How to Choose The Perfect Kitchen Backsplash – Expert’s Advice and Tips


The kitchen’s accessories are vital. However, the most crucial is the backsplash for the kitchen. The function of backsplashes is primarily functional, as it safeguards the walls that surround the sink from damage caused by accidental splashing. For kitchens, the backsplashes also cover various areas of the countertop that are not in the sink. If left unattended, they can cause staining on the walls and cause them to be susceptible to mildew and mold. In contrast, backsplashes can protect your wall’s seal from moisture as well as staining, so you won’t have to worry about problems that are related to mold, mildew, and even color. If you’re trying to learn how to choose the perfect kitchen backsplash, we’ll help you step-by-step.

Types of kitchen backsplash 

Before going to choose the perfect kitchen backsplash, you must know the types of kitchen backsplash. While your mind may go immediately to the tiles but there are numerous different kinds of backsplash that you can choose from that reflect both classic and contemporary kitchen designs. Some of the most beautiful backsplashes for kitchens include.

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How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

Subway tile

It is, without doubt, one of the most well-known backsplash tiles for kitchens you can find. The simple subway tile design can be a great option to calm busy kitchens. This tile is usually laid in a staggered brick-like pattern. However, some modern designs have tiles laid horizontally or diagonally. The color of the tile can be different; however, most times, you’ll see that the tiles are white, giving a pleasing minimalist look.

Stone slab

Are you not a fan at all of the tile? A large slab of granite might be the solution! If you have granite countertops, you could think about expanding the stone up once it is in contact with the wall. This can result in stone backsplashes in kitchens that match the exact layout of the countertops. It’s slightly over the top for some varieties of stone, and it all depends on the style.

Certain people opt for stone slabs with distinct veins as an accent piece in their contemporary kitchens. Mainly if the countertops and kitchen cabinets are minimalist or white. This can result in a striking look when paired against an otherwise tinier room and give a completely fresh look to your kitchen once you’re done with your kitchen remodeling.

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic Kitchen backsplashes are popular and are made using a variety of materials. Still, they’re typically made of clay, ceramic, or porcelain. These tiles are similar to field tiles. Mosaics are tiny tiles, typically two inches in size or less. Most often, they are typically 1″ by 1″ or less. This backsplash tile for kitchens tends to be quite busy. Making it a great creative choice and perfect for creating an intricate centerpiece. It is common to see mosaics in fascinating designs that will entice the viewer with an original design style.

Glass tile

It’s hard to imagine that it could make a great backsplash for your kitchen. Still, glass is entirely impervious to water, which means it’s a fantastic tile backsplash option if you have lots of moisture, steam as well as splashes around your kitchen. Also, it doesn’t shatter or crack easily, so don’t worry. Glass tile is available in various colors. The natural transparency creates a stunning shine that is unlike any other. In most cases, the glass will be scratch-resistant and reinforced. But, since glass is transparent, it is possible to see any poor grouting beneath it, and a professional installation is essential. Nobody wants to look at their glass tile only to be able to see adhesive or grout looking back at them!

Stainless steel

While the stainless-steel kitchen backsplashes of today are often associated with restaurants kitchens, This unique type of backsplash for kitchens is becoming more popular in kitchens of homes across the nation. They are commonly used in professional kitchens due to good reason! The stainless steel tile is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Still, you can also purchase vast sheets of steel decorated with intricate designs as well. While it’s not the most elegant kitchen backsplash on the planet, stainless steel is extremely sturdy and simple to clean. It’s also great for hot pans and pots.

Peel & stick tiles

If the walls in your kitchen are made of adhesive, you may think about a “peel and stick” tile style to create your own kitchen backsplash. It is inexpensive and straightforward to install yourself, Peel. Stick backsplashes for kitchens are ideal for DIY projects that can save you money when you remodel your kitchen. Tiles that peel and stick allow you to change your backsplash in a matter of minutes anytime you’re bored with the style or color.

