How to Cook Biscuits While Camping | Easy Hacks You Must Memorize


Camping can be an enjoyable adventure. It only adds to the excitement when you can access delicious food. When you go camping, it is common to use freshly prepared foods or canned items. Imagine yourself on a trip to the camping area in a comfortable position at the edges of your tent, taking in the gentle breeze admiring the stunning scene before you. A cup of hot tea and freshly baked biscuits will be an ideal addition to an unforgettable adventure. Knowing how to cook biscuits while camping will help ease the hunger pangs quite well. Anyone would be delighted to have homemade biscuits freshly made, and especially when you go camping.

They are equally suitable for breakfast or to serve along with tea at night. They are sure to be a wonderful option to add to your trip. There are many kinds of biscuits you could choose from. You can pick from various recipes based on your location and their ability to bake biscuits on the spot. Certain biscuits are simple to cook over fires in the camp, but some may require an oven with a special stove or a Dutch oven, from organizing the ingredients to instructing you on ways to cook them. The guide will go over every step to help you understand the best way to cook biscuits while camping. Keep reading until the end!!

Tools you must need to cook biscuits while camping

Camping stove

Baking biscuits requires the use of an outdoor stove or campfire. Camping stoves are also known as portable stoves. It’s a portable version of a traditional stove that can carry along with you to enjoy the convenience of cooking anyplace you’d like. Fix the fuel tank to its bottom before use. Also, carry it along on the stove.

Dutch oven

The Dutch Oven is constructed of cast iron, or however it is, in plain words, it’s a brittle iron material. It has extremely thick walls and a tightly-fitting lid at the top of the Oven to ensure no escape of air through the interior. It’s a modern reimagining of old brick cooking ovens and is almost based on the same idea. They are ideal for cooking food items that don’t require direct flames and prefer to be cooked at a constant temperature. Slow-cooked foods like biscuits, cakes, stews, soups, and more. Are great for this Oven. The process of seasoning the Dutch Oven has to be completed before putting it into use. But, since it is made of iron and having strong walls, it’s not a lightweight item. Therefore, if you’re traveling by foot, be aware of the weight before you decide to carry it along.

How to cook biscuits while camping

Then, you can tackle this in a variety of different ways when you are going to cook biscuits while camping. For instance, you can utilize canned biscuits for cooking them safely on the traditional camp stove. Canning biscuits can efficiently save time and is a great alternative to making your own. You can prepare them in less time, and also reduce cleaning time! However, suppose you’re looking to reduce the amount of use of any canned food, in addition to the chemical additives that are a part of this method. In that case, you’ll be able to enjoy our nutritious recipe of biscuits and gravy made from scratch.

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Preparing the material

If you’ve got the ingredients, the following step is to prepare the necessary mix. The first step is to mix the specific quantity of sugar, flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. It is possible to make use of a mixing bowl to do this. Break the butter bars into smaller pieces and mix them with your dry ingredient. Mix thoroughly to create an even mix. The correct mixing of butter must maintain since it creates the softest biscuits. Next step mixing the buttermilk and the dry ingredients. Once you are complete with mixing, it’s time to give the shape of your biscuits. The prepared mix should be spread on the cutting table, and use the biscuit cutter to cut the dough into the shape you prefer.

If the dough appears too thick, add a small amount of flour to it to improve the consistency. If you don’t have a biscuit cutter on you, utilize any round, hollow object to cut dough. For instance, a glass or an ordinary-sized cup can use to cut the dough. After you have completed cutting, the following step will be to set them in the oven for the baking process. There are two choices. If you own a camp stove, or you’re cooking your food on the campfire. In both cases, you will require either the skillet or Dutch Oven to continue.

Preheat your oven

The first thing to do is heat a coated skillet or Dutch Oven once that you join the propane tank with the cooking stove for camping, ensure it’s at a medium temperature. Close the pot. The temperature must increase until it is at 350 degrees. Make sure that your hands are 6-8 inches from the flame when testing the temperature. If your hand can remain over the flame for longer than 8 seconds, you should raise the temperature. If you’re able to hold your hand in the flame for around 4 to 5 minutes (max! ), the stove is operating at temperatures of 350- the 450-degree mark, which means it’s ready for use.

Remove the lid

The next step is to remove the lid with an appropriate glove or another type of holder to ensure your fingers and hands are protected. It is now time to grease the skillet or pot by using generous cooking oils such as cooking spray or butter. Baking parchment is excellent for grease.

Put the biscuits in the pan

Next, place the camp stove biscuits on the pan without gaps between them, then cover the lid again. Lower the heat and allow them to bake. It will take between 13-17 minutes to bake them completely.

Check the temperature

Follow the steps that we discussed above to determine the temperature without risk. It must always be at a constant 350 ° to prevent burning the biscuits.

Check If biscuits are ready

They’ll be ready when they take on an attractive golden brown color. Make sure to wash the crumbs up after eating them so that you keep insects from settling in your camping site.

How to Cook biscuits on a campfire

If you’re looking to stay true to tradition by cooking on an open flame or don’t have a camp stove in your kitchen, don’t worry. You can cook biscuits on a campfire while camping! Here’s how to go about it.

Clean your fire ring

The first thing to take care of is cleaning your campfire ring. The plan is to prepare food right now, so it is essential to get rid of any debris and ash before beginning. Make sure the camping area allow to cool before getting rid of any debris or ash. Put everything in a trash bag. You’ll then throw it away along with all of the other campground’s municipal garbage. If you’re camping in the wilderness, You may have scattered the ash. Make sure you scatter it so that you don’t create an eye-sore.

Build the fire

Prepare your fire by using the fuel you choose and ensure that it heats up to 350 degrees.

Spray cooking oil

The inside of your pan or Oven by using cooking oils you prefer as long as it’s still cool. Make sure to complete the coat. This way, you’ll have delicious and evenly cooked biscuits all around.

Rotate biscuits

Once you’ve placed the biscuits in the Oven, make sure you check the biscuits after seven minutes have gone by. At this point, you need to turn the pot around to 90 degrees. You must also make sure you’ve covered your hands in baking gloves and using tongs to move the biscuits. This rotation method will ensure that the heat evenly distributes and will prevent hot spots from forming within the Oven. The result will be well-cooked with delicious biscuits. No need to burn!

Check them again

After that, you’ll have to wait seven minutes before taking the biscuits off. By this time, they should appear like they’ve been cooked to perfection and golden brown. Begin by removing the lid of the Oven and putting it in a safe place so that it will not burn or harm anything. Then, remove them from the Oven, each one at a time, employing an oven spatula.

Enjoy your biscuits

The lid and Oven to cool, and then place the biscuits in the fire ring to ensure they don’t lose the “fresh out of the oven” flavor. Also, it would help if you kept your lid and Oven properly and avoided placing them in an open location. Pack some paper towels into it to absorb the excess moisture for the best results, so it’s clear to go for that next baking or roasting venture!


Whatever way you choose to cook biscuits while camping, it will be an unforgettable event during your camping adventure. All you need are the right ingredients, and then you can indulge yourself in freshly baked tasty biscuits to go. They’re easy to make using the ingredients you have on hand. They will help keep you going while on the road. Don’t scare to try something new. Be sure to try it next time you are camping.

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