How to Clean a Basketball – A Complete Guide to Clean a Basketball


It is possible to work very hard and give your best every time you step onto the court for a training session or a match. However, you might throw the ball over the net, and it bounces off the backboard a million times. This means that the ball thrash all around the court. So, it is worth taking the time to acknowledge poor basketball. Do you know how to clean a basketball? Is there anyone who doesn’t love to play basketball with a new goal and ball? Imagine you’re not a member of any royal family like Queen Elizabeth II. You may not have the opportunity to use a new basketball every single day. But, you can keep your basketball clean and make it appear new. So, let’s have a brief discussion on how to clean a basketball.

How to clean a natural leather basketball 

Cleaning a basketball made of natural leather will require a slightly different approach. Natural leather basketballs are expensive, so you must treat them with care. To clean leather basketballs, you should use saddle soap or natural leather cleaner. Your basketball’s lifespan will affect by using soapy water or foam.

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Inflate your ball properly 

During cleaning, you can’t deflate or flatten your leather basketball. These can cause the creasing of the leather. If you notice that your ball is too low, take time to inflate it properly. To ensure that the leather stays in its original shape after drying, it must be stretched to the correct tension. In addition, it is essential to have a good bounce when dropping the ball. The ball should bounce at least twice the distance it drops from. For example, if you drop the ball from a distance of 3 feet (0.91m), it should bounce up 2 feet (0.61m) higher.

Use leather cleaning product 

Purchase a natural leather cleaner from your local store. This cleaner should not be confused with leather creams and softeners that can soften the leather.

Rub the leather cleaner with a clean cloth

You can’t apply the cleaner directly to the ball. Instead, you can use a small amount of your cleaner to rub the ball’s surface with a soft cloth. You can use more cleaners depending on how dirty the ball is. You can also use an old toothbrush to polish your ball.

Rinse and dry 

Rinse the basketball thoroughly with water. Then, dry the ball with a clean towel. To dry the ball, do not use a hairdryer or heating device.

Store the ball

If you keep your leather basketball in hot and humid weather, it can dry out and eventually lead to crack. So try to store it in dry surroundings, a well-ventilated place away from the sun.

How to clean a rubber basketball 

This may be something you’ve seen before. Most amateur basketball players start with rubber balls. Rubber balls such as R500 basketball, Spalding Varsity Rubber, and Cosco Tournament Basketball are great for beginners. These rubber basketballs can get stain and dirty quickly, but this is easy to clean a basketball.

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Select the area to clean a basketball

All of this cleaning must be done in an open area where the basketball can get wet. A tub or basket should be used to suit your basketball’s size. It is simple to wash a basketball using a 5-gallon bucket. The ball can fit comfortably inside the bucket. You can also use it as a washing bucket. After playing with the basketball, disinfect it quickly by putting it in a tub and spraying it with disinfectant.

Layout the cleaning area

It would help if you chose a place where topwater is easily accessible, and you can get wet. A soft scrub brush, liquid soap, a rag, and a bucket are all you need. You should make sure that your basketball fits easily in the basket.

Use an eraser to get rid of small marks 

Just as you used an eraser to erase pencil marks in college or school, so do this here. First, apply the eraser to the surface of the ball. If the eraser is not entirely removed, rub it on with a soft brush.

Use water to clean surface of the ball

Use a brush and water to scrub the entire surface. You might find more dirt or grime in certain areas than the rest of the surface. To ensure that dirt and grime are completely removed from textured surfaces, you should scrub the surface thoroughly. Then, you can rinse the area you have covered with water. It will be evident if your ball is clean.

Scrub the ball with a soap 

You will only need a few drops of liquid soap or detergent if you find stubborn dirt specks still on your ball. If your ball is foul, you can let it sit for a moment with soap and water. This will make it easier for soap and water to clean up the dirt and filth.

It’s time to clean the ball

Now, you can look at the ball and see that it is clean. You can now rinse the ball multiple times with clean water. Check that there are no soap residues on the ball’s surface. The ball’s surface may become sticky if there are soap residues. The ball will pick up dirt next time you use it, and your hard work will soon be in vain.

