How to Clean A Composite Granite Sink Franke – Expert’s Simple Tips


This article’s primary goal is to provide us with information on the best way to clean a composite granite sink Franke and other topics discussed. Fragrant sinks are all made with stain-resistant material, provided they are adequately cleaned and using a suitable cleaning agent. Research has shown that staining in granite kitchen sinks are more frequent in areas with hard water because lime deposits build up on the sink’s surface, and if not correctly cleaned, stains of coffee and tea. It will find on the surface of the sink. Thus, the colours are the cause of the limescale, not the sink itself. Bleach is not recommended and is ineffective since it only enhances the stains’ appearance and not removes them.

How to clean composite granite sink franke?

Composite Granite Sink Franke is very popular in kitchen renovations and newly constructed homes. Because of its elegant and sleek appearance and long-lasting. But there are a lot of queries such as how to clean a composite granite sink Franke. Many people confuse about the proper method of taking care of and cleaning the sink. The sink makes of granite and complains that it has constant white haze that covers the surface. Before you can understand how to clean a composite granite sink Franke, properly, it is crucial to realize that a composite sink generally comprises a granite resin mix. Because natural stone is porous, it can absorb liquid that remains on it. This is the most crucial step to take to clean granite composite sinks.

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Things to do

Make sure to clean the sink at the end of each use. Although it may be a pain. Simply wiping any water off as well as drying your sink can prevent soap scum and hard water from accumulating and creating a white haze or stain. When you’re in the habit of using hard water and let it remain on your countertop, it will cause minerals stains that can be extremely difficult to get rid of. It is also essential to clean up any liquid or food item that might cause stains on the kitchen sink made of granite or acidic. For example, the wine you drink spills into the drain, make sure that the wine is thoroughly clean away.  

Acidic substances can be harmful to granite and make the granite scratch and eventually die. This is why I have the following general rule to clean the granite composite sink. Do not use any cleaner using acidic substances, such as lemon, vinegar, or orange. If these cleaners have cut on the rock’s surface, these marks look like rings of water. They aren’t stained. Instead, the damage is done to the surface. A professional can repair this damage. However, it’s more accessible to preventive measures to prevent the damage from happening.

If you make an effort to wash your granite sink made of composite every time you use it, the cleaning will be easy. All you need is a mild organic granite cleaner that balances with pH. Which will cleanse the sink and improve the condition of the stone by filling up the pores. By conditioning your granite composite sink, you are helping prevent future stains. Like all natural stones and granite sinks, the aim is to avoid harsh chemicals. It can cause etching and cushion after frequent use. When preventive steps implement, then harsh chemicals aren’t required.

How to take care of a composite granite sink Franke

Despite its durability, and even smelly, as with all other types of materials requires particular care and attention to remain in good condition and attractive for a long time. That is why it tends to shield itself from anything that might cause damage to it. Although, in theory, the sinks made of fragrance will be cleaner than those made of stainless steel, however, this isn’t always the case. Sinks with dark hues often cover in an unattractive white patina when those with lighter colours generally develop stained areas.

Limestone is the most frequent source of water damage for faucets since it can cause opacity and make them rough. In certain regions where the water is tough, and it recommends installing softeners. However, let’s get to the essential maintenance and cleaning of your fragrant sink. After every use, to ensure everyday sanitation, scrub the tub using a mix of baking soda and dishwashing liquid in an amount of 1:1. Baking soda, an organic detergent, is a significant factor in slowing down the development of stains in lower levels of your kitchen sink. The majority of manufacturers make use of a mix of 80% granite and 20 per cent bonding agent.

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How to Clean A Composite Granite Sink Franke

The next step

The exact mix of dishwashing detergent and sodium bicarbonate are highly efficient in eliminating limescale and even the most difficult to remove remnants of grease from the sink. In this instance, to make it more efficient, spray across the entire surface and scrub with an abrasive sponge. That moderately rubs with a bit of force but not overdoing it. After cleaning as described above, wash with ample hot water and dry using a microfiber cloth as the stagnant water could increase limescale stain.

At present, we see the typical regular cleaning routine. However, to keep the sink looking fresh, it needs to follow a thorough daily descaling process. A great technique spraying an anti-limescale product across the entire surface dishes and let it work for a couple of minutes. After which you rinse it off with plenty of warm water. After the cleansing, be sure to dry thoroughly using the softest microfiber cloth. If you want a sink that’s like new, mainly if it is dark remove, following the removal of layers of limestone. Clean it with a swathe of Vaseline to use for cooking as well as olive oil. If you are looking for natural solutions over chemical ones, then go for white vinegar.

However, it takes longer to take effect and therefore to keep on for not less than 4 hours before take-off. To keep it from drying out when completing the installation, put sheets of baking paper over it. Some foods may make the water stained. In this event, clean the stain as soon as possible using hot water taken from the sink and a small amount of dishwashing detergent. Alternatively, If the color causes the ink, clean it up immediately using an alcohol-soaked towel.


Let’s examine what happens when the drain block and the best way to deal with this issue. Now and then, remember to pour one glass of baking soda mixed with coarse salt and an ounce of vinegar in the drain. Please keep it in the fridge for at least 10 minutes, then pour hot but still not boiling water. You can tell that just a couple of minutes can keep your sink unchanged for a lengthy period. Be sure to avoid using too harsh cleaning products and detergents and avoid using rough sponges like metal ones.

Don’t pour muriatic acids or caustic soda similar products into your basin since it may cause irreparable harm while bleach requires, must be used in diluted form, and never pure. In the event of a need for bleach, you could use the gel variant, which is less abrasive. Do not use ammonia for cleaning the smelly sink since it will stain, and don’t place hot pans on the sink. Also, don’t place pans in the sink since they may permanently mark.

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How to clean franke stainless steel sinks

Sinks made of stainless steel from Franke construct out of AISI steel 304. This premium material creates Franke sinks appealing and impervious to stains, corrosion, rust, and stains. Inox Cream is a product specifically designed for Franke to ensure the proper treatment and care of the material. It’s easy to apply the polish to keep or bring back the shine on your kitchen sink. Pour some onto a damp towel and gently rub it on the sink surface and let it dry. Then, wash with water, then polish with an unwashed cloth.

The scratches on the stainless-steel surfaces, excluding intense and ugly ones, will not necessarily harm the appearance. As time passes, the formation of tiny scratches creates a good impression on your product. However, if you’re looking to restore a deep scratch, use a 3M Scotch-Brite cloth and the white Inox Cream using enough paste to cover your blemishes completely and then scrub the area using the fabric following the surface’s texture.

When it appears that the scratch seems to have been removed, then rinse the paste that has accumulated and then wipe the area with a clean cloth. Every rust stain you see on the surface of stainless steel originates from outside sources. Suppose you’re looking to get rid of the rust stain from your product. In that situation, we suggest using Oxalic acid-based cleaners that are strong and easy to use. Made of 80percent quartz, they are bonded with high-quality acrylic resins and then treated using our sanitized formula to create scratch, heat, and fade-resistant inks that are antibacterial and can last for decades to in the future. Another tip: don’t make use of steel screens to clean stainless steel.

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How to Clean A Composite Granite Sink Franke


We’ve read and understood what you have to do to clean a composite granite sink, Franke. If you’ve taken these little precautions, your sink will last a longer lifespan. It is also the case for those who do not apply a regular and appropriate cleaning routine to maintain the appearance on the surface of your sink.

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