How to Clean Gold Plated Flatware | Tips to Keep in Mind


The prospect of purchasing new flatware that is gold-plated is undoubtedly thrilling. However, buying this gorgeous and stylish flatware set can be costly for your wallet. Cleaning improperly could result in scratches or damage to the location you have purchased. How can you clean gold-plated flatware? First of all, do not make use of a dishwasher for cleaning silver with gold plating. Dishwasher detergents are highly abrasive and could harm your gold coating. Instead, wash with soapy water with your hands and dry with a cloth immediately. It is possible to use Regent EZ shine or cooktop cleaners for damaged or spotted flatware. This information will not provide you with clean, sparkling flatware. If you’d like to learn more about this cleaning process, read on!

Why does need to clean gold plated flatware

Before beginning the step-by-step process, it is essential to know the basics of flatware with gold plating. Also, you must be mindful of why the item requires specific cleaning care. Gold flatware generally has an element of base metal with gold-plated electroplated layers. Certain flatwares are gold plated, and some even include them as accents in certain areas. I can understand your concerns about the cleaning of those gold-plated dishes. Mainly because plating costs around 1000 dollars per ounce.

It’s about as expensive as the cost of coating your cabinetry! The process of gold plating is typically fragile and thin. The scale is about one millimetre in thickness. That’s right! The harsh cleaning products can ruin it. Ricci Argentieri is an Italian producer of flatware made of gold. He claimed to have the plating of gold to be 10 microns on silverware. This study demonstrates how vulnerable gold flatwares are to harm. So gentle, non-abrasive cleaners are essential. This is why gold-plated flatwares require special care to keep their beauty. They will last for a long time with the proper handling and maintenance.

How to clean gold plated flatware

Maintaining your gold flatware involves cleaning and polishing it correctly. Let’s review the steps to follow to properly clean your gold flatware.

Step 1

Agreed upon by various professionals, the primary crucial step is to keep flatware made of gold from dishwashers. Dishwashers are generally considered the ‘chamber of doom’ for flatware made of gold. Even the powdered detergent used in dishwashers can leave black spots.

Step 2

Ideally, clean gold flatware with hot water and soapy soap. Be sure to wash immediately with a towel after you have rinsed. Please do not leave it to dry as this could cause water spots to form. Additionally, ensuring your flatware is soaked for a long time will wreck all gold coating.

Step 3

Use a metallic cleaning solution or gold to wash stained or damaged flatware. Apply the Regent Easy Shine or Glass Cooktop Cleaners to bring back the shine. The detergent and alcohol employed in cooktop cleaners do not scratch the surface of the flatware. After using a cleaner, ensure you rinse with hot water immediately afterwards.

Step 4

You’ll see stubborn food stains often in your dish. When you’re experiencing a difficult time eliminating these stains, I’ve got an answer. Cornstarch pastes are ideal for such situations. Do not use stiff brushes or abrasive scrubbers to apply cornstarch. Instead, scrub with cornstarch paste and the surface of a soft cloth. This will accomplish the task. If you can stick to following this method, cleaning your Krups coffee maker will be effortless.

How to polish gold flatware

Demitasse spoons and souvenir items are often made of brass, and most bronze flatware originates originated from Vietnam. The bronze and brass pieces are durable and clean, using polish designed for the material. Martha Stewart lists it as one of the few items that should not be washed in the dishwasher. Many experts insist that this is the most crucial aspect of maintaining the attractiveness of gold flatware. According to the Society of American Silversmith’s calls, the dishwasher is the “chamber of doom” for premium flatware. The plating of gold is only a few microns thick than most flatware, and pitting of the base metal could happen rapidly.

Rich Argentina is an Italian producer of silver flatware in gold has been reported that it has an average thickness of 10 microns gold plating on silverware. Always wash the flats of gold by soaking them in soapy water following the use of an item for cleaning. Clean the gold-plated flatware and wipe it with a soft cloth to eliminate dust and food particles. If the dust and food particles do not disappear, soak them in the sink using hot water and an ounce of mild dish soap for 2 minutes. Fill the sink with hot water and a squirt detergent for dishwashing liquid.


Make sure you use a polish made for gold-plated flatware every once or twice to keep your items in a top state. Using the flatware will get scratches and nicks, but this is normal and can enhance the look of flatware over time. When I look through the different brands, one rule is obvious: DO NOT wash dishes in the dishwasher with soap that is a “lemon” dish soap. Joan H – Kirtland, Ohio A. Hi Diane.

I have also recently bought flatware with gold plating, and it has seen some scratches on the surface everywhere. Recently received the flatware set with gold plating. I was considering what I should do to clean it in case it utilize for food purposes. A few pieces appear to be covered in tarnish and some spots. How do you remove it safely? Please help me efficiently clean a set of flatware with gold plating.

How to clean gold plated flatware: Tips

I have some last tips to share with you. This will allow you to keep your silver flatware to the maximum extent possible. This compilation contains methods that hustlers from the household have employed to prolong the lifespan of their flatware.

  • It would help if you turned your kitchenware. This ensures that every piece can be utilized. If not, the frequently used flatware will show a lot of wear and tear.

If rotation is made, the pieces will be utilized equally. This reduces strain on particular components.

  • Despite the directions from the manufacturer, Never clean your precious flatware with dishwashers. This is a big NO!
  • Remember never to apply a rubber band for the storage of gold flatware. The pressure created by rubber bands may cause marks to be left behind.
  • Keep the flatware in a dry and dry location. A flatware chest is ideal for this purpose. Make sure that the place to store it is stain-resistant.
  • Sometimes, you may be lazy after guests have left. Please don’t allow your flatware to sit unwashed overnight.

Moisture or food particles left for a prolonged time can cause damage to the layer of gold. This could cause it to wear completely off. In addition, you’ll be able to keep the shine and elegance!


Now we’re after the discussion. We’ve got it all on the best way to wash flatware with gold plating. We hope that our article was of use to you. If you’ve found this piece fascinating, look at our other posts. In the meantime, be careful and have a great time!

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