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Are you moving into a new house or an apartment you’ve rented and have found everything difficult to clean, especially when looking at the dirty Hunter Douglas blinds? Only one option is left. You take them off, toss them, and purchase an entirely new set. The other option is to remove it and clean hunter douglas blinds it with different cleaning techniques. Cleaning is a must, and you need to learn how to clean hunter Douglas blinds in a few steps and which products can help you with your task. Before beginning, you should be aware of Hunter Douglas and that it is a Europes brand that offers stunning designs for blinds and a variety of window treatments options.

How to clean Hunter Douglas blinds

Because we’ve been cooped inside, many people are using this period to get things accomplished around the house that they’re not usually thinking of doing. For instance, when has the most recent time you took care of your window curtains? If you’ve been away for a while, do not worry, you’re not the only one. Also, Hunter Douglas window treatments are much easier to keep clean than you think. The window covers are designed to need minimal maintenance, but you must be prepared for the day. Now we will describe how to clean hinter douglas blinds.

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Injection and extraction

Another tried and tested method we suggest is the use of extraction cleaning and injection. This is among the most efficient methods to clean and deep clean your window treatments and gives stunning results. You’ll inject a cleaning solution onto the fabric and then immediately remove the dirty solution by vacuuming it away. This makes the fabric dry faster and ensures that any dirt or dust is completely removed from the item. This cleaning method is typically employed to darken the room of blinds or blinds that cannot be cleaned ultrasonically.


So long as you regularly dust your shades or blinds, the only thing they’ll need each time is a little dusting. It is possible to use microfiber cloths, feather dusters, a microfiber duster and wool dusters. It is recommended not to use magnetic cleaners, like dusting mitts, on light-dimming fabrics. These kinds of cleaning products could damage the fabric’s backing. Please pick up your duster or cloth and gently slide it over the top of your shades or blinds.

Spot cleaning

Make sure to read your operation manual before washing the Hunter Douglas window treatment to ensure that there is no harm. You may also refer to the Care and Cleaning guidelines by Hunter Douglas to ensure your product is safe to clean in a spot. When spot cleaning using household cleaners can be an efficient and safe way to clean your window blinds. Try using gentle detergent and a soft, clean cloth. The detergent should not be made of additives and non-abrasive. Avoid rubbing detergent on the product since it may harm the fabric. Instead, gently wipe the spot using a dry cloth until it’s clean.

Blow the dirt away

To perform this cleaning method, it is necessary to have compressed air or hairdryers. Utilizing the compressed air in your can and your blow-dryer (used with the cool or non-heat setting), blow the dust off your chosen window blinds. Please avoid using your hairdryer in a high setting since it could harm your window blinds and shades.


If you routinely clean your shades or blinds and blinds, all they’ll need every time is a light dusting. You can use microfiber cloths, feather dusters, a microfiber duster and wool dusters. It is recommended not to use magnetic cleaners, like dusting mitts, on light-dimming fabrics. These cleaning materials could cause damage to the fabric’s backing. Fabric that is light-dimming. Please pick up your cloth or duster and gently move it across the surface of your shades or blinds.


Steaming is typically used to eliminate wrinkles from fabric, making your window coverings appear more classy and assembled. This is a challenging procedure as moving near enough to the fabric could cause the fabric to be damaged. Ensure that you hold your steamer at least 6-8 inches to the cloth to avoid damage. Avoid heavy-duty steamers as they could be too rough for the fabric. We suggest using a hand-held travel-sized steamer that can produce steady steam.

How to clean hunter Douglas silhouettes blinds

Silhouettes are the preferred option for home builders because they add the appearance of the draperies and shading beautifully. Silhouettes’ blinds pass through a process that dust repels dirt, dust or dirt.

Removal of blinds

The first step is to remove all blinds and drapes from the window. By taking off a blind, you will have a new surface for your blinds without risk. Remove the blinds from the floor. They must be laid flat across the flooring.

Remove dead bugs

If you notice dead bugs inside your blinds, getting the bugs out first is important. Unlock the blinds, then flip them to the other side to eliminate all bugs. If there are stubborn bugs, you can use the cleaner or blow-dryer to blast them out.

Clean the blinds with a thoroughly clean

At this point, it is time to begin cleaning the binds. To wash, sprinkle a tiny amount of cleanser over the blinds. If you do not have a gentle cleanser, try using an easy one. If you fill the blinds with water, they will slide into. Use your hands to move the blinds around gently; every time, you could employ a soft bristle broom to make cleaning easier. It is possible to see how dirty, rinse it a couple of times, or change its colour to clear water. If the tub’s water is dirty, flush the tub. Repeat the procedure until the water becomes clear. If the blinds become old and have a lot of staining, it’ll take longer to wash them. Since these blinds are prone to stiff brushes, use a bath scoop to clean thoroughly.

Clean the blinds

In this stage, you will need to refill the tub once more. However, there is no need to use the washing liquid since you want to remove the remaining liquid used to wash the blinds. You probably don’t use any soaps, but rinse is a good idea because it removes any soap remaining out of the blinds.


If you are still unsatisfied with the result and your blinds’ silhouettes are stained, fill the tub with lukewarm, clean water. But this time, you must mix bleaching liquid with the water to get a better outcome. The blinds should be left in bath water for 10 mins and then move around. Within 10 minutes, wash the blinds until bleach is gone. If you do not like the bleach smell, place some drops of fabric softener inside the bathtub. The drops will overlap on the blinds.

Rinse and repeat

Drain the tub water and drain it again. Rinse the blinds again to remove all chlorine from your blinds. Make use of a bath scoop for this use.

Leave for dry

The blinds should be left in the tub until dry at a straight angle. The blinds are very thin and don’t require long to dry. It may take a whole period for drying.

Set the blinds back

When the silhouette blinds become dry, put them back in the window. Attach them to the window. Then you’ll be wondering how clean it is. After you’ve finished, you’ll have no dirt or further grease, and there will be no food residue on the blinds. The blinds have been thoroughly cleaned.

Recommended professional cleaning methods

Hunter Douglas acknowledges these cleaning methods to be secure and efficient for certain Hunter Douglas products purchased in the U.S. only. Refer to the Operation manual in the manuals tab to find specific cleaning instructions for each product.

Cleaning by injection or extraction: This type of cleaning involves injecting a cleaning solution into the fabric and then extracting the dirty solution using the same manner. It’s an extremely efficient method to clean your window treatment thoroughly. The process is usually carried out at home, meaning there is no need to get rid of the window treatment. Note: Don’t use this method to wash the fabric-covered headrails or drapes. Dry methods are recommended for these, along with specific fabrics.

Ultrasonic cleaning: Professional ultrasonic cleaning is suggested for a variety of items. The method involves submerging the item in a tank filled with a cleaning solution.


To close this article, we want to say that if you want to clean hunter douglas blinds you can do it. Because it is very easy to do; however, they require a lot of attention and gentle rubs to wash them. I’ve listed the various options to clean blinds made by Hunter Douglas blinds. The simple and most efficient method is to clean the blinds every day as if the blind was stained. Please pick up a clean cloth, apply some liquid detergent, and let it run a light running. This technique will assist the stain to go away quickly. If you don’t remove the stain in time, it will harden and be difficult to remove.

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