How to Cover Box Spring without Bed Skirt – Complete Step by Step Guide


Are you looking to hide that ugly box spring? We’ve got your back, even without a skirt for your bed! We’ve identified the most effective ways to cover box spring without a bed skirt in order your bedding looks elegant and well-organized, all while shielding your spring from dirt and dust. Box springs can be hidden by putting storage under the bed, or using the canopy option, or making use of a long comforter. It’s as simple as that! You could always show the traditional bed skirt; however, it’s nice to know that you have other options when skirting isn’t your thing. Box springs don’t make to display.

Additionally, they could be dirty in no time, and you’d not wish guests to notice that! Continue reading to find the complete information on how to cover a box spring without a bed skirt. We’ll offer suggestions and tricks for hiding the box spring.

How to cover box spring without bed skirt

While most people don’t like looking at an empty box spring when they enter the bedroom, wearing a dresser may not suit their tastes or design. There are several options to cover a box spring without a bed skirt. Most can adapt to fit virtually any style. There is a variety of explicit clothing designed to cover the spring from a crate or even use items you already have in your home.

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Bed skirts

The use of a bed skirt to conceal your box spring or space underneath your bed has been a most effective and reliable solution for a long time. The options are endless for designs and materials available to make bed skirts. It’s simple to locate the exact plan you’re looking for.

Installing storage

A simple way to divert attention from the box spring is to put it in adorable storage beneath the frame of your bed. These could be boxes made of cloth built from wood, wooden built-ins, or drawers. It is possible to be imaginative and match them to the other elements of your home!


A canopy on your bed creates a whimsical feel to your room. It draws attention away from other aspects. It can also extend to cover your mattress down to the floor. You can pick from various colors and fabrics to find the ideal design for your bedroom. You can drape or gather the canopy to deflect attention from the box spring.

Lengthy comforter

If you aren’t a fan of any of the suggestions above, it’s possible to choose a giant blanket. A big, floor-skimming blanket can create a dramatic effect or keep the look of your bedroom a bit more subtle. This also means you have one more petite bed linen to wash each week!

How to make a fitted bed skirt

Bed skirts are the standard sheet covering the spring in the case and extending towards the floor. The bed skirt is available in a variety of designs and can purchase or construct. It doesn’t require skilled needles to make a skirt for your bed.

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Determine the size of the mattress. Estimate the length and depth of your mattress. The same applies to the space of the bed from floor level to springs in the crate. To make bed skirts you’ll need two depth by height boards, one width-by-stature to cover the skirt, and one width-by-profundity that covers the highest point of the spring in the crate. Add 1 inch and 5 centimeters) in width and the depth of the folds. Now you know the estimates that you’ll use for the boards.


 Decide on the size of the length of the mattress skirt. If you require to design an even dress for your board, you can use the above estimations. If you are making a wavy bed skirt, consider thinking about the size. Choose the volume you will need for your skirt. 2 or several times more than a straight or level skirt. Two books are barely massive, but three volumes are massively heavy. Make sure to increase the width estimations for the skirting boards to the size you require. Make use of the measurements below to cut the texture for the panels.


Set up the clothes materials. Dry and wash it first to show shrinkage. After that, you must iron it flat so that it’s not wrinkled. Take measurements and print the boards using an upright ruler and a texturing marker. Cut off the board. You should have four panels (3 to make the skirt and one as the mainboard) that you can cut.


Sew the massive ones. Press the three boards with the edges of the base 1/2 inches (1.5 centimeters) from front to back to create the gigantic. Additionally, press the two most prominent edges and the one side edge of the scoreboard, and then have a non-acceptable side facing in. 1.5 millimeters (1/2 inches). Use a straight tie across the squeezed border for an elegant, finished appearance to the massive. This will also aid in making the skirt not squabble over the long run. Set the boards that are direct. If you’re creating the dress with smooth or level sides, then at this point, you do not need to do anything other than sewing the boards together to create an essential layer of texture. If you opt to create a wavy skirt, it recommends wrinkling the panels before sewing to the baseboard.

