can fix or moveable as fans. HD Duettes Arched The second option is an arch shade system that can move similar to the one described above. This option allows all pleats could align, including the shade and the arch below. This gives a uniform and unified appearance. The Hunter Douglas Duette sun Room The cellular shade is ideal for sunrooms with skylights. Note how the Hunter Douglas Duette Window Shadings can use with triangular or rake windows. By using this software, you can fix windows with rakes or unusable.

Mount outside frame

Most people prefer to place their window curtains inside their window frames, creating an entirely unique look. If you’d like to complete the arched window, it is possible to mount any window treatments outside your window frame. The client wanted an adjustable roller shade in the picture below and decided to make it happen. The motorized shades can raise to a full height and then be hidden within the cassette valance above the windows. This way, the client could protect the windows from being compelled to use an obstruction, such as the palladian shelf.

Tableaux designer

If you’re looking for something with a lot of style attractiveness, Tableaux Designer Grilles might be what you’ve been looking for! They can fashion in a variety of shapes that will fit any! They also come with a wide range of designs and colours. You can even design your own! The only downside to this particular option is that they don’t offer UV protection, and they offer limited privacy. If you’re seeking something environmentally friendly and safe, this is not the right choice suitable for you. If you’re seeking something distinctive that stands out, take a look!


Another option to cover windows with special shapes option call a shutter. These custom window coverings, also called plantation shutters, work as furniture for your windows. For windows with arches, you can choose the same options as cellular. You can pick the sunburst style or opt for a continuous arch. It is also possible to use shutters for other shapes like hexagons, ovals, half-circles, hexagons, rake windows, etc. Due to their versatility, shutters are our top choice for funky windows!


This brings us to the conclusion of our discussion on how to cover odd shaped windows. You can pick one of these options to create your window fit perfectly with your space. For the next time, remember to take care!

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