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Your copper jewelry is a bold statement piece worn with almost any outfit because of its unique color. If you don’t know how to keep that bright burst in color shiny and clean, it can be overwhelming. With a few simple tips, you can easily clean copper jewelry quickly and effortlessly. There are many simple ways to clean your copper jewelry without spending a fortune. You may need to use a commercial cleaning product to restore tarnished pieces properly. However, it is possible to shine up worn-out rings and bracelets with simple ingredients. These household products are most likely already in your pantry. Worcestershire sauce, salt, Ketchup, and Ketchup can all be used to aid the process. Copper jewelry can be cleaned with ease, no matter which method you use.

Unique methods to clean copper jewelry 

It doesn’t matter what material your jewelry is made of, it will get dirty. It is essential to clean brass and copper jewelry to preserve the shine. Copper can tarnish for many reasons, from sweat to swimming pool use. Even prolonged exposure to moisture and air can cause discoloration or damage. This can prevent by removing copper jewelry before you shower, jump into pools, or wash dishes. It is also a good idea to store them in dry, cool places or airtight containers. The same precautions apply to jewelry made of other metals and pewter. You can clean your pewter jewelry using household ingredients such as copper, silver, and gold as long as you take special care.

How to clean copper jewelry

How to clean copper jewelry

Clean copper jewelry with Ketchup

You can use Ketchup to give your copper pieces a little shine and minor tarnish. It is not as strange as it sounds. Ketchup contains acetic acid, which counteracts rust and discoloration of copper rings or bracelets. You can also use it to clean silver jewelry, as well as copper pennies. Use this technique to rub the Ketchup on the tarnished areas using your fingers or an old towel. Allow the Ketchup to soak in the fabric for about 15 minutes. Use a soft cloth to scrub the area. After cleaning the item, rinse it with soap and water. Dry thoroughly.

How to clean copper jewellery with vinegar 

Strong acids can cause metal damage by creating tiny cracks or holes in the surface. However, mild cleaners such as white vinegar can be used on copper and other metals. The disinfectant agent, mainly acetic acid, is strong enough to remove dirt and tarnish while maintaining integrity. Cleaning jewelry using vinegar is an excellent alternative to potentially harmful commercial products. You can add slat to copper jewelry to create a reaction with vinegar and metal that leaves your items looking new and shiny.

Make this DIY cleaner to clean copper jewelry by adding enough vinegar to equal parts flour and salt. This will create a thick paste. Use a towel to apply the paste to the jewelry and then buff it with a soft cloth. Put the object in a bag and let it sit for at least a few hours. Rinse the paste off with water and dry it with a towel. Read this info guide to clean stainless steel jewelry by applying the same method.

Substitute lemon juice for vinegar 

Cream of tartar is another valuable tool for cleaning copper. Cream of tartar is a powder that acts as a mild scrubber, similar to baking soda. The tartaric acid does its share of cleaning. This method is even more effective when you add lemon juice. Lemon juice is often used as a substitute for vinegar to clean and remove tarnish from copper items. Mix the cream of tartar with lemon juice in a small bowl until it forms a paste. Use a soft toothbrush to clean jewelry with intricate cracks. After gently rubbing the jewelry’s top, let it absorb the cleaning agent for about 15 minutes. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and dry the jewelry with a clean cloth.

Commercial methods to clean copper jewelry 

If you don’t feel like making your solution, you may buy commercial copper cleaners from the store. It’s a great idea to have various products, such as Brasso or Bar Keeper’s Friend. These are great for cleaning jewelry and you can also use them to shine up fixtures around the house. Use a commercial cleaner like Bar Keeper’s Friend to clean the jewelry. Make sure you wet it before applying. Use a little bit of the powder or liquid solution on a damp towel to clean the jewelry. After cleaning the jewelry, rinse it with warm water. Finally, polish the piece with a polishing brush.