Dry the ball 

Use a towel or dry cloth to wipe the entire surface. Then, you can leave the ball outside or in a well-ventilated room, even if there is still some moisture.

How to clean composite material basketballs

You can use composite or synthetic basketballs on both indoor and outdoor courts, depending on the construction. However, cleaning synthetic basketballs on outdoor courts may require more effort.

To soften the stains:

  1. Wipe the basketball with a damp cloth for approximately ten minutes.
  2. Mix the warm water with a mild detergent in a large bowl.
  3. Use a towel or cloth with soft grooves to dampen the outer surface.
  4. Continue to rub the cloth until it feels smooth and non-sticky. The leather cleaner can get rid of stubborn stains.

After the ball has been thoroughly cleaned, wipe it with a clean towel and allow it to dry.

How to clean a indoor basketball

How to clean a synthetic leather basketball 

These synthetic leather NBAs can be used for outdoor play. You can be a happy owner of a synthetic leather ball like Spalding NBA Excel basketball, Wilson NCAA Wave Microfiber Composite Basketball, or BGMX basketball. Proper care will increase the ball’s resistance to rough abuse on outdoor surfaces. Combine liquid soap with warm water. Rinse the basketball with water to remove all traces of dirt. If your ball is made from synthetic leather, you can sink it into the mixture. Instead of using a toothbrush, a soft, clean cloth can be used. Mix the soap mixture with it. Make sure the ball is clean and not sticky.

Use elbow grease to remove any dirt specks from the surface of the basketball. These basketballs often play outdoors, which means they have a greater chance of getting dirty. It would help if you visited your local household care store to purchase a synthetic leather cleaner. A typical soap solution will not work.

Tips to take care of a basketball

  • Avoid using a leather basketball on outdoor courts. The hard concrete and gravel can cause damage to the outer layer.
  • Don’t leave your basketball out in direct sunlight for too long. Keep it dry and at room temperature.
  • Avoid storing a basketball near a fireplace. Heat can cause damage to the ball, and it won’t perform as well.
  • For optimal performance and bounce, ensure that the ball is inflated at the recommended pressure. Under-inflated balls will cause the ball to swell, and eventually, it will become less durable.
  • After you have finished playing, wipe the basketball with a dry, clean cloth.
How to clean a Spalding basketball

Things you must avoid to clean a basketball

It would help if you took certain precautions when cleaning your basketball.

  • Don’t soak the ball in detergent or water, regardless of its material. It will eventually decay.
  • Wash the basketball with care.
  • Do not dry the basketball with heat-emitting machines or in a dryer. Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe off any moisture and dry it in the sun.
  • You should not clean the basketball if it has been deflated. Before you start cleaning, inflate the basketball at the optimum pressure.
  • No matter how challenging the stain is, strong detergents should be avoided.

Why should you always clean your basketball

To be a better basketball player, you need to have a good grip. It won’t be easy to grip the ball if it isn’t clean enough. It is also common to feel a strong reluctance when touching the dirty ball. Your enjoyment of basketball will eventually fade. To get the best out of your basketball, you must clean it properly. This will increase its lifespan and improve performance. Dirty balls can cause many diseases. It is essential to learn how to clean your ball as a professional player properly.

It will allow you to be respectful of the game that you love most. How you clean the ball will depend on what kind of ball it is. You can choose from natural or synthetic leathers as well as rubber compounds. There are many ways to clean basketball. There are many ways to clean your basketball online. Here is the fastest and easiest way to clean the ball. Is it hard to clean a basketball? I hope you aren’t too lazy to wash your basketball.


You don’t have to do anything extreme to care for your basketball. A leather ball can be expensive. You shouldn’t use cheap cleaner to clean your leather ball. Use your common sense and follow the steps. Use common sense when cleaning any item with warm water and a cleanser. There is nothing else. Follow the advice above to get the most out of your ball. Also, make sure you keep it clean. Could you send us a message to learn more? You can always leave a comment.

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