How to Clean Baby Bath Toys – Simple & Effective Guide to Clean Baby Toys


Although bath time can seem chaotic, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the toys. Toys for the bathroom are the best way to entertain your baby long enough to let them while bathing. However, if you’re on bath duty, you will know that children’s bath toys can be a real problem. The tub is filled with water, but the toys in the tub are not always clean. It would help if you took the time to clean out bath toys that your child uses. You can learn how to clean baby bath toys below.

Reasons to clean baby bath toys

There are many bath toys available for children, from the yellow duckies and the purple octopus. What can use these toys to help your child get in the tub? Bathroom toys can be water squirt toys, which will make your baby giggle but can also cause problems. The real problem is inside the bath toy.

The holes in your kid’s bath squirt toys may be more than one. Bath squirt toys don’t dry entirely because they have restricted air circulation. You may have seen a black or dark-coloured substance in the bathwater. It could be soap scum, sorry to say. It could be mold or bacteria if you notice any strange smells from your bathtub toys.

That can be scary to see strange-coloured water in your bathtub. But, it doesn’t mean you should panic. Here are some easy ways to keep your child safe when cleaning out bath toys or how to disinfect tubs. Before we getting start, it is essential to know that bath toys are not only for babies. Toys can also become slimy if not cleaned regularly. It is best to clean your bathtub toys regularly, as your infant might chew on them during teething. There are many options for cleaning baby bath toys. You have to decide how to clean your bath toys.

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how to clean baby bath toys

How to clean baby bath toys? 

How do you get rid of those moldy bath toys and clean them up? There are many ways to make your toys look new again. You can find the best or natural way to clean your moldy bath toys. Please continue reading to find out what gave us the best results.

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Clean baby bath toys with bleach

Are you tired of reading 101 reasons bleach is harmful to your baby’s health? You should know what can use that bleach to disinfect bath toys and keep them safe. Although you don’t want your baby to expose, the bleach method won’t cause any harm. It kills all bacteria and moulds, so it’s pretty effective.

You should not use this method to clean baby bath toys if there are obvious signs of mold. These are signs to look out for before you reach for the bleach bottle. You can look for other ways to bleach toys if you are unable to spot them.

The bleach solution

For more effective cleaning of baby bath toys, use the following steps.

  • Make sure you have enough room for all your toys.
  • For every 1 gallon (4 Liters) of water, add 3/4 cup bleach. The number and size of the toys will determine the bleach bath ratio.

To avoid any irritation caused by the fumes, make sure you open your windows and doors using bleach in the bathroom. When you prepare the solutions, put the toys in the bucket. Make sure the water gets into any holes. To allow them to soak, you may need something to hold them.

You have to use the bleach on the toys for up to an hour or even overnight. To remove any residual bleach, squeeze and rinse the toys with running water. For a thorough clean, pour some water into the holes of your toy and squeeze it out.

Although you cannot see bleach, you can smell it. Rinse the toys until there is no bleach smell left. Then rinse again. To dry them, place them on a towel or in the sun. Take your time drying bath toys. You will give your baby sparkling clean, mold- and bacteria-free bath toys.

How to clean baby bath toys with vinegar

What can use vinegar for so many purposes could also be considered the eighth wonder of all time. Vinegar is safe, effective, and natural. It is safe for use in baby bathtubs and does not contain any additives. You can disinfect toys with bleach if you prefer.

Toys can be soaked in vinegar for several hours or overnight. Before drinking toys with holes, make sure they are properly dried and drained. So that the solution can get inside the holes, it is essential to clean out all dirt and mold.

To scrub all surfaces, use a small brush after soaking. You can then rinse the toys with warm water until the vinegar is gone. Vinegar is an excellent solution to the problem of cleaning bath toys. Vinegar is safe for toddlers who are teething and mold-free.

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Other tips for cleaning baby bath toys

How to clean bath toys in washing machine

Fizz for cleaning wizards

Hydrogen peroxide (3%) is non-toxic and has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-mold properties. It is a miracle cure. It is an excellent option to clean toys for children, even hard bath toys. They will fizz in a bucket with peroxide, and they’ll come clean!


who can place toys in a bag that is meant to wash delicate clothing? Set the temperature to warm, and add your soap. The temperature is critical as the soap could cause the bath toys to melt. After the cycle is complete, inspect the toys closely. To dry the toys, you can either use a towel or let them air dry. It’s that easy!

Unusual ingredient

Even though it is against our will to wash children’s bath toys with vodka, many people swear that this works. Vodka can be used as a disinfectant. So, pour some vodka into a spray bottle and spray the surfaces with water. You can then wipe off any residue using a cloth.

The best solution

Tea tree oil, a native Australian herb, Melaleuca, is antibacterial and antifungal. You can unleash the “Mould Buster From Down Under” by adding about ten drops to four cups of water. Spray it on your grubby bath toys. The toys can be dried and wiped clean.

Washing machine

To clean bath toys, you can make use of the delicate cycle on your washer. Start cleaning by placing them in a mesh lingerie bag. We have written an article on how to disinfect baby toys. This article suggests that toys be placed in a mesh lingerie bag and then proceed to sweep. Check the toys after the cycle is completed.


Also, alcohol spirits can be used as a disinfectant. Although it may not be something you thought of, it can be an excellent option for quick cleaning. Use a mixture of vodka and water to clean the toys. Rinse and dry.


Boiling is a popular choice for baby products. We will recommend boiling toys in water for 15 to 20 minutes. The toys can also be cooked in vinegar. Rinse, then dry. It’s fast and efficient.

How to keep away baby bath toys from mold

It is better to prevent mold growth on bath toys than to have them removed. Here are some tips to prevent mold from growing on bath toys.

How to clean baby bathtub

Make sure they are sealed

Sometimes toys don’t have a sealed lid so that water can get in. Mold can grow inside toys if it can get into them. You won’t even notice it!

Seal any holes in your toys with hot glue or silicone. This will stop water from getting inside. You can also buy pre-sealed bath toys to avoid all the hassle.

Properly store bath toys

Mold growth is easy to achieve by allowing toys to remain in the water and not drying out between uses. Proper storage can make all of the difference in keeping bath toys clean and sanitary. A bath organizer is a device that allows toys to dry out and drain well from the bottom of the tub.



Preventing mold growth on toys is better than treating it. Take the toys out of the bath and dry them in the sun. These bath toy storage solutions will keep grime at bay. Problem solved! These tips and tricks will help you to clean baby bath toys. These tips can be incorporated into your daily life. Molds will not be a problem if you do them regularly. So follow those tips and keep safe your baby.

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