Use baking soda to get a brilliant shine 

Like cream of tartar, baking soda is a beautiful way to give old copper pieces shine and luster. Another homemade cleaning solution uses tea tree oil to disinfect and natural antifungals. It is also possible to use witch hazel in place of the vinegar. For copper jewelry cleaning, dip the piece in a small amount of vinegar and add one drop of tea tree oil. Allow the item to soak for at least 8 hours or overnight. After removing the jewelry, sprinkle the baking soda on top. Use an old toothbrush to work the baking soda onto the metal. This will quickly reduce appearance wear and tear. This should not be used on settings with loose gemstones as it could cause the metal to separate from the stone.

Remove discolouration from copper pieces

Worcestershire sauce is a surprising copper cleaner. Worcestershire sauce, similar to vinegar and Ketchup in cleaning copper, uses acidic properties that blast through copper tarnish. It is made from base vinegar and then mixes with other ingredients to enhance the flavor. This product can be used as an ingredient in other recipes or on its own. Allow it to soak into your jewelry for several minutes. To remove any residue, wash the jewelry with soap and water. To restore the jewel’s shine, buff it with a jewelry polishing brush.

For long-lasting protection, add a clear coat

To keep copper jewelry clean, you can prevent it from tarnishing. Apply a sealant to the item’s surface. This will protect your copper items against rusting and damage. It also reduces the skin-greening reaction to the metal. Use clear nail polish to store jewelry pieces. A commercial lacquer can be used if the item is too big. You should apply at least two coats and wait at least 48 hours before applying the second coat. This works well if you want to keep an intentional patina.

Clean copper jewelry with soapy water

 Sometimes, you don’t need to use a unique cleaning solution to clean copper jewelry. Sometimes, the best way to clean jewelry is to use soap and water. Instead of using metal containers, clean jewelry with a plastic or glass bowl. In a small bowl, add the soap and water. Whip the contents until foamy. Keep a second bowl handy to rinse the jewelry. For approximately ten minutes, soak your copper pieces in soapy water. Rinse in clean water and let dry. This is a great way to make sure your jewelry doesn’t tarnish and prevent it from happening again.

How to Remove Stains from copper jewelry

Copper can cause green stains to your skin if you have ever worn it. This is why? Copper turns your skin green due to the chemical reaction that occurs between copper metal and skin. This is what we call copper-chelates. Copper chelates, however, can be absorbed by the skin. Pure copper is not possible to drink. The skin can absorb copper chelates, but pure copper cannot. Remember that the copper jewelry’s green staining is temporary and can be washed off with soap and water. To prevent green staining, apply clear nail polish to the area where the copper jewelry is placed. Copper jewelry that is lacquered will not cause the skin to become stained as the copper must come in direct contact with your skin.

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How to Remove Stains from copper jewelry

How to polish copper jewelry

A jewelry polish cloth explicitly made for copper pieces is the best way to polish your copper jewelry. These are more effective than those made for silver or gold. Put on your favourite Netflix series and give your jewelry a little polish. You may need to be patient and gentle with your jewelry.

How to store copper jewelry

You’ve probably cleaned your copper jewelry. Now you want to know how to store it so that it doesn’t tarnish. These are some simple tips to prevent copper jewelry from tarnish.

  • Make sure your copper is dry before you store it.
  • Copper jewelry can tarnish from moisture and air exposure.
  • Keep copper safe and dry.
  • Place copper in an airtight bag with anti-tarnish strips. This will decrease the amount of tarnish caused by the copper item’s interaction with the air.
  • Avoid wearing copper jewellery in swimming pools and using harsh chemicals such as household detergents.
  • To remove excess moisture or body oils, wipe your copper jewelry after it is put on.
How to store copper jewelry


Copper jewelry should not be worn when it is exposed to chlorine from swimming pools or household detergents. It can tarnish from even body oils, so make sure how to clean copper jewelry. Copper needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it shining, but it’s easy to restore it and make it look new.

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