How to Care for Bougainvillea in Winter – Caring Tips from Experts


It is known for its heart-shaped foliage, bright color, and thick, thorny branching. This tree species is an extremely popular plant for gardens across the globe. It is generally considered an evergreen ornamental shrub or tree, the bougainvillea species that thrives all year long in proper conditions. The beautiful papery leaves of these species are referred to as bracts, whereas their actual flowers are tiny and white. These beautiful plants are very durable and, with the right care, will be just as lovely in the winter months as they are during the summer months. The peak bloom time is from April through December, and they are most prolific in Autumn and Spring. However, is it possible to care for bougainvillea in winter? Let’s examine the possibilities.

How to care for bougainvillea in winter

While the bougainvillea likes temperatures exceeding 60 degrees F (16 degrees Celsius), you can plant them in heat-retaining places. If they’re in pots, move to warmer areas. Additionally, limiting their food and water consumption and trimming to ensure that your plants are healthy in winter.  

The best garden locations where you can plant bougainvillea

Bougainvilleas like heat and the perfect environment for their growth is the garden that gets all-day sunshine. They thrive in areas with well-drained, sandy soil. They can be a challenge in places where water can overflow. It will also permit them to grow and spread pleasingly, particularly if you’re growing on the wall. As the winter months approach, be sure to only excessively water your bougainvilleEnsure the garden Corden isn’t excessively moist or wet because this could cause root mold.

If you reside in an area susceptible to damaging and strong winds, secure your plants to structures like walls and Trellises, reducing the possibility of excessive breaking. Placed your bougainvilleas properly for support or create a temporary arrangement to make them secure. For younger and smaller plants or groundcover, bougainvilleas can use cloth or old sheets tucked in the soil to shield them from the harsh winds.

The bougainvillea is so protective from frost

There is no need to worry if your yard is located in an area that is very prone to snowfall. Tolerating light frosts will not cause too much damage to Bougainville. Freezing temperatures. Reading more about ideal temperatures for bougainvilleas, it is possible to better know this aspect. To shield them from cold, covering the roots of your bougainvillea with a layer of manure or compost can help prevent the plant from dying. Reduce their water intake and slowly increase it only when warmer weather arrives. Pruning dead and dying leaves can also help the plan to conserve energy and moisture. In this way, the bougainvillea has given the best likelihood of recovering after exposure to frost. Don’t over-feed or fertilize them in the winter months since it could cause an imbalance in salt and soil nutrients that can cause the root structure to suffer. They cannot grow rapidly in winter and don’t require the additional stimulation of feeding.

Preparing potted bougainvillea for winter use

Potted bougainvilleas need an area where temperatures drop below 27 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 degrees Celsius). Some might prefer to plant their bougainvilleas within their gardens and even containerize their plants in winter; however, cutting down your plants could create stress for them. If you live in an area that gets regular snowfall, you can plant it in a container. If you need help moving your bougainvillea, you better learn about it to ensure you understand exactly what you’re doing.

Be sure to select the right container or pot for your bougainvillea, which is a little larger than the size of its root structure. Potted plants gain access to high-quality, moisture-retaining soil. Cut back bigger and more troublesome plants to give them space to develop. Please put them in an area that is cool but not frozen. Place and ensure they have direct sunlight. Be careful not to over-water when they enter a slow-growing and dormant phase. Make sure to check the soil frequently and increase the water you give them only as the temperature increases.


Bougainvilleas are as sturdy as they are bright and can do quite well in colder climates. If properly maintained, the plants will revive with renewed energy. Now you can say you learn how to care for bougainvillea in winter.

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