How to Clean a Commercial Deep Fryer – Try Those Simple Methods


Are you thinking what the best way to clean a commercial deep fryer is? Do not be concerned because cleaning is easy and you can complete it without the help of a cleaning specialist. It’s a typical home appliance for commercial use that requires regular cleaning. A recent study conducted by NFPA indicates an average of 21% of fires in restaurants results from dirty fryers. A dirty fryer could alter the flavor of your food dramatically. Furthermore, the dirtiness can cause damage to the equipment. A dirty fryer’s coil can require more time than is normal and use up more energy. Make sure you have everything you need to clean a commercial deep fryer.

How to clean a commercial deep fryer

What’s more crucial for a commercial kitchen than a simple deep fryer? This machine allows food and restaurant service establishments to cook up delicious fries, chicken fingers, onion rings, and much more in just a few minutes. Commercial deep fryers can be essential time-savers and the key to getting that perfect degree of crispness. However, they require lots of regular maintenance when they are used regularly. If you wish for the commercial fryer you purchase to be as long-lasting as long and operate as efficiently as is possible, the proper cleaning is essential following the messy use. An unclean fryer doesn’t just affect the flavor of food but can also decrease the appliance’s lifespan. Let’s review this “boil-out” cleaning technique, which is the most efficient cleaning method. Here are some simple steps on how to clean a commercial deep fryer.

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How to clean a commercial deep fryer

Turn off the power and cool the oil

Are there only five steps to clean the commercial deep fryer? Suppose you stick to these general suggestions or go through the specific guidelines provided by the machine manufacturer in the user’s manual. In that case, the steps appear to align with the requirements. First, you have to shut off the power source for your deep fryer by shutting off the gas supply outlet or disconnecting your power supply. This allows the oil to cool inside. It is important to reduce the oil’s temperature to a minimum of 150 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Remove the oil and scrape out the interior

Once the oil has cooled enough, empty the remainder into a container for recycling or for disposal. After that, take out the baskets and holders. Make use of a cleaning rod or scraper to clear the walls, corners, edges, and bases of any residues accumulated. Make sure to scrub clean, wipe, and rinse off any dirt.

Cover soiled areas with water and cleaner

Then, fill your deep fryer tank to the line of level with clean, cool water. After that, add a suitable cleaner to your water. The cleaning solution you choose will help get rid of any heavily caked-on oil or grease.

Turn on the heater and boil water

Then, switch your deep fryer back on and bring the water back to an even boil. Let the cleaning detergent and water simmer for 10 minutes, at the minimum. Between 15 and 20 minutes is perfect for machines with a lot of oil.

Rinse thoroughly

After the boiling time is good, close the fryer and allow the water to cool completely. Remove the cleaning solution slowly, and then use a brush to scrub the heating elements and sides in the fryer. Cleanse thoroughly using hot water to eliminate any leftover residue or cleaning agents. Make sure you let the baskets, basins, and frying utensils cool before using new oil.

How to clean the coil of the deep commercial fryer

It is the principal component in the deep fryer. It creates heat to cook things. However, sometimes food particles and other liquid substances clog the coil. This is the reason why the fryer requires longer to warm the oil. For cleaning the coil, you do not need to go through another cleaning procedure. If you follow the above procedure, cleaning the coil gets clean. However, if you want to wash the coil and the inside of the fryer, separately remove the coil. Set it on a large pan and scrub it to remove any residue after boiling. After that, wash it and wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Then put it back, and it’s ready for use.

How to clean a commercial deep fryer: Tips

Apart from the boiling process and cleaning every fryer basket and surface and tools, we strongly recommend regularly conducting regular maintenance for commercial fryers. Monitor for gas leaks every month by spraying the gas conductor hoses with a soap-based cleaner and searching for bubbles. If you see bubbles, turn off the gas and call an expert to fix the equipment. Also, if you spot gas puddles in the vicinity of your fryer, repair all hoses or components where the leaks originate immediately. It is also recommended to take measures to decrease non-essential matter such as food or water in the oil.

This creates taste problems in fried food items and decreases the quality of the oil. To avoid the problem of floating particles that end up within the oil, make sure to fill the fryer far away from the pot while cooking food. Additionally, you can extend the life of cooking oils by keeping them low and covering the fryer when it is not in use at night or during busy times for service.

Benefits of using deep-fryer

A deep fryer holds significant importance in a commercial setting. The restaurant will need to cook quicker during high-volume hours. To cook lots of food in one go, a commercial deep fryer is the most important. Take a look at the additional benefits in the following paragraphs.

  • It’s a quicker method of cooking, which saves time and preserves time.
  • If it is at 300 Fahrenheit, the temperature produces Maillard and caramelization flavors.
  • If the food is cooked at the correct temperature, it forms crisp crusts by drying the liquid out of the food.
  • Foods are less greasy and maintain their shape.
  • In comparison, it helps keep the kitchen tidy and tidy, which is simple and safe to use.

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You can purchase a common and expensive deep fryer; however, commercial deep fryers are risky with no proper maintenance. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that it is operating at a higher speed. The most important thing is that the coil for the deep fryer must be cleaned every once every two weeks. There is a special cleaning kit. However, the method we’ve presented is both efficient and affordable. It is recommended to filter the oil used for cooking and clean the fryer’s exterior every day since it often gets used quickly in restaurants. We hope you understand everything about how to clean a commercial deep fryer. 

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