To make the directed boards follow the rules, follow these steps: Set your machine to make crisscross fastening at the most comprehensive joint distance you can imagine. Then, you will sew 1/2 inch (1.5cm) at the edge of your skirting board’s top (inverse to the skirting board’s broad edge). Sew the cotton sew string to the center of your foot, ensuring that the crisscross fastens encircling the stitch string when you stitch. Be sure that you do not cover the yarn as you will need to pass it through the chamber you created with the crisscross joint to create the fold. Make sure you sew the entire extended length of the piece.


Sew the string to one or the other side and twist the texture until it is the right size and thickness. Make adjustments to the unsets so that they are evenly separated. Sew straight-fastening with straight stitches across the edge of the unsettled to ensure that the unsettles get set. Join the boards. From the massive skirting board, pin each edge of the longitudinal skirting board to each vertical finish of the skirting boards across its width, with the left sides facing one another. Make sure you leave a 1/2 inch (1.5 centimeters) to compensate for the creases, and then sew the boards to the two vertical edges to join the sheer finishes. When you’re ready to go, you’ll have a continuous skirt board that runs the entire perimeter of your headboard (not including the top on the headboard).

Attach the skirting board onto your main wall. Install the main panel in the appropriate position. Cover the entire surface of the mattress and extend to an edge on the skirt that is not finished. The central panel should be pin-tied onto the skirt length as the whole. Sew around the edges of the main panel along three sides, joining the skirt panel using regular stitches. Make sure you leave a 1.5cm margin for seams.

How to upholstering your box spring

It could be the least expensive alternative to protect your box springs. However, it’s also the most labour-intensive and could require the use of equipment and expertise on your part. It’s essential to choose an aerating and softcover to transform your space into a more refreshing space.

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Prepare with a stapler and the fabric you intend to convert into a cushioned sheet you wish to attach to your box spring.


For more excellent quality, it’s advised to wash your bed sheet first. We’re saying this because bedsheets and paddings tend to shrink when washing. When you clean them before washing and then calculate how much you’ll need to cut off the sheet after it shrinks.


You’ll need to slice the cloth you made into four squares to connect to the box spring. These are placed on one of the corner points of the box spring that you employ.


This is the moment to cut four additional pieces of the sheet you’ll glue onto the side of your box spring. You’ll need to measure your mattress and the box spring for this. It would help if you considered at least 2 to 3 inches larger than the box spring originally and at least 5 inches wider. If you don’t make longer pieces, they may not fit entirely after you staple and cover them.


Make an of paper that covers the inside of the box spring, and combine it with the above pieces. The sheet must be able to cover the edges of the box spring by at minimum 1 or 2 inches so that it lay out perfectly when it staple.


Take an upholstery tape, and then carefully apply it to 1 inch to the edge of the box spring.


Staple over the edge of the sheet and then apply the upholstery tape so that you can keep the sheet in place so that it will not fall off or split from the remainder of the sheet.

How to take care of the spring box

Flip the mattress

To allow the foam to heal in its natural state, you must periodically change the mattress and the topper. Also, it offers the advantage of moisture in the body, or the space absorbed by the spring mattress can evaporate quickly from both sides.

Ventilation in the bedroom

Due to the body’s moisture in the evening, you should allow a bedroom vent each day, and do not put the spring box with sheets if the water absorbed by the mattress cannot be released to the air. The temperature in the room is optimal in bedroom between 16 and 18 deg C.

Eliminate the stain

The textile box Spring Bed does not suffer. Stains must apply using a damp cloth. You can vacuum dust or dust, however. You need to make sure that the vacuum cleaner is set to medium or low power. If the stain becomes not strong enough, you can also take it off and wash the cover off the mattress’s top and clean the double surface in the washer and then bring a classic cover to clean.

Leather imitation

The spring beds box comes with a cover made of textile and a skin cover. The advantage of artificial skin is that moisture and dirt can only penetrate through with difficulty and are easily cleaned with an aqueous cloth.

Use a protective cover

The sarong keeps the moisture from getting into mattresses or peaks. In this instance, the cover is protective and is appropriate if you sweat a lot on the bed or if your child is sleeping with you. The seat blanket is offered in various designs and also is a 3D-printed cloth that regulates summer temperatures.


We hope you’ve learned to read this article that explains the best method to cover a box spring with any bed skirt, the best way to create a bed skirt, the ideal product, and the other pertinent aspects discussed within the post. We hope you’ve learned how the best way to protect a box spring without having a bed skirt.

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