How to Build a Dart Board Backboard | A Concluded Handy Guide For All


A backboard is essential for anyone who travels or plays darts regularly. While a well-designed backboard looks excellent, it serves a larger purpose. A quality dartboard backboard will protect your wall or surface and help preserve your darts. Although darts equipment is expensive, there’s no need to panic. We’ll give you the details on how to build a dart board backboard. Once you have read the instructions, you will see that there is nothing to be concerned about. This article will help you feel like a skilled craftsman, even if you aren’t a handyman.

What is dart board backboard? 

The backboard of the dartboard means a separate board that uses to protect the wall behind the darts so that you throw on the board while playing dartboard from the thrown darts. You may not be good at dartboard play or are just starting to learn how to throw darts. The darts will not land in the correct place, and the darts will stick to the wall instead of the board. You could also cause damage to the walls or ruin your darts. You don’t want that while playing dart there is no damage in your wall.

The only way to prevent this loss is to use a backboard behind your dartboard. Many people who use a dartboard as a backboard buy one. Others don’t believe it because it is too expensive. Some people spend a lot to purchase dartboards of well-known brands. If you are looking to save some money, you can also make your own.

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How to Build a Dart Board Backboard

Things you have to know before building a dart board backboard

You shouldn’t expect too much from. This is your first venture into a project such as this. There will be mistakes, but you shouldn’t let them discourage you. The process of creating the backboard is straightforward enough, and the result should be pleasing! Second, don’t spend too much. Because you are designing your backboard, it is important to keep costs low. If you exceed your budget, you may want to buy a designer backboard. This article will help you to create a tool that can improve your gaming skills.

Last but not least. Here’s a list of the items you will need to purchase in your local shop to create the backboard. These items are regular items and you will find them in most major retail stores.

How to build a dart board backboard

In essence, there are lots of ways to build a dart board backboard. You can use insulation as your salient material or wood if you’re feeling up to it. Woodworking is a complex process that requires many tools and skills. This article will not cover it. This process, on the other hand, is very familiar and comfortable. You’ve likely seen similar guides on how to build a dart board backboard online. We’ll give you our take on the process.

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Step 1

You can make your dartboard backboard. Because most dart tips are slightly shorter than one inch, they should be at least one inch thick. If you throw a dart at the board and it misses, the insulation will hold the dart to the insulation, preventing damage to your wall. It should be more significant than the dartboard in terms of size. But that’s up to you. Anything larger than 3x5ft will work:

  1. Place the dartboard in the middle of the insulation.
  2. Use the marker to draw around the line.
  3. Use a pair of scissors or a knife and cut the hole for your dartboard.

You can finish the ring by sanding it with regular sandpaper.

Step 2 

Next, you need to cover the backboard. The best material to use, according to my experience, is black felt. Felt is the best material for arts and crafts because of its protective qualities. It will be a great resource. You don’t have to use too much glue. It will be cut, and you’ll still get that beautiful look. You should only apply the felt to one side before you glue the insulation. This will prevent wrinkles. We recommend using glue. Aleene’s Foam and Felt Tacky GlueIt is known for its strong adhesive power. It dries quickly and forms a strong bond between the insulation and felt fabric.

Step 3 

To build a backboard for dart board. Place the felt on the side and apply the glue vertically in the same way as for the first aid. Although this part is tedious, it’s important. You should avoid using glue along the edges, as it can cause the glue to smear the fabric. After you are done, allow it to dry for at least an hour before moving on. Wood clamps can be used to secure the project, but they won’t work if it’s in a room that has a high temperature and little airflow. You might also want to add a layer of felt to protect your primary coating from being worn out by darts flying directly under the dartboard.

Step 4 

Cut the excess felt off the corners and sides using standard scissors. Then apply the glue. To ensure that the felt doesn’t wrinkle, you can use a dull object for the corners or an edge tool.

Step 5 

The next step is to trim the area where the dart board will be placed. You don’t want to cut too much if you are afraid. You will divide the circle in two using scissors. Next, create quarters and eighths. To avoid cutting and ruining your hard work, push the flaps through space and glue them to the backboard. This site will be visible against the wall, and nobody will notice it. To avoid inconsistencies on your surface, make sure you stretch them as much as possible.

Step 6 

Once the backboard has dried, you can move on to the next step. Hang the dart board on a nail against the wall. The board should fit like a glove if you have followed all the steps correctly.

Step 7

We’ve already mentioned that the insulation should not be less than one inch thick. It shouldn’t cause any issues with bounce-outs and stranded darts. To ensure that it is properly installed, place one on the backboard. Then remove it from the wall. However, if there is any visible damage to the wall, you can find a wood plate and cut it using a saw to match the dimensions of your backboard. It should be painted black. Avoid getting one that is too thick. It will be a great solution to your problems if you hang it behind your masterpiece.

