How to Clean Pool Table Cloth – DIY Simple Maintenance Pro Tips


Nothing is better than playing pool with your friends on vacation. A pool table is a great addition to any living space. A pool table is a beautiful piece of furniture that you can keep in your man cave, lounge, or other living spaces. Pool tables are a great source of entertainment for all ages. A pool table can get dirty just like any other piece of furniture. You may have to clean the felt from the pool table. This article will explain how to clean a pool table cloth. Continue reading to learn the process.

How to clean pool table cloth 

Pool tables do not require much maintenance, provided they are taken care of properly. However, there is one component that can easily pick up dirt, chalk, and other debris. The table cloth is what you need to clean. It is easy to clean pool table cloth. You should be aware of the basic rules and do’s.

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Remove surface chalk

First, remove all chalk from the surface. Other articles may suggest vacuuming your pool felt. This is a great option, but it’s not the gentlest. Use a low-powered household vacuum to vacuum your pool table. To avoid damage to the cloth, use an upholstery attachment that has a brush and low suction. Be careful not to use too much suction as it can stretch the cloth. After vacuuming the playfield, place the attachment in the corners and under the rails.

Spray-on products such as pool table cleaners are also available for woolen cloths. These products can charge any particles on the table and make them easy to clean with a microfiber cloth. These products are more effective than vacuuming because they reduce fiber stretching and pilling.

Sweep the table

When you start to clean the pool table cloth, the first thing to do is brush it. Special pool table brushes are available that don’t harm the felt and have non-abrasive hairs. They are affordable and will last longer than most felts, making them a worthwhile investment. When you are brushing the table, keep it straight. Brushing in a circular motion can damage the felt and cause it to become brittle. It would help if you used quick, clean strokes to cover the entire surface of the table.

Do not push against the table as this can cause damage to the cloth and uneven wear. Brushing the table is not intended to remove dirt and dust but to sweep it away from the edges where there are bumpers. Vacuum the table once you have piled everything. To ensure that everything is in the corners, it is good to do another pass with the brush after everything has been done.

Vacuum the felt

It is still a matter of debate whether vacuuming is the best method to clean a pool table. Some owners prefer not to vacuum their tables. You can still vacuum the table if you have accumulated too much dust. Modern vacuum cleaners come with low-power settings that are gentler on surfaces and won’t damage the cloth. You must be careful not to damage the felt by using any hard or sharp attachments that the vacuum cleaner may have.

Vacuum brushes can be stiffer than pool table brushes and are often more damaging than pool table brushes. The narrow nozzles of most vacuums must reach below the bumpers to collect all dirt and dust. If you plan to use the main attachment of your vacuum to clean the whole table’s cloth, ensure that you do so in straight lines. Avoid making sharp turns with the vacuum’s heads. You should turn the vacuum down if you don’t want to saturate the fibers of the cloth.

Spills must be cleaned up

A spill is the worst thing that can happen to a good table. Water is easy to fix, but you will often see other beverages spilled. Red wines are notoriously difficult to remove from any surface. Let’s not forget a table felt. Treat spillage immediately. A napkin or soft cloth towel can be placed over the spilled area. Super absorbent paper towels are also a great option. It is important to not press down on the stain as this could cause it to push further into the cloth. Continue to replace the towel with a clean one until the stain has been mostly absorbed. You should rinse the cloth several times if you are dealing with something other than water. Do not scrub the area as it can cause damage to the cloth.

After you have removed most of the stain, dry it with towels. Then let it dry for a few hours. You can try another method if the stain remains. This also works well for older stains. You will need to mix vinegar and water to remove older stains (50/50 distribution). Vinegar isn’t as harsh as some chemical cleaners, so it won’t harm the cloth and remove the stain. Use a clean cloth to remove the stain. Let it dry as you would with water. You can use a felt cleaner that has been specifically designed to remove hard stains from felt. You can find different felt cleaners for different types of stains. To determine the best one, you should contact the manufacturer of your table.

