How to Clean Your Darts | The Ultimate Darts Cleaning Methods


Maintenance of darts is usually an area that is not addressed, and often, high-quality darts wear and rust due to poor care. While the look that your darts have is something that you ought to be proud of, a dart that is not maintained properly could also affect your performance. If this seems like something that you’ve previously not thought of and wish to ensure that your darts are in good shape, you may be wondering what you can do to properly clean your darts and the best ways? For cleaning your darts, the most commonly used method for all darts involves soaking them in soapy water for one to three hours.

Then, give them a scrub using a soft toothbrush to eliminate dirt and grease, drying them with a soft cloth. In this post, I’ll discuss the reasons on how to clean your darts regularly to ensure the highest level of performance and also discuss the most efficient and most effective ways that can be used to keep your darts looking clean and new.

How to clean your darts

One of the most neglected aspects of darts is their maintenance of the various items. Darts themselves are subject to immense wear and tear as they age. This is why you should be on the proper care they receive. While the appearance of darts is the one that gets damaged with the highest degree of obvious manner but it’s actually their performance that suffers most if they’re not well taken in the proper way. Below we described how to clean your darts.

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Mild bleach

Like the previous step in cleaning the darts using the washing liquid. However, instead, replace the washing liquid with diluted or mild bleach. John Lowe used to soak his darts in bleach to clean, but you must be aware when using bleach. Bleach is an effective way to strip any paint on your dart. It can cause discoloration and can even cause wear on some grooves or ridges. So this procedure should be done cautiously. The same steps are applicable; however, only submerge your darts for a brief period, then scrub them with a toothbrush or tissue in an identical way.

Utilizing jewelry cleaning products

One of the most effective options, when you don’t have any other things hanging in the closet (highly likely), is to use cleaning products for jewelry. While expensive, these simply do an excellent job of cleaning tiny and delicate metal pieces such as the barrels of your darts. They’re specially made to penetrate small wrinkles and are delicate to the metallic parts of your darts.

If you have the cleaning solution, simply put the darts into it and let them sit for a few hours. After that, clean them with a soft cloth, and you’ll be good to go. As with the previous example, such methods will yield the best results; however, they are generally not worth the cost because the less expensive methods perform well.

Utilizing water and soap

Utilizing a basic wash with water and soap is one of the easiest and most secure ways to cleanse your darts. It is inexpensive and could make a huge difference in time. Begin by gathering the required things for this method. This could be a larger or plastic container. A mild dishwashing soap, and some water to cool it down and dart.

Before cleaning the darts, You will have to take your darts apart. This is done by removing stems from their barrels. The tip isn’t as crucial as the barrel because it is the most filthy barrel as time passes. Then, fill the bowl with warm water and use a small amount of soap to form a thick foam. Be careful not to overdo this step. Using just a small amount of soap can work. There are two choices when you’ve submerged the various darts within the solution. You can either allow them to rest for a few hours or gently wash them off with a soft sponge.

Once you’ve cleared the barrels of the fat they’ve built up. Wash them in clean, cold water, and let them dry completely. The process of drying your darts is essential for their longevity. If they are not dried properly, it could cause corrosion and other issues. Avoid placing your darts close to any source of heat that is direct to speed up. Drying could cause them to warp and cause them to become less precise.


One of the cleaners for darts is just coke. Coke is an acidic substance that similarly reacts with metal. Also, rust to bicarbonate soda but only to a lesser degree. Coke can be a great cleaner for many household objects when let to soak, which applies to darts.

Put all of your darts (with an old nylon stem attached to the barrels) in a container containing 100-200ml of coke. Cover it and let it soak up to 24 hours overnight. The acid in coke eliminates most of the oils that remain on the dart. Afterward, all you have to do is wipe it clean by wiping it with a cloth, rinse it under tap water, and dry it thoroughly.

