How to Catch Striped Bass Form Shore – 6 Useful Pro Tips to Catch Bass


There is a term called Striped Bass fishing, a worldwide phenomenon. Many people see it as an adventure and have included it on their bucket lists. Are you fit in this category? You don’t know how to catch striped bass from shore. No worries. This article will give you an A to Z method of the fishing Striped Bass. Since we’ve designed this guide for beginners, it focuses on every aspect. Once you have gone through this, you’ll be a person in your circle of friends and family who can do the job as an expert. Therefore, prepare to be the one to shock everyone.

What is striped bass catching?

Striped bass is mostly the fish that constantly migrate between freshwater and saltwater. They are the native fish from the Atlantic Coast in North America. Since they frequently move between different areas, you must follow specific methods to capture them. Many fishermen claim many fishing methods, including trolling offshore, from shore, night fishing and fly fishing. Shore fishing is highly well-known and straightforward to the master of all the fishing methods.

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How to catch striped bass from shore

Select the proper equipment to catch striped bass from shore.

Fisher-finder: The place of Striped Bass is totally in flux. Their location is determined by the weather conditions and the depths of the water. You’ll require a fishing device to have easy access to their sites. It is possible to use a boat with fish-finders or manage a trustworthy individual fish-finder.

Right bait: You must create an effective trap by selecting the correct bait. It is possible to use live or artificial tricks at any local tackle store. Make sure that the appeal is well-known in the area. Otherwise, Striped Bass will not be caught in the trap. We’d like to encourage you to speak with local bait shops or fishermen. Another alternative is to use a lure. It’s also similar to its forage.

Tackle and Rod: The performance of a fishing rod and saddle mostly depends on the kind of rod you’re using. Rods that are highly efficient with quick action as well as more flex. Fast action provides excellent performance. However, reasonable measures offer space to the angler, reducing the performance of a rod for fishing. Thus, selecting the appropriate rod is based on its quality, flexibility, size, and weight.

Finding the right location

The first step is to select the appropriate area for the year’s best moment. If you are aware of these points, you’ll be able to make the fishing from the shore more thrilling. The majority of Striped Bass takes place near the banks between April and May. Therefore, all you have to do is observe the area and indicate the most desirable location.

Choosing the right time

If you’re absolutely determined to catch fishing from shore, then the night is the best time. In most cases, stripers are seen on the shoreline in darkness, while the water stays relatively calm and shallow. They are most likely fishing for fish in the evening. This is why it’s the ideal moment to make fishing more thrilling and memorable.

Using live eels

This is an excellent method of fishing in deep waters. If you can find the highest levels of water near the bank, you can use the eels. Fish of any size are easily captured with the help of live eels.

Hooking the eels

Hooks can be hooked in two methods. The first is to connect through the mouth and then into the eyes. Another approach is to place the hook into the mouth. It is advised to use themes with rounded edges to avoid stomachs. Check that the hooking isn’t too sufficient to cause harm to the eel. Your goal is to keep the eel healthy for longer, as bass can be more evident in the live eel than in dead ones.

Casting out eel

Perform easy movements when casting your first eel. Let the eel swim towards the very bottom pool. Then begin to reel slowly. Make sure to do it quickly, depending on the flow of the wind. If you notice that the tide and current are complex, it’s best to add more weight. It is possible to use any rock to do it.

Reeling in

When you are sure that the bass has been sucked within the rod, bend it to ensure it stays parallel to the bottom of the lake. Then, you can go through two methods. It is possible to bring the rod into action or allow the fish to run for a couple of seconds. It is contingent on the strength of your rod. If it’s strong enough to withstand the force of the sudden surge, you can go through a straightforward procedure. If, however, the rod isn’t durable enough, you should take time to deal with the circumstances.

Fundamental striped bass lures

Surfcasting is a well-known method of striper fishing that is fast-paced. While you can increase your effectiveness and concentrate on active fishing fish, the technique of casting and retrieving lures to catch striper bass is a step up. We strongly suggest fishing with natural baits during your initial few trips. You can move to appeals after you’ve got some stripers under your belt. As you begin to cast for stripers, concentrate on the basics like topwater and jigs.

The jig

The most versatile lure you can use to catch striped bass is probably the grub and jig, possibly the most effective lure ever. Jigs are effective in almost any place within the column of water. Our preferred method for stripers is one 1 1/2 Oz rod with 4” of curly tail white grub. Cast upwards and let the lure sink until it reaches the bottom while you bounce it off the bottom. It’s a lot more challenging to do than it sounds. However, when the jig has sunk down-current before you, bring it back in and repeat it repeatedly. Once you’ve successfully fished the bottom a few times, begin covering your entire water column. Then, cast it and reel it towards you with a sudden pause. Sometimes, fishing more quickly and higher up within the water column is enough to spot the fish and lure them into taking a bite.


Topwater baits are among the most thrilling lures you can utilize for fishing. They’re excellent for mimicking wounded bait fish and attracting fish to strike during the warm months when stripe bass is on the hunt for fish schools. Topwater baits are a popular lure. The most popular types of topwater feature an angular motion on the surface, which is known as “walking-the-dog”. Our top choice for stripe bass is a topwater popper sporting an action that resembles walking the dog in red and white. Remember, you can catch baitfish that don’t require to be present for an effective topwater bait to do its magic. The unpredictable movement of this lure on the surface is enough to draw stripers even if they’re not actively feeding. This is why topwater baits are ideal for utilizing and trying different places to catch fish.

How to catch striped bass from shore: Tips

  • Find out the shorelines by making use of rocks.
  • If you manage to locate your desired spot, be at a distance.
  • The shallow water areas close to the rivers’ mouths are the ideal spots for larger fish to be caught in February.
  • Pay attention to the tides’ cycle as that is when the warm water emerges and sweeps across.
  • Concentrate on five to six feet or more deep flats instead of two to three feet.
  • If you can see ripples in the water, you should move slowly.
  • Since bass is fond of worms’ blood, it’s best to fish using bait instead of a lure.
  • Plastic swimbaits could be an excellent alternative if you’re not looking to use tricks. They are readily available from tackle shops.
  • On days with sunshine, the water is warmer, which means it’s also an excellent time to fish.
  • During the time of migration, when there is a large number of hungry bass are rummaging about looking for food. It is wise to pick the best time to catch fish from the shore.


All of the above tips apply to fishing on both the bank and boat. However, they are most impressive from shore. The most effective spots for fishing on the beach are usually the places you pass by every day. Try to watch for a few days, and you’ll be able to discover the best spot. To summarize, We hope that the guidelines given are sufficient to teach you the techniques to catch striped bass from shore.

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