How to Build the Perfect MMA Gym at Home | A Fully Detailed Guide


You’ve decided to build the perfect MMA gym at home but aren’t sure where to begin, so you’ve come to the right spot. No matter if you’re not able to go to the local MMA club or there’s no one close enough to your home, You shouldn’t let any obstacle interfere with your fitness. Building the perfect MMA gym at home is an excellent idea. Regardless of what time of day it is, you will be able to get an excellent MMA exercise at home on your own. I can remember the first time I thought of putting the heavy bag within my garage. It was a lot of fun. However, it was also a bit daunting but also exciting!

In this guide, we’ll help you to build the perfect MMA gym at home, which products are best for the MMA workout, and how you can create an area for you to exercise even in the smallest of spaces. This is among the most crucial aspects of creating an MMA gym at home. Whether you are a single parent or have a spouse and children at home, there are certain places you can and cannot construct your gym. We’ll offer some suggestions in this article that you’ve not thought of.

How to build the perfect MMA gym at home 

How to Build the Perfect MMA Gym at Home

The garage

I can remember the first time I began to train in Muay Thai, and my brother and I purchased mats to kickbox and set them up in the garage. Garages are the ideal location for any kind of training, no matter it’s the sport of kickboxing or Jiu-Jitsu. You’ll surely have a great workout due to the ample space. Most garages in homes (that can accommodate two or three cars) can be used to put up mats for the floor or even a big bag. If you require parking your vehicle in the garage, this could be an ideal place to build your own home gym.

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The extra room

If you’re lucky enough to have an extra space that is not utilized for any other purpose and you want to use it for something, then make use of it as your home fitness center. When I was in my senior year at college, my roommate was ill and dropped out. It was a blessing for me because it meant that his room was suitable for my boxing gym in my home. I was able to put up some mats for boxing and an at-home heavy bag boxing station. The extra space is fantastic for transforming it into a home gym. There are a variety of strong bags that don’t need changing on the roof.

The porch or patio

The back patio or patio concept is fantastic as it is usually an open-air idea. It is great to have this kind of fitness center (especially in warmer climates) as it’s not uncommon to be hot when training inside. Many professional MMA fighters believe that practicing in the real world can benefit your overall fitness and experience. The idea of building your own fitness center in your home, on your patio or patio, is a fantastic alternative if all the above do not work out.

The living room

This is the final room in my house that I’d ever suggest. It’s almost certain you’ll be by yourself for this to be effective. It’s never easy to find an area within the house to set up your fitness center at home. If nothing else will work in your personal situation, then the living room will always be available.

After I graduated from college, my first home was a blessing to have my own place to live in. This allowed me to use “Bob”, a punching bag for humans available to me. Read more to learn how to hang a punching bag. I was able to hang out with Bob more often than my girlfriend. I could train with Bob at least once an evening after work because Bob was standing in the living room, waiting for me to return home.

What training equipment do you need

The pre-workout equipment you’ll need

We have decided to add a few products for pre-workouts that we consider extremely useful before exercising. These products are ideal for your home gym. It’s not a good idea to start hitting the heavy bag of weights or rolling along with a friend immediately. I make sure that my body is ready for whatever is the type of workout I’m planning to go through. These items below will help ensure you’re fully preparing to tackle any MMA training at your home gym.

Exercise mat

While we’ll be including kickboxing mats in the future of this article, An exercise mat is an excellent alternative even if you’re not buying mats for your floor. A mat for exercise can use for a variety of different purposes, base on its dimensions. It can use for stretching, and if large enough, you could utilize it to stand up for training.

This is an excellent exercise mat that can be used to stretch pre or after exercise. It is also ideal for yoga or other exercises outside of the gym at your home. We suggest this mat for those who don’t need floor mats for kickboxing or tiles.

This mat for exercise is the perfect mat as an MMA fitness center at home. This mat for exercise is 72” long x 72 inches broad (6’x6′) x 7mm thick. It comes with a storage box and straps for storage. It is ideal for plyometric, aerobic, MMA, & aerobic exercises. This kind of mat is an excellent mat for kickboxing that you can use in your home gym. This mat is a great exercise mat that allows the user to stand up for training and shadow box.

Foam roller

We had to incorporate the Foam Roller somewhere in this article. For the pre or post-workout, the foam roller is essential for all at-home MMA gyms. It can be great for stretching every muscle type in your back or leg (which is the place where a significant part of MMA-type injuries occur). One of the most recent developments in foam rollers is the introduction of vibration. Vibrating foam rollers have exploded in popularity after Tom Brady wrote a book discussing how beneficial they had been to his. I recommend the NextRoller because it’s as effective as higher-end models yet don’t make a dent in your budget.

The vibrating foam roller comes with a warranty as well as for instructions on their site. The NextRoller’s high density makes it ideal for any kind of physical therapy at home. It’s a fantastic supplement to your fitness center at home. I own this roller, and it’s a great fit for anyone involved in kickboxing or different martial arts. It’s definitely worth the cost and purchasing a vibrational foam roller.

Floor mats

When I was first starting my own home gym, the kickboxing mats were on my list. Mats for the floor for MMA, which allow you to train without fearing injury to your body’s structure, are vital. Take this seriously before you begin your training in the gym of your choice at home. Your safety and health is your top goal.

Great ideal for martial art, light home gyms, P90x, yoga, insanity aerobics, cardio, and yoga. The BalanceFrom tiles are a fantastic and inexpensive option to cover anywhere between 24 and 216 square feet area in the garage of your office. The mat for kickboxing is ideal for standing up training. You could also make use of it for light jiu-Jitsu or wrestling. These are the mats that I use in my gym at home. I love the design and color. These mats are extremely easy to set up or remove.

This mat is perfect for any kind of gym. With such a beautiful layout, it could be the focal point of your MMA fitness center at your home. We also included the smaller mat model in the previous article (which was more than the exercise mat). However, this XL model can be used for any type of MMA. It is the ideal mat for kickboxing and is it’s a fantastic mat for wrestling as well. If you’re planning on doing Jiu-Jitsu with a friend in your home gym, This is the best mat for BJJ to use.

Heavy bags

What kind of home gym would it be without a boxing or kickboxing bag for training? One of my first bags was a 50-pound Everlast bag that I picked up on Craigslist. It was not the greatest bag. However, I managed to get the best that I could with it. I’ve grown since then and used a variety of kinds of heavy bags throughout my life. I’ll include the heavier bags I’ve previously owned on this page and include those that are most beneficial.

The Century Wavemaster training bag has been the mainstay of MMA gyms globally over the past few years. I don’t have a Wavemaster. However, I’ve used one at my local gym. They are excellent for kick training and offer the feel of a real-life movement. The bag actually is moving (it is named”the Wavemaster in the end)! I would recommend this bag for training if you aren’t able to hang it. It is also a fantastic bag since it’s easily put together and can be moved.

Submission dummy

No one claimed that Bob should be the only person you trust. A grappling dummy is an ideal friend for Bob. The submission dummy is great for those who want to learn your Jiu-Jitsu by grappling or wrestling. While it isn’t movable but it’s still a great method of training that I personally have loved. I would recommend using the submission dummy to practice only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu submissions and ground and pounds.


After reading this article, I hope you’re attracted to build the perfect MMA gym at home. I’m sure you’re feeling mixed with excitement and fear and hoping that everything will go smoothly. However, having an MMA gym in your home could be quite costly If you’re not sure what you’re looking for. I hope this article has provided you with the information and the confidence to build the perfect MMA gym at home! Feel free to leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions that you might have while building your MMA fitness at home.

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