This project should cost no more than $30 per person, depending on what fabric and glue you choose. You can save money by making your backboards. You can personalize the felt with different textures and colors. While you can experiment with different fabrics and add other surfaces, matte black felt is the best choice. The marks will not be as noticeable, and the texture will still be appreciated.

Step 8

You can also add a cuboid board to the bottom and paint it black. Then drill holes for your darts. It’s a great addition and is easy to put in. It should be cut to the same width as your backboard. Drill or hammer at minimum three nails into it, two on each side and one in the middle. Six holes of one inch are drilled from the top so that your darts can rest. Use a black matte color to match the style of the board at the end.

How to make a dart board backboard for handymen 

We’ve described to you how to build a dart board backboard. Although insulin is a great way to make a dartboard, you can also make one with wood. This has the drawback that it takes a lot of time, equipment, and skill. Although it takes skill, you can make a better dartboard than what you would find in a store. This section will show you how to create a dartboard backboard. From beginning to end, I’ll outline the steps. First, I’ll list all materials that you’ll need. This is a large project and will require lots of tools.

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How to make a dart board backboard for handymen


These instructions will use 1 foot by 4 feet butt joint oak boards. These boards are solid and long-lasting. You can also use other panels made of solid material if you feel you do. You will need five oak boards, one by 5, to get started. Depending on the size of your backboard, you can use more or less. Next, you’ll use your drill to drill holes at the back of each board to join them together. Pocket hole jigs will make your job much easier. You will use the holes to attach the panels. Once you have completed the holes using the pocket hole drill jib, the glue will secure the boards.

Drilling screws will complete the clamping in alternate directions between each board. Once you attach the boards together, To minimize the amount of work required for the next step, make sure they are securely attached. To even out the board, you will need to sand it. You can use an orbital sander or 8-grit sandpaper to accomplish this task. Finish the sanding by using 220 grid sandpaper. After you have combined and smoothed out the boards, the next step is to attach the dartboard backboard to the wall.

To secure the backboard to the wall, we will use the French-cleat system. Cut a piece of plywood 34 inches in length at a 45-degree angle. Screw one end to your backboard and the opposite end to the wall. Make sure you pay attention to how your plywood attaches to your backboard. The plywood must be able to fit over the wall-mounted piece. Countersink bits will be used to recess the heads of the screws and attach plywood to the backboard. For extra detail, glue can also be used.

For drilling the plywood onto your wall, you will need strong screws. We recommend 4-inch screws. This is important because the plywood will carry a lot of weight depending on how far back you make it. It must be strong. You will now have a dartboard backboard that you can hang on the wall. Once you satisfy with the final result, you can set up your dartboard.

How to add a scoreboard to a dart board backboard

However, if you look to be more thorough and make it look like something you bought in-store or better, you can add a scoreboard. This is a simple addition that you can do it quickly. First, you will need frames to display your scoreboard. For this example, we will use half-inch oak. To create the space where the scoreboard will sit, we will use a 0.5-inch riveting bit. You can purchase the scoreboard separately.

Next, drill some mounting holes to attach your scoreboard to the dartboard. We will use a keyhole router bit this time because it will make it much easier to take out the scoreboard and change it later. You can use scotch tape as a reference, but you will need to move it down about a quarter-inch to create the openings for the keyholes. Finalize the addition of the scoreboard. Install some screws to the backboard. After drilling the holes, mount the frame.

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How to add a scoreboard to a dart board backboard

How to add a dart tray

You may also want to include a dart tray for your darts and marker. Professional dartboards come with one, so why not yours? We will start with a piece of oak 3 inches wide. First, create the space for your markers in the middle. To create the groove, we will use a 1/2 inch groove bit on our router table. Next, you’ll need to make holes in your dart tray for your darts. We will use a ruler to measure the dimensions in this example.

Make a hole for every one-quarter inch. To achieve a consistent angle and depth, use a drill press. Next, angle the base plate at a 30-degree angle and frill the holes slightly larger than the dart tips. The dart tray is now complete. The only thing you have to do is to attach the dartboard backboard to it, and you’re done. We will drill five pilot holes in the backboard of the backboard to mount this tray. Turn the backboard upside down and insert screws until the tips are visible in the front.

Place the tray on the table and mark the locations of the pilot holes using the screws. The next step is to use a drill press for straightening the pilot holes. Finally, clamp the tray and secure it with a larger piece of wood on top. Now your task is complete. A dartboard backboard should include a scoreboard and a dart tray.

How to add a dart tray to a dart board backboard


In the above, we mention those methods on how to build a dart board backboard and the materials used in these methods. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you can use this backboard to create and play games. This article tries to explain the strategy of making suitable quality backboards to buy expensive backboards. Hopefully, you can find something important in the report to support your efforts. If you have any suggestions that we can add here, feel free to comment below.

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