How to Build a Disc Golf Basket | DIY Step by Step Guide for Newcomers


Playing disc golf is all about getting the disc into the basket and scoring as you wish. You must practice regularly and spend time on the course to improve your skills. You can also practice at your home by learning how to build a disc-golf basket. This will help you improve your form as well as overall skills. How do you make your own disc-golf basket? How do you make a Do-It-Yourself disc-golf basket in your own home? This article will answer these questions as well as other questions about building a disc-golf basket. This article will provide information that will equip disc golfers with the knowledge necessary to correctly build a disc golf basket.

Dimensions of a Disc Golf Basket


What length are the chains for a disc-golf basket? The minimum size of a disc golf basket’s chain is 9 inches, according to the PDGA. However, if you make a DIY version, you have the option to have longer chains. 12 pieces are the minimum. However, I have seen disc golf baskets with as many as 24 chains. Although the governing body does not have a standard for size or thickness, you can make your own decision. Remember that the quality and performance of the chain can have an impact on your gameplay experience.


According to the PDGA, a disc-golf basket must be at least 52 inches above ground level and 25.7 inches from the floor to the basket’s lower basket. Tournament rules can change depending on the organizers’ preference. If necessary, the tournament director may add obstacles to the course.


The rim of a basic disc-golf basket must measure 21/3 inches in width. The chain should not extend below 22 inches. The basket’s lower side should measure 25.7 inches in width and be 6.7 inches high. A basic disc golf basket will not have 18 chains. The standard disc golf basket has a similar dimension and measurement to the basic, but it contains more than 18 chains. The foundation of this disc golf basket is also made from durable materials. The champion-level basket is approved by the PDGA and used by top-tier tournaments. They are similar in size and dimensions to the inferior types, but they use superior-quality materials.


The width of the upper basket is 21.3 inches, and that of the lower basket should be 25.7 inches. There are many sizes and varieties available for width, especially for DIY types.


Although the PDGA doesn’t have a weight standard for disc golf baskets, they recommend that the basket weigh between 18 and 25 kilos. This is done to ensure the foundation is solid when it is installed on the course.

How to build a disc golf basket

You can build a disc golf basket in many different ways. You can use heavy-duty galvanized steel metal objects to make some really creative ideas. Some ideas are simple, like a box-made disc golf basket. You will be able to use it in any type of disc golf basket you choose. Let’s look at some DIY disc golf basket designs and how to make your own. Read our beginner guide on how to throw disc golf.

Tools you’ll need: Bold cutters, Flat-head screwdriver, Pliers, Razor knife, Drill, Sandpaper, Steel posts, Chain coil, Plywood, Hose clamps, Nylon locking nuts, Rubber air hoses, Flange extension rings, PVC coupling, T-nuts, Drywall screws, Chain coil.

Center post cutting and assembly 

Your preference will determine the exact dimensions of the center post. The height of the center posts can be determined by following the instructions I have given earlier in the article. Once you have your standard measurement, measure the length of the round, flat, and fence posts.

Basket legs assembly & bending 

Cut the conduit into four pieces for the legs of the disc golf basket. When you install the metal conduit, insert the 4 pieces into the bottom portion of the fence post. Because they can rotate and adjust quickly in uneven disc golf courses, they won’t be welded.

Weld the baskets 

Attach two baskets to each end of the goal. The primary materials for each of the baskets will be the flat and round steel bars. Bent the flat steel bar into an “S,” which will serve as the foundation for the structure of the top and lower baskets. Flat steel bars will be used as the halo rings and will be welded to bent 1/4 inch steel rods. The MapPro Torch will heat the rods in certain areas to soften them, and then they can be bent as per plan. The center post will have one side of the “S” steel rod installed, and the other side will be welded using the halo rings.

Attach the chains 

Decide the length of your chain. However, depending on what you prefer, an angle grinder, hacksaw, or Dremel tool can be used to cut it. The chain’s primary function is to prevent disc golf discs from hitting the goal and dropping them into the lower basket. Attach the snap links to the chains by drilling many holes in the halo rings of the upper basket. The other side of the chain is attach at the middle of the post with a 5-inch hose clamp. This was done to make it look like the one on the market. It should catch the disc easily, much like a commercial basket does when it catches the disc.

Add the net to the lower basket

You will all notice that I didn’t make a complete basket in the lower basket. This means that I have to place a net below the disc to catch it and prevent it from hitting the ground. You can also weld and make a metal grate, but this will take more time. The simple way to accomplish the task is to use a small cargo net. It is much easier to use the small cargo net than additional metal rods. Insert the middle of the cargo net into the center post. Adjust it until you find the lower basket. You can trim excess yields and attach zip ties underneath the basket to keep them in place.

Check it out from the outside

The next step is to inspect the product from the outside after you assemble it. It is important to note any factors that could affect your throws. These include the stability and ability of the basket to catch the disc. You can then make adjustments if you find areas that need improvement. Always remove your legs and adjust their angle to provide a solid foundation if you feel they aren’t providing enough support. You can always change the basket and weld more if it feels a bit fragile. My personal experience is that the DIY disc-golf basket is strong enough to hold the disc and doesn’t move around much. The best thing about the basket is the flexibility of the legs to adjust to the terrain. It is easy to adapt and get the stability you want.

How to make a Lawnchair golf basket 

Do you find it difficult to build a professional disc-golf basket? It doesn’t have to complicate. Build your own disc golf basket from almost any item, even lawn chairs. Install a steel post into the ground to make your disc golf basket. If you need a portable disc-golf basket, an umbrella base is also possible. Attach the lawn chair to your pole. You can also lean the lawn chair against a fence to increase stability.

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How to make box golf basket 

This disc golf basket is very basic. Although it’s not a professional-grade disc golf basket design, that you can use. This is more of a target game for disc golf. You simply need to place a shovel into the ground and then place an Amazon box (or any other box) on top. Then, throw a frisbee at it.


A disc golfer should know how to build a disc golf basket. Making your own basket is the best because you can control the dimensions and measurements of all the major parts. Practice disc golf in the backyard and throws at home. You will improve your skills and record by practicing regularly.

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