How to Clean Pandora Jewelry | Most Constructive Tips You Must Apply


Sterling silver jewelry such as Pandora can last for many years if it is taken care of properly. These are the tips I have found that will help you clean pandora jewelry and protect your Pandora pieces from tarnish or oxidation.

What causes silver to tarnish 

Although sterling silver is shiny and bright at first, it gradually tarnishes over time. The surface of the piece will become slightly yellowish and, if it is not cleaned, it will change from yellow to black. The discoloration occurs due to oxidation. It is caused by two factors: moisture and contact with sulfur compounds. The reaction is technically caused by hydrogen sulfide. It can also be found in everyday wool, rubber, and food like eggs and onions. The tarnishing process will be accelerated if there is too much exposure to hydrogen sulfide.

Moisture is the second reason for tarnishing. Exposure to too much moisture can accelerate the process, just like sulfur. However, it’s more challenging to avoid moisture. While proper storage can help reduce this, you should not wear your Pandora jewelry. However, the mere act of wearing your necklace or bracelet will cause your pieces to tarnish. Don’t worry though, tarnishing does not cause permanent damage to silver. Pandora uses degrading as a straightforward technique for many of its sterling silver pieces!

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How to clean pandora jewelry

It is easy to remove tarnishing from everyday wear. There are many tools and techniques that you can use to clean pandora jewelry. The most important things are given below.

Use only natural jewelry cleaners

You can buy bottles of liquid chemical cleaner from jewelry shops supposedly made for deep cleaning all types of jewelry, including sterling silver and gold. Although this sounds like the right thing to do, chemical cleaners can be too harsh for delicate, handmade pieces such as Pandora jewelry. A bath in these cleaners is often too short and can cause damage to the fine details on your charms. Many horror stories about women putting their charm bracelets in these cleaners and seeing their jewelry get ruined. For help, bring your treats to the nearest store if this happens.

Use a silver cloth

A silver cloth is an easy and effective tool to remove tarnish from Pandora pieces. These silver cloths contain a mild chemical to remove oxidation from silver surfaces. You don’t have to use any kind of special tools or water; simply rub the silver pieces with a section of the cloth, and all tarnish will disappear. This cloth is great for spot cleaning because you can quickly clean up any tarnish without water, towels, and other tools.

Silver cloths have one problem: once it’s “dirty” from cleaning, it can’t be used again. Pandora claims that clothes can be worn even after they are filthy. However, it has not been as effective for me. The tarnish will be removed by washing the cloth, but it won’t make the fabric look new. You can find silver cloths at jewelry and department shops under many brands. However, I found the Pandora-branded one they sell in concept stores to be particularly effective and only $5. It does a better job at removing oxidation from small areas of charms. This is what Pandora’s sales staff use to maintain their collections.

Warm soapy water and a toothbrush are recommended

You can clean your Pandora pieces with warm soapy water if you don’t have any particular products. Pandora recommends this method for basic cleaning. To warm, soapy water, add a little dish soap or mild soap. To gently scrub silver jewelry with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Warm water and soap help to loosen any tarnish or other organic particles. The soft bristles on the toothbrush (make sure it is a soft toothbrush!) also aid in this process. You can scrub the silver without scratching it.

Although it may take some elbow grease, this method works. Everyone should keep warm water and soap nearby. Pandora suggests that you soak the dirty or tarnished pieces in warm soapy water for at least a few minutes before using your soft-bristled toothbrush to clean them. To prevent pearls from becoming wet, wrap them well. Pearls are made of organic materials (i.e., Oysters are an example of this! You can eventually see the pearls begin to erode after a few decades. You should avoid exposing pearls and other precious stones to water, lotions, perfumes, and the like.

Wood and Murano-glass beads

Beautiful mixed-material pieces, such as wooden Pandora and Murano beads, require extra care. These beads come with either 14k or sterling silver end caps. They can be cleaned using the same techniques above but should be treated separately for their wooden and glass midsections. Avoid using silver-specific products such as cleaning creams and silver cloths on wooden beads. These are only intended to clean the silvery parts of the item and can cause damage.

