How to Clean Grout on Tile Floors – 5 Easiest Ways to Follow


Grout is susceptible to stains since tiles are often light-coloured and porous. Wear and tear are the usual offenders in a tiled entryway. Oil and food spills are more likely to blame for the kitchen. Finally, mould and mildew are responsible for grout in the bathroom. So regardless of the floor tiles in Bangladesh you use, you have to keep them clean. The hope is that the most effective grout cleaning method does not come at a high cost. You can clean grout using simple household chemicals and, of course, a little elbow grease. We have brought up the 5 best ways to clean grout on tile floors.

3 types of gouts

Before diving into the grout cleaning process, let’s look at 3 types of grout you will come across.

Sanded grout

Sanded grout is made of cement. You can see and feel the grit that can while working with it. Larger joints (greater than 1/8 inch wide and up to 5/8 inch or 1 inch) are filled with sanded grout. You can usually find them on heavily crowded floors.

Unsanded grout

Unsanded grout contains no grit and is also prepared with cement. For smaller joints, such as 1/16 inch wide, tilers use unsanded grout. This long-lasting material is easier to handle and clean than sanded grout. And it’s suitable for polished stones and vertical surfaces such as shower walls.

Epoxy grout

This grout resists water stains better than cement grouts and is less prone to shrinking or drooping. 

Epoxy grout is stronger than cement grout and absorbs up to 50 times less water. It can be found on kitchen backsplashes and shower surrounds since it can withstand the elements. It’s also easier to clean and return to its original colour than cement grouts.

5 ways to clean grout on tile floors

Removing grout might seem a challenging task, but there are several methods you can follow. Here are the 5 best and most effective ways to clean grout on tiles floors.

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Warm water and soft scrubber

If you don’t already have one, most home centres and hardware stores sell a variety of grout scrubbers. Use a standard size nylon brush than a strong steel one to avoid harming the grout. 

Gently squirt hot water on the grout lines at first. After that, scrub the floor in a clockwise direction, and allow it to dry. Keep in mind that porous cement grout absorbs water and can cause mildew.

Vinegar and warm water solution

Try vinegar to clean if your grout has become very hard but has gathered heavy dirt or moderate stains.

Mix half-and-half vinegar and hot water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture over the grout, then wipe the floor with a hard brush after 5 minutes. But make sure you don’t use vinegar on unsealed grout.

Baking soda and vinegar solution

Baking soda will give the task even more flair when used to clean grout. At first, apply a baking soda paste and water to the grout lines. Then, spray with the vinegar solution like the second method.

Scrub with a brush once the liquid has stopped foaming. After that, rinse the floor with clean water and let the floor dry. Only use this method if the grout is open or needs resealing.

Commercial grout remover

Using one of the finest grout cleaners on the market, you can get rid of grout quickly and restore your grout lines to their original bright white appearance. Spraying and wiping or scrubbing with a brush are the two methods for using these items.

Scrubbing is not required with spray-on products. They may contain stronger chemicals or chlorine bleach, even if they save time and energy.

Chlorine bleach solution

Finally, you can use chlorine bleach and cleanser products to clean grout in the most extreme circumstances. 

Long-term use of caustic cleaners can degrade grout. So, it might not be the best option to follow this as your go-to method. If everything else fails, you can use a bleach product like Clorox Clean-Up. It will bring results in that situation.


Grout cleaning begins with proper preventive methods. This includes resealing the grout, immediately cleaning up kitchen spills, and cleaning floor tiles with homemade grout cleaners or marketed products. You can use any of the 5 methods to clean grout on tiles floors. When cleaning grout, it’s crucial to remember to start with the simplest method as that will discolour or damage your floor the least. If the grout still doesn’t go away, try using more aggressive approaches.

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