How to Clean Basketball Shoes – DIY Expert’s Effective Tips


There’s no doubt about it the fact that shoes for basketball are among the essential equipment for basketball players of all levels. They enhance your comfort and efficiency on the court. A pair of good shoes can increase your confidence when you take to the court. However, it’s easy for basketball shoes to become filthy with each wear. However, cleaning them on a regularly scheduled routine is all you have to do to show them affection, keep their excellent design and form, and make sure they’re comfortable and meet performance requirements. In this article, we’ll show you simple methods to clean your basketball shoes at home.

How to clean basketball shoes 

Shoes for basketball are vital to players because they help prevent injuries to the ankle and feet while playing and offer assistance to the foot and ankle. They can get dirty during games and begin to lose elegance. They smell bad and begin to deteriorate, which could impact your walking. So, it’s essential to clean your basketball shoes to restore your shoes’ original look and feel.

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Use a cleaning solution 

Get a large pot of water. Add some mild detergent or mild cleaner. Mix the solution until it is foamy. Do not use harsh cleaning agents. Use a soft brush or cloth to scrub off dirt. Soak them in a solution of water and scrub your shoes. Do not soak your brush or cloth by soaking them in water. Instead, wet them, apply them to the filthy area, rinse them with water and then use them for further cleaning. Then, dip your brush or cloth into plain water to wash away soap residues that have been adsorbed onto the footwear. Let dry the shoes in the air.

Use toothpaste 

If you have stubborn staining on the leather and the sole of your shoes, then use toothpaste. Place the warm water in a pan, add some detergent (dishwashing agents). Take a white toothpaste, and add it to the cloth or brush. Dip the same brush in warm water. Apply it to stains that are cranky by using the brush or the cloth over a dirty surface.

Use of washing machine 

It is possible to use a machine to wash your shoes. However, this can be risky because this technique could damage your shoes. So, it recommends staying clear of this technique. If the maker of your shoes permits you to wash them within the washing machine, apply it. To do this, remove your shoes from the shoelaces and insoles. Place your shoes into an apparatus that is filled with cold water. You will need to use only the amount of cleansing agents. Also, you should add towels to shield the shoes to get damage. After washing your shoes, dry them in the air. Avoid placing your shoes directly in the sunlight.

Clean white shoes

If you’re cleaning your white sneakers for basketball, then you’ll probably have to contend with streaks of staining that will not go out no matter how the effort you put into it. Do not fret, though… there’s an easy method to get the stain out that you may have and make your sneakers white as snow. Put a dab in white (plain) toothpaste to your cleaning solution made of warm water. Add some drops of dishwashing soap. The resulting solution can use to wash the white of your shoes. You’ll be amazed at how this great solution removes stains and makes your white shoe shine like new! Make sure you wipe away any remaining solution on the surfaces of the shoes using an emollient, clean cloth. Also, allow the shoes to dry in the air.

How to clean insoles and laces

Cleaning the insoles is an essential component of the procedure that shouldn’t overlook. Think about it, which other area of the shoe is more prone to sweating than the soles? None. It’s not true! For cleaning your insoles, place them flat on the floor. Then, sprinkle a tiny bit of the cleaner on them to make them wet, and then you’ve guessed it, start cleaning them! When you’re flat on the floor, Place one side of the insoles with one hand and begin rubbing the insoles using the brush to rid them of any residue or staining. When you do this, you will not only make your shoes appear clean and fresh, but they’ll also smell fresh! After you’ve cleaned the shoes’ insoles and laces, the time of 3-5 minutes is probably over.

What you should do is to grab your rag and begin wiping the shoes until all residue is gone and your shoe is completely dry. Once you’ve dried your shoes, based on how clean you scrubbed them and how dirty your shoe was might require a second brushing using the brush again to ensure you have removed all the spots off of the shoes. Sometimes, you’ll uncover more dirt around parts like an ankle collar, the outsole’s traction, as well as around the branding and eyelets, or perhaps you’ve missed a tiny area at the top of the foot.

Whatever the reason, you need to put the brush into the bowl of cleaning for a second time and scrub any areas that require extra attention. If it doesn’t, then grab the toothbrush I warned you about earlier. Place some cleaner on it, and then do some small-scale work on those parts of your shoe that have some work to be done.

How to clean basketball shoes

How to clean basketball shoes: Tips

These steps will ensure that your shoes are clean for a long time. However, there are a couple of things, even though they may seem like good ideas, you should avoid them.

  • Clean your shoes thoroughly before placing them in storage
  • Do not put your footwear in the washer or dryer. While a quick spin can seem tempting, it could result in permanent damage to your edges and soles. The repeated drying sessions can be particularly damaging.
  • Place your basketball shoes on the floor after each game to prevent an accumulation of odor.
  • Also, make sure to air dry your shoes whenever you can. Utilizing heaters, vents, and even dryers for hair could cause the rubber to crack in the soles. It may not be noticeable at first. However, it could drastically decrease the lifespan of your footwear.
  • It is also essential not to wash your shoes with scent-laden detergents or rubbing alcohol. Bleach. These substances leave behind a greasy residue, and some brands can cause cracks in the soles.
  • A gentle and swift cleaning after each game is better to last longer.
  • Eco-friendly laundry detergent is great on your shoes. However, conventional detergents are more harmful than beneficial.
  • Never keep shoes in a bag for shopping or plastic bag – it is advised to keep the shoes in their original shoe boxes.

Importance of proper storage 

The storage of your shoes is a crucial element of maintaining them fresh. Most players just place their shoes in their bags or the back of their car when they finish playing. It may not be an issue; however, it places pressure on the seams, resulting in your shoes losing their shape. Be sure to keep your shoes in an open area or outside space that has plenty of airflows once you leave the court. This will allow them to dry out between sessions and help keep them fresh. A little deodorizer can go a long way too.

Use as directed 

While it is tempting, it is best not to take your sneakers outside when you can avoid them. Although some models can be dual-purpose, most inside basketball footwear is designed specifically for hardwood flooring. If you wear your shoes out in the open, even if you’re walking around, it increases the chance that they’ll get soiled or filthy. This can also cause more general wear since they’re on rough, hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. If you want your sneakers to last, it’s recommended that you put on your shoes before you step onto the court. Wearing your sneakers to work puts an unnecessary strain on your shoes.


Basketball shoes can be costly. The attractiveness of the shoe is to be a significant factor when purchasing it. Shoes that are filthy and dirty are not a top preference for any person. Cleaning basketball shoes is simple and requires proper care of the shoe. It is advised to stop any use of a washer to clean your shoes. Clean the basketball shoes using the steps discussed previously and wash the shoe’s interior materials separately.

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