To lightly clean the surface of wooden beads, you can use warm soapy water, but it is best to dry them immediately with a towel. The moisture in the water can cause wood to swell, and this could lead to damage. To protect the wood from moisture and moisturize it, I recommend lightly polishing them with olive oil. You should avoid using any silver-specific cleaning products on glass Murano beads. Warm soapy water is a great option to remove any dirt, oil, or other debris from the glass.

How to clean cameo charms 

Pandora also makes cameos, which are a particular type of material charm. Cameo charms are currently only available in sterling silver. They feature an engraving or portrait detail inlaid into the piece of silver. These inlays are made traditionally from hard natural materials such as stone, layered glasses, or seashells. They are durable but require light maintenance to keep them looking great. You should not use silver-specific products such as creams or silver cloths to clean non-metal items, just like wood and glass. Pandora suggests using a soft brush to remove debris and then washing them with warm soapy hot water. They should be dried immediately afterward. Avoid soaking them in water as it could cause irreparable damage to delicate inlays. Pandora recommends that you oil the Cameo details once per year with mineral oil (not oil because it will cause yellowing) to preserve the cameo’s surface.

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Clean leather bracelets

Although technically, these are not silver pieces, the clasps on them are silver (or 14k-gold), so I thought I’d cover them. A leather Pandora bracelet should be treated with the same care as other Pandora pieces of mixed materials. You should not clean leather parts with silver cleaners. Leather is porous, so you should avoid soaking it in any water. A damp cloth will suffice. To prevent dirt and other stains from sticking to your bracelet, wipe it clean as soon as you can. Oiling or conditioning leather helps protect it from stains and keep it soft and supple. To keep your leather looking great, Pandora suggests applying leather conditioners and essential oils regularly.

How to store pandora jewelry 

Your Pandora necklaces and bracelets should be kept safe, such as in your bedroom. The fragile pieces, such as the Murano glass beads, could be broken if dropped from a table or counter. Keep jewelry safe from children. The moisture in your sinks and showers can cause sterling silver pieces to tarnish faster. While jewelry boxes can be a great place to store Pandora jewelry, they don’t protect sterling silver selections from tarnishing or oxidation.

Pandora boxes are not anti-tarnish 

Pandora stores will sometimes give you a big bracelet box. These boxes don’t have anti-tarnish, so your bracelets can tarnish quicker. Pandora sales associates advised me not to store my bracelets in these boxes. To prevent them from spoiling, add silica gel packets if you keep them. Many packaged products include silica gel packets. You’ve probably seen them. These are small packets that can be opened by removing the cardboard. These packets trap moisture and slow down silver oxidation. These packets are standard in cost and can be used to keep your charms beautiful and shiny if they are saved for other products.

Anti-tarnish pouches 

Pandora makes its own anti-tarnish pouches. However, they aren’t widely available, so it can be challenging to find them. The Pandora pouches can be challenging to find. However, many products will protect your silver from tarnish. Leann purchased many anti-tarnish jewelry pouches and even discovered a shop that sells handmade anti-tarnish jewelry pouches. They’re adorable! These pouches have silver particles embedded into the fabric. The silver in the bag will not dull your jewelry. They have been reliable.

Plastic zip lock bags 

A sturdy zip lock bag is an excellent alternative to buying another product. You should squeeze as much air out of your bag as possible before closing it. This will remove any moisture and prevent it from coming back in. Ziplock bags are durable plastic (polyethylene), which does not react to silver. However, you should avoid bags made from polyvinyl, such as garbage bags, because these bags contain sulfur, which can accelerate the oxidation process.


Those are the practical ways that you can clean pandora jewelry and take proper care of that jewelry. There are a lot of ways that you can apply to clean pandora jewelry. But those steps are more effective in the eyes of our experts. If you have any idea that we missed above, you are warmly welcome to share it with us. Comment your opinion below.

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