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There are many ways to block your neighbor’s security camera, but there are only a few legal and efficient ways. We will first cover practical and effective ways to block your neighbor’s security camera. In this article, we’ll discuss how to block neighbor’s security camera. Attaching wall extensions or fences to your wall can make it impossible for your neighbor to see your security camera. For privacy, you can put privacy film on your windows and shine a bright light at night towards their camera. You can also plant trees and bushes around your property’s perimeter. Let’s take a closer look at these methods and other options. We’ll also discuss some of the less recommended ways and their reasons.

How to block neighbor’s security camera? 

Have you just discovered that the neighbor’s security camera can see your entire property from their view? Be calm and don’t panic. Your neighbor may want to protect their property and not realize that it is pointing at your property. To block the camera, tint your windows or hang curtains. Talk to your neighbor and tell them that you prefer the camera not to be pointed at your house. To make a point or convince your neighbor to move their security camera, install it in your neighbor’s backyard. Here are some secret tips on how to block neighbor’s security cameras.

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Tell your neighbor to redirect their camera 

Sometimes, a neighbor’s camera might appear to be pointing at your property, but it is not. To express your concern about privacy, it’s best to speak with them in a friendly way. It would help if you let them know that your security camera is pointed at your property. The only reason they need to know is that you want to keep your privacy in your home. Sometimes, your neighbor may invite you into their home to show the camera view. You will surprise at how much it doesn’t monitor your yard or house as often as you thought. You should continue reading if a conversation with your neighbour does not result in a resolution.

Check the camera is real or fake

Be careful before you rush to judge. It’s possible the camera use as a decoy if your neighbor is concern about theft or trying to deter criminals. A fake camera can be a cost-effective way to scare off burglars. The infrared light is usually a good indicator of whether the camera is genuine. A majority of cameras have visible red light, especially at night. Also check are the cables connect to your camera.

Get some security camera and point it to the neighbor

It is best to use the same sauce if your neighbor points a camera at you. Install a camera on your property to deter others from spying on it. You can legally place security cameras on your property under the residential security camera laws. Your neighbors cannot stop it. There are many brands you can choose from when buying a camera. If you don’t want to leave your home and need to purchase the camera, you can use Google search to find the best deal.

Talk to them 

It’s best to speak to your neighbor first if you suspect your neighbor’s surveillance camera is invading privacy. Most likely, they don’t realize that their neighbor is monitoring your camera. They may be trying to protect their home’s perimeters but didn’t realize that their camera is on your property. Have a friendly, non-accusatory conversation with your neighbor before making any potentially dangerous assumptions. First, ask your neighbor why the camera is in this position. Next, tell them that the camera is point towards you.

Next, ask them to adjust the angle of your camera, so it is not in direct view of your property. Ask for footage if they insist the camera cannot view your private areas. This should help you settle the dispute. On the other hand, it could indicate that they aren’t truthful. However, if they refuse to give you their footage, this may not be the case. You can ask them to move the camera away from your property or divert it. If they disagree, you can end the conversation and move on to the next steps.

Contact with authority

A lawyer can help you determine if your neighbor is legally recording you. In addition, a lawyer can determine if the camera is illegally recording your property. However, contact the police if you suspect that your neighbor has a camera pointed at your house. This behaviour is unacceptable and reporte immediately.

Block neighbor’s camera with object

You can block the view of the security camera by raising your walls. This is done using basic techniques such as attaching a stick fence or plastic sheeting to your walls. Planting trees around your property’s perimeter can blind your neighbor’s camera. Your privacy will improve the more trees you produce over time. To make this method immediately effective, you will need to purchase partially grown trees. If you cannot extend your perimeter walls or fence in the same way, there may be a third option. This will blind your neighbor’s camera.

Block the View 

It is possible to assume that your neighbor may be recording illegally, but the issue might not be resolved immediately. Authorities will need to assess whether the neighbor is required to change their security camera. Before they can take any action, police must ensure that they aren’t violating your neighbour’s rights. You’ll also need to cover any private areas you don’t wish to be recorded. It would help if you closed the shades and thick drape curtains around the windows. A good option is to buy frosted glass for windows to block the view. Double your coverage is a good idea. Purchase trees and shrubs to cover your windows and private areas. Click here and read how do a home security camera works.

Block the live camera 

Hacking your neighbor’s camera can temporarily disable it. If you don’t have any knowledge about Wi-Fi hacking, it won’t be easy. There are many ways to hack or block surveillance cameras. You will be able to find the best Wi-Fi hacking technique for your needs.

Use a Laser to block the security Camera

This is why blinding a neighbor’s security camera won’t help you in the long term. If you damage it, they will have it replaced, and you’ll be charged with damaging their property. They will be able to see the source of the laser at the time it was destroyed. You are just going to start a titt-for-tat conflict with your neighbor.

Install a powerful light in front of the camera

It will help you to block your neighbor’s camera without causing any damage. If you set up a powerful light like this one on Amazon in your property and face it straight to that security camera, it will blind the camera during the night. You won’t find it helpful during the day. However, you should be fine if you have the privacy screen listed above and the light at night for nighttime privacy.

Cut security camera wires 

Another irresponsible technique is this one, which is also taught in popular articles. This is a very serious crime and can land you in serious trouble if your neighbour shows you the footage he took with another camera. Do not start a conflict with your neighbor. Instead, consider the other options.

Talk to your local police

If none of the above solutions works for you, go to your local police station and tell them about your privacy concerns. They will advise you on how to proceed law-abidingly. There are different laws in each state regarding the security camera of your neighbor. If it is against the law to record your neighbor’s property in any form, the police can be of great help to you.

Use a signal jammer 

This will require a lot of effort and time on your part. To jam the frequency, you’ll need information about which wireless security camera system your neighbor uses. Next, you will need to buy a signal jammer that can jam these signals. The next step is to ensure that your signal jammer works every time they send you a signal. This may seem like a hassle and a waste of time, but it could be a problem if you jam other people’s signals. You might even help a criminal get away with their crimes by stopping cameras of other people. You could be charged with criminal offences if you are caught using signal jammers.

Smear things to the camera’s lens

Popular articles suggest that peanut butter or jelly besmear on a neighbor’s security camera lens to blind it. This is not good advice. It will make you trespass on the property of your neighbor and cause them damage. I will not say that blinding your neighbor’s security camera by smearing something on it is a good idea. Charge with a crime for doing this.


There is an increasing demand for security cameras to be installed along public roads. Cameras have been standard equipment in homes, banks and supermarkets for years. This is unacceptable if it leads to a breach of your privacy by a neighbor. These are the reasons why you should follow the steps above to block your neighbor’s security cameras. We hope you will try each method.

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