Right now

Spills can happen, but they shouldn’t sit around and cause permanent stains. Use a clean cloth to wipe up liquids, even clear liquids. Avoid using clothes that have been dyed as they can transfer color onto the pool cloth. Avoid using paper towels, as they can break apart and leave behind fibers.

Begin by lightly pressing down on the cloth without rubbing. Next, let the liquid absorb as much as possible. Next, use a damp, clean cloth to add cool water to the stain. Pat the area. Then, use a dry cloth to press the area again. Let the cloth air dry completely without covering it. Please do not play with the cloth until it has dried completely. You can tear the cloth by dropping the ball onto a wet cloth.

How to clean felt on a pool table

The fresh stain

It is possible that the stain has not dried in a while. These tips can help you if this is the case. Blot the area with a dry cloth. Blot the area gently, not wipe. Avoid wiping. Otherwise, you can push moisture into the fibers. This is not something you want to do. Next, use a new cloth to repeat the process. Use a clean, dry cloth to rinse under cold water. The cloth should not be wet but only slightly damp. Blot the cloth lightly and try to remove as much stain as you can.

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The old stain

There’s a good chance that spillage or staining occurred while you were not there. If so, you can now clean pool table cloth felt by following the tips in the first paragraphs. Combine a tablespoon of white wine vinegar with some water and stir it in a bowl. Take your cloth and gently dip it in the vinegar-water mixture. Don’t forget to dampen the cloth. Blot the felt with firm, even strokes. Be careful not to scratch the pool table’s surface. The stain can remain on your pool felt. Repeat the process if the stain is not easy to remove.

Keep going until the stain is gone completely. It is expensive to felt a pool table. You should do your best to clean it. After several cleaning sessions, let the felt air dry. Once the felt is dry and hasn’t lost any moisture, you can inspect the felt to determine any stains. If the stain remains, prepare for another blotting session. Blot the area with the same cloth and the water-vinegar mixture. Your job is to blot, not rub.

Things you must avoid

how to clean pool table cloth

Avoid using warm water

If you see a large, ugly stain on your felts, your first instinct is to use hot water to remove it. This is perfectly fine. In this instance, hot water is not the best option. Hot water will only make matters worse and leave a stain reserve on your pool table.

Do not heat the surface

Heat application is another mistake that you should avoid when cleaning your pool. The pool will feel hotter than hot water if it is heated. Heat will not only make the stain worse, but it can also cause significant damage to the felt.

Do not allow the stain to stay

Most pool tables are destroyed by people who leave unsightly stains behind for later cleaning sessions. It would help if you immediately cleaned up any spillage on your pool table. You should also be careful if you have chocolate or soda, which may have spilled onto your pool table felt. We have already discussed the common mistakes that pool table felt cleaners make. Let’s now shift gears and get down to business.

How to clean pool table cloth: Tips

There are many things you can do to clean pool table cloth. Here are some of my top tips.

  • When you’re not playing, make sure to cover your table
  • When you are not using them, don’t leave the Billiard Balls on the table’s floor.
  • After every game, use a table brush to clean large chalk pieces from the table.
  • Do not bring food or drinks to the table.
  • If you are taking a shot, don’t place your feet on the table’s cloth.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry or watches that could damage the table’s cloth.

The balls are another important aspect of keeping the table cloth clean. Dirty billiard balls can leave marks and tracks on the table. It would help if you treated them as you would a cloth. The only difference between the balls and cloth is that they should be cleaned more often.

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how to clean pool table cloth


Every pool table owner needs to know how to clean pool table cloth. This is because these tablecloths can get dirty, burnt up, and collect dust over time. It is easiest to remove larger debris by wiping it off and then vacuuming. You can keep the table as clean as possible by covering it and regularly cleaning the balls. This will allow you to do a lot less cleaning over the years.

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