How to choose the perfect kitchen backsplash

  • It is possible to believe that the best possibility for an ideal kitchen backsplash is the best option. However, this isn’t the situation. There are many different styles, patterns, and colors that you can choose from. I am a fan of subway tiles for kitchen backsplashes. There are also hexagonal tiles and penny tiles and tiles with a square format that is affordable.
  • If you are planning to renovate the countertops in the kitchen with backsplashes that match. In this case, it is best not to blow your budget for the costly backsplash tiles since there are certain areas in which you must invest to get the best price and other areas where you can cut costs.
  • The selection of the tile you want to use that you want to use for your backsplash in the kitchen is the very first step in the entire procedure. After selecting that tile, you need to put together a grout joint, the size you can nail the layout down, as well as the color of the grout.
  • Alter the layout to fit your needs and include a border around the mix that matches the color of the identical tile.
  • You can also pick the color of grout based on your preference, with more pronounced and striking hues.

Yes! The design of your kitchen backsplash is a vital aspect that you must think about and plan for at an early phase. One of the crucial aspects to think about is the dimension of the tile being used for your kitchen’s backsplash in that the smaller scale has a classic look. In contrast, the larger size is modern in appearance.

It is best to add a percentage of the square feet of the tile to cut the tile up to 15 percent. It is best to think about the practical considerations when selecting a backsplash for your kitchen. Although different materials come with distinct aesthetics, costs, and styles, you must choose to follow your requirements.

How to choose the perfect kitchen backsplash material

Each kitchen’s design is unique to the home owner’s style. However, there are plenty of design guidelines you can use to prevent your kitchen from becoming too crowded, formal, or just unappealing. Suppose you’re considering selling your house shortly and are planning an overhaul of your kitchen. In that case, it is also essential to choose the perfect kitchen backsplash material to not look outdated in the shortest time.


The “standard” size for kitchen backsplashes is 4 inches. For many that aren’t, it’s way too low, and the walls remain damaged and sprayed with splashes. Many homeowners raise the backsplash to match the height of the cabinets in their kitchens and leave no wall exposed over the countertops. It’s a great idea! Specific kitchen designs allow the backsplash to go up onto the ceiling (a “full-height” backsplash) to make the overall design look smoother. If you’re likely to make lots of dirt around your kitchen area, you should opt for a more slender kitchen backsplash. If clutter isn’t a significant issue for you, the 4-inch standard size could be just big enough.


Your counters and backsplash are in the middle, which is why you must ensure that they match and are in sync with each other. If your countertop and backsplash aren’t in harmony, it’s likely to create a mess in the layout of your kitchen. There’s no need for a clash. Choose the color of your backsplash that matches the countertop. It could create contrast or be part of the same color. The principle is to not have a “busy” countertop that has a “busy” backsplash. If you’d like any of the above features to become the focal point of your kitchen, then you must pick one of them instead of the other.


If you’re considering ceramic tiles for your kitchen backsplash, You’ll spend about 8 to 20 dollars for a square foot on average. Suppose you decide to start exploring stainless steel, glass, and other expensive materials. In that case, the price is likely to increase and upwards. We’re not all made from money. You might want to consider a low-cost peel-and-stick backsplash with a “fake” tile that can take off and replace at any time you wish. However, should you want to invest a lot of money, you can opt for one option for backsplash is an opulent durable, scratch-resistant glass style backsplash that provides the space with an elegant look while also shielding walls from water.

Focal points

The importance of having a focal point in an area is one of the fundamental principles for interior designs. Center a majority of kitchen designs around the focal point that draws your eye from the moment you enter the room. You must decide if you’d like the backsplash to be the center of attention or not. A backsplash can be a unique focal point, mainly if the room is minimal. For instance, a mosaic tile design or brightly-colored subway tiles can provide the punch of color and energy your kitchen demands. Mosaic tiles are perfect to create an artistic accent piece.

Practical aspects

While different materials offer distinct aesthetics and prices to consider, you also must consider your kitchen needs. What are you cooking? What kinds of meals do you cook? Do you produce lots of water and splashes as well as mess when cooking? Do you cook on the stove more often than in the oven? These are crucial questions to consider. For instance, if you’re prone to making a mess while cooking, or are using hot pans that spew grease and oil all over the place, then you’ll need a high kitchen backsplash that is made of something durable like stone, ceramic, as well as stainless steel.


It is clear from these facts and figures that no matter if you’re using glass tile backsplashes, either a subway or a stone backsplash, you must choose the one that complements the aesthetics and style of the kitchen all ways. It is true that kitchen backsplashes need to be attractive, practical, and protect your kitchen walls from being damaged by moisture and water, and is simple to clean. We hope you’ve learned how to choose the perfect kitchen backsplash.

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