The reason people love coke because you can watch the coke react to the dart. Washing up bleach, liquid and vinegar doesn’t give the same feeling (though this does not have to do with the effectiveness of the other methods).

Wet wipes are the method to use

Utilizing wet towels to clean your darts is an extremely economical way to keep your darts in great condition. Additionally, it is an excellent option for those who are always in motion and are attending numerous tournaments in the state or outside of it. It is always a good idea to carry an assortment of wipes for cleaning your person. You can give the barrels on your darts thorough cleaning. Generally, multi-surface antibacterial wipes will be able to do the job. There are many brands to choose from, and it is recommended to go for alcohol-based options. As they are stronger and can take the grease off faster.

Cleansing darts using the help of a toothbrush

Although all of the methods previously used were quite easy. Using a bristle brush to get rid of your darts will always work wonders. The bristles of a brush will get into even the most narrow of barrels and ensure that nothing remains within them. In addition to that, you can rotate the brush to hit darts from different angles. Eventually, leave the brush in pristine condition.

The process is generally affordable as it can be accomplished using even the most basic hard toothbrush. It is also possible to use an old one you planned to throw in the trash. For the best outcome, I typically mix two techniques. For example, I put the darts into warm soap and water for about a half-hour. Then, I pull them out, and before wiping them, I give them a thorough brush. Naturally, you can brush them when they are dry. This is what the majority of professionals are doing before competitions in general.


White vinegar is a powerful cleaner and is used by people to clean ovens, bathrooms, and almost every home appliance. It’s powerful and can clean. It can be utilized with darts. When using white vinegar, be aware it is advisable to submerge a dart into white vinegar and allowing it to soak for two to 3 weeks is a method used to break up the dart point to eliminate an injured dart point. It’s a highly effective method. Therefore, it should be used only as a quick cleaning procedure.

To clean your darts, use white vinegar, substitute the stem with an older nylon step, and place the darts under 100-200ml white vinegar for between 1 and 3 hours. It is possible to do this overnight. However, it is best to try it out with a shorter interval first to test the reaction of your darts to the vinegar. Then scrub the darts using an easy toothbrush or a cloth before washing them off in warm water and then drying completely.

Ultrasonic cleaner

In the end, if you’re determined to make sure your dart is as clean as it can be, you should consider buying an ultrasonic cleaner. It’s the most expensive choice for the cleaning of darts. However, it’s an investment that will help keep your darts spotless with minimum effort. An ultrasonic cleaner can be used to clean coins. Jewelry and other smaller types of metals make their surfaces sparkling and polished. It acts as an automatic washer for your darts. You just need to place your darts in according to the manufacturer’s instructions and then turn the machine on. The machines actually blast the grease and dirt out of your dart barrel. Leaving it with a smooth and clean finish after you dry and rinse it.

How to clean rust from darts

Dart tips are prone to rust over time, especially if you are a person who grips your dart with the point and is susceptible to sweat during games. Darts that are not properly handled could also begin to rust when they interact with the air and water; therefore, keeping an eye on your dart tips is advised. The process of removing rust from darts is a two-step process. First, you must adhere to one of the methods mentioned above. Soaking the dart in a liquid or placing it inside an ultrasonic cleaner will aid in breaking it into pieces and getting rid of surface dirt.

After completing the first step, you’ll need to employ a more physical method. Place a dart in the liquid of choice for another 15 to 20 minutes. You can now use the wire brushes. Steel wool or a scouring pad and begin to clean off any remaining corrosion. After the darts have had an hour in the water, it shouldn’t be a problem. After all the rust is scrubbed off, wash and dry the dart using an absorbent cloth before drying it.


Cleaning your darts will be a vital element of your regular maintenance. For those who wish to prepare for tournaments, making sure your darts and darts are well kept up will ensure that they’ll last longer and help you be more effective. This is particularly important when taking the darts you own to the event. The most important thing to remember from the article’s content is if you don’t have any special equipment to wash your darts, the use of soapy water will do the majority of the work!

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