How to Carry an Extra Helmet on a Motorcycle: Follow 9 Pro Level Tips


Helmets are essential protection for riders as well as passengers. It shields their bodies from injury when they are involved in an accident. In some instances, the riders need to collect passengers who could be a close friends and then the rider is required to carry the helmet. My friend and I traveled on my motorcycle when we were students at the university. He didn’t carry his helmet. To ensure that we are safe while riding, I always carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle when riding a motorcycle. One of my acquaintances recently went to collect his girlfriend on a motorbike at first. He did not know how to wear the helmet of a passenger on an automobile.

He was aware of my experiences of safely storing an extra helmet. After I contacted him, I explained to him some of the methods I used during my university time. I’ve decided to provide the easiest methods on how to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle. Go through the whole article to discover the most solution.

How to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle

Bike riding is now the riskiest activity nowadays. The majority of accidents that occur on the road are due to the negligence of cyclists. While it’s a dangerous activity, many people do not wear the proper helmet to protect their head (the most sensitive area of your entire body). I am a fan of bikes. Who has been on my bicycle since the year 2010 and always wears a helmet before stepping onto my bike. After reading this post, you’ll be able to discern the various methods on how to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle when riding a motorbike.

Attach it to the backrest

If your Motorbike features a backrest, you can have an additional helmet. The backrest can be used to secure your helmet. Use a strap made of rubber to anchor it to the back. It is possible how stable your helmet is reduced because it is moving in a lateral direction while you ride your bicycle. It is therefore essential to make use of a bungee cable and secure it onto the backrest posts to allow it to be solid. This way, you can be able to carry a spare helmet.

Use a cargo net

Cargo nets are among the most convenient methods by that motorcyclists can carry their helmets as passengers. Cargo nets are elastic nets of rectangular or square shapes with hooks attached to the edges. It can hold various objects without causing any motion to avoid injury. Make sure the helmet is properly mounted on the pillion, and then extend the cargo net to cover the helmet. The cargo net is equipped with various hooks you can use to attach to your bike. Make sure the helmet is positioned uniformly to minimize the risk of moving.

I suggest that you select the right size cargo net if you intend to use this method. This way, your helmet will stay securely attached to your bike. Hooks for cargo nets can scratch or harm the paint on your motorcycle. It would help if you modified the cargo net to avoid this issue.

Hang it in the passenger’s seat

A majority of motorbikes have hooks located on the passenger’s seat. Likely, you didn’t realize the significance of this hook, which is why you cannot carry an additional helmet. There are many ways that the hook could be utilized, but the most effective is to use it for carrying an additional helmet. All you have to do is hook the D-ring from your helmet onto the hook to get resting on the side, and then you can secure the seat. If the helmet is hanging, it could scratch the bike. This is why you need to put the helmet on a piece of cloth. If you’re traveling solo, it is the ideal alternative.

Use an adjustable helmet strap

An adjustable strap for helmets is an additional option to carry the spare helmet when riding. It’s a lot like the cargo net. However, there are just two hooks. Hooks on both sides permit the four elastic straps to be secured to each other. The hooks can be anchored by attaching them to your motorcycle’s grab rails or the rear footpegs. Set the rider’s helmet in the back seat and then secure the elastic strap around it. Four straps can position them in a way that will prevent the helmet from sliding quickly.

Strap to grab bar

It is also possible to utilize a strap to secure the helmet to your bike if it includes grabbing bars or handholds on the rear bars. The most important thing to remember is to ensure that you tighten the helmet to stop it from hanging off while the bike is moving. In addition, if your helmet isn’t secured properly and rests against the Motorbike body, you’re at risk of scratching the bike’s paint with it, which could cost you money to repair the issue. So, make sure that your helmet is secured to a particular spot so as not to hang off or touch the exhaust pipe or body.

Take it off your arm

Here’s the method to carry a driver’s helmet with you on your arm. I wouldn’t suggest this method, but if you don’t have room for a helmet that can be used as a passenger on your motorcycle, it is possible to apply this method. Attach the chin strap of an extra helmet onto your arm, then place the helmet in. This is the final step. Now go out riding. This is an extremely obscure method; however, it is beneficial for short-distance rides. A helmet that is not secured to your arm could cause you to be unable to steer your motorcycle. If your motorcycle comes with the ability to attach the helmet of a passenger, do not apply this method.


If you own a great saddlebag, there’s no reason not to have an additional helmet as it is one of the most convenient alternatives you can choose from. The bags are available in many designs, such as leather saddlebags, canvas and hard panniers. The most important thing to do is make sure it is spacious enough.

Try the motorcycle helmet carrier strap

This is a different method of carrying a helmet without scratching its paint. Make use of a helmet-carrier strap ( caddy strap) with two D-rings. Remove the rear seat from your bike. Then, could you put on the strap that holds it? Then, place your back bike on the belt’s top. Place the helmet on the back seat, and then tighten it with the D-rings on the strap that holds the strap for your chin.

Helmet carrier strap

This is a strap made of nylon that has two D-rings. It is laid across the bike after removing the seat in the rear. You can then put the helmet onto the seat and secure it with the two D-rings. The strap is like a cargo net, but the main distinction is that it comes with two hooks. The strap is secured using hooks, and use its four straps to secure the helmet to fit your preference.


The idea of carrying an additional helmet on the road is a popular topic. Many people want to know simple ways to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle. Below are some of the most effective methods to take. There isn’t a shortcut to life, and you must use a sensible approach. A helmet is crucial for your safety. You shouldn’t take it lightly. Most people at the steering wheel wear helmets; however, those who sit at the back of the car do not take them seriously and wear them regularly. Observing everyday road accidents is vital to keep an additional helmet to protect the person in the back of the car and protect yourself and your rider from any unpleasant incident.

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