How to Brighten Up a Dark Kitchen – 18 Easy Tricks to Brighten a Kitchen


Brightening up a dark kitchen with more lights is the best way to make it brighter. You can also try different lights. You can add or move lights to make your space appear new, regardless of whether you need more light for better vision in the kitchen or want more light. You’ll find that adding lighter to your kitchen is similar to redecorating. There are many styles available. These are some tips on how to brighten up a dark kitchen to help you shine a light on the most loved room in your house.

How to brighten up a dark kitchen

Are you unhappy with the look of your kitchen? You use your kitchen to prepare hot pots, sharp knives, and other major appliances. It is essential to have a clear vision. You will likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so it should feel warm and inviting. These are some simple ways to brighten up a dark kitchen.

Remodel kitchen lighting

A well-designed kitchen lighting system includes three layers:

  • Recessed ceiling lights shine downward.
  • Under-the-cabinet task lighting.
  • Hanging pendant lighting.

This combination allows you to dim or brighten the light and see your work no matter where you are in the room.

Buy a new countertop 

Your kitchen countertop can be the source of a lot of shine in your kitchen. If your countertop is dull or worn, you might consider replacing it. A new countertop made of granite, quartz, or marble can brighten your kitchen by adding a shiny, reflective surface.

Brighten up the kitchen with a bright color

Your kitchen may appear darker than if it is decorated with a neutral palette of greys or beige colors. If there are few variations in the colors of your cabinets, shelves, appliances, and furniture, it can make space feel smaller and darker. A few bold and bright kitchen stools can lift the whole look of the room. This pop of color will immediately draw everyone’s attention and make everything seem brighter. Co-ordinate your bright by matching a few different pieces – for instance, a row of orange kitchen stools could match a bold orange teapot and a collection of funky orange placemats. This will give your kitchen a professionally designed look and brighten the whole room.

Use showpiece light fixtures

You could choose a unique, large pendant to hang above the island or a chandelier that hangs from the dining room’s ceiling over the kitchen table. Make sure it is eye-catching and will be the centerpiece of your room.

Fresh produce should be the main feature

For centuries, artists have immortalized fruit bowls. A fruit bowl is a significant investment. Keep it filled with fun and unique fruits at all times. These displays are great for pineapples, starfruit, lychee, and mangoes. You can also color block with similar colored items. For a bold and delicious (and tasty!) design statement, fill a wire bowl full of fresh lemons, limes, or oranges. Make a bold design statement. You can also arrange seasonal fruits and veggies together to create a vibrant and eye-catching centerpiece on the tabletop. This will make your kitchen feel light and airy.

Glossy surfaces are a great option

For kitchen fixtures, hardware, and appliances, consider using light-reflective finishes such as chrome or classic white. Kitchen floors can also be transformed into natural light amplifiers if you opt for wooden, ceramic, or stone floors with a shiny, polished finish.

Use a bright color on the wall

You need to update your kitchen quickly if it has wallpaper, paneling, or dark-colored walls. You can strip off the wallpaper and prime the walls to paint. The best choice is white, but you could also paint the walls a bright color to brighten up a dark kitchen. Consider yellow, pink, or aquamarine. To keep your cleaning simple, use semi-gloss paint.

Keep your walls white

 This is the oldest trick in all of the books, but it works! White walls reflect light, making even the darkest spaces seem infinitely brighter. They go well with everything! You should apply at least two coats of good quality white paint to the walls to achieve an opaque and creamy look. You might also consider updating open shelves or cabinets by continuing the paint job. You’ll feel like the sun rises on the white walls in your kitchen at dawn, and you’ll feel like the Mediterranean.

Use bright colors 

Although we’ve spoken a lot about the benefits of using white to brighten dark kitchens, too many whites can be dull. Be sure to add pops of bright colors to your kitchen. You can create a brighter feeling in your kitchen by using red, turquoise, yellow, and teal.

Natural light is the best option

Don’t cover a kitchen window. You can transform your kitchen into an area with a view by leaving the windows unadorned and letting the sunlight shine through them. A window can change the look of a room without windows.

Remodel your cabinets 

If your dark wood cabinets make your entire kitchen look gloomy, then a fresh coat of white paint will solve that problem. If your budget permits, you could have new white cabinets installed. White cabinets can brighten dark kitchens by reflecting light rather than absorbing it. Your kitchen cabinets’ crisp white finish will make your room appear larger and cleaner.

Try to use lights under the cabinet

Your contractor will hide the fixtures. The light will be spread across your countertops where you do your shopping or other prep work. The light is nice to look at, and it’s also functional–especially in areas where your family will be working with sharp knives. Consider the area where you do the majority of your work and make sure to light it up.

Make your kitchen more efficient

Fluorescent ceiling lights shout: “Get my kitchen from the 1980s!” Look for stylish alternatives. Buy energy-efficient lighting. Built-in LED fixtures can last up to 10 years without ever needing to replace bulbs. You could also see a drop in your electric bills.

Use multiple ceiling fixtures

You can mix and match pendants, ceiling lighting, and under-counter lighting. One light must not be too bright to cause glare. It doesn’t help if you’re at the counter or sink and the ceiling light is behind.

Opt for backlighting 

LED technology has made lighting more affordable and revolutionized the way we use it. You can fit tiny LED bulbs across countertops or inside dark cabinets to bring a warm, subtle light into dark corners. There are many different colors of LED bulbs available. You can choose to use blue lights for kitchens with cool colors like chrome, black, or white. Yellow-tinged bulbs are best for those that have a warmer or neutral color palette. You won’t have to replace your backlights in a long time because LED bulbs are durable.

Hang pendant lights above the sink 

The cord will allow the lights to be hung from the ceiling using a cord. They’ll light up the surface but not too close that they get in the way. Pendants can be installed in dark corners or alcoves because they fit almost everywhere.

Get some flower power

Cut flowers are best displayed in high-traffic areas such as the hallway, dining area, or bedrooms. Why not have a regular display of flowers in your kitchen? Light and bright flowers like hydrangeas and carnations are best. Arrange them in a glass vase and make sure to change the water every few days. Brightly colored petals will draw attention to the room thanks to the natural radiance of flowers. You could also use a practical approach to your kitchen display by storing sprigs of raw parsley and coriander in small glass mason jars. You can keep your herbs fresher longer and give your kitchen a natural look.

A chandelier can transform your breakfast area

You can save the expensive one for the dining area and opt for something more rustic or modern for the kitchen. It would help if you chose a style that matches the decor. Do you have stainless-steel appliances? An ultra-modern ceiling fixture? Traditional faucets with curvy lines? All of it should work together.


It doesn’t matter if you are doing a complete kitchen remodel or just making minor changes to your existing kitchen; it is possible to brighten up a dark kitchen and make more open. Remember to keep your kitchen light, bright, and clutter-free.

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