How to Become a Dominant Basketball Big Man – A Practical Guide


Basketball players are said to have an advantage when playing basketball. The reasoning behind this belief is that the higher a person is, more close towards the basketball. Thus, he’ll have less distance towards the basket. Therefore, it is much more efficient in scoring. In addition, their ability to climb high into the air increases the chances of blocking opponents’ shots. To be able to do this for you have to become a dominant basketball big man. The coaches, the fans all basketball fans will appreciate your contribution. They realize how crucial you are in winning the games they play for. You’re smarter, more efficient, faster, and more knowledgeable. We guarantee that these guidelines will eventually help you become a dominant basketball big man if you follow our instructions.

How to become a dominant basketball big man

Make sure you are developing your fundamentals! Practice, practice, practicing basketball alone will improve your skills. These are the fundamentals of basketball. Develop your shooting, dribbling, passing, defense, rebounding, etc. As you improve your skills, you will become a dominant basketball big man if you have the necessary skills to succeed.

Make sure you are in shape

You need to be in excellent physical condition for basketball to reach the fullest extent. It all depends on how fit and healthy you are. What can you do to improve?

Start with push-ups. Around 50-100 push-ups every day. You aren’t required to complete all of these in a row. Try to take note of how many you can accomplish in one go. Every time, try to beat your previous record. The healthier you are, the better your endurance, and the more agile and flexible you’ll be. It’s no doubt that this sport will keep you physically challenged, and it is essential to stay in as good of a shape as you can. Check out how big-man workouts basketball is vital.

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Do not be impatient

After receiving the ball, make fake passes to a teammate, causing your opponent to be a little confused. Watch how the defense of your opponent reacts. Additionally, this gives you the chance to take advantage of any split second to make a move. Being able to see clearly in court is vital to recognizing the open teammates. That’s why having a good court vision is important as well.


If it’s a practice session or conditioning camp, you have to be an instructor. Let your inexperienced, younger players the correct training technique and the intensity at that you play. Your desire to succeed could have a significant impact on the direction of your career.

Strong determination

Professional superstars aren’t able to capitalize on opportunities to score. They are not happy. Yes, they feel bad. However, they rarely stop playing. They are so focused and effective that they are sure they’ll make the next opportunity count. As they’re enthralled by basketball, they’re eager to improve the areas they are weak in until they master the right technique. That determination helps them to become a dominant basketball big man.

In operation and ready to go

The sport of running the floor doesn’t simply involve being able to move up and down the floor whenever you want. It’s about getting on the court quickly during offense and bringing your opponents down to the other side. It is the way a large man can position his teammates to score easily. It is possible to wear down the big men of your team, resulting in an adjustment to their lineup. The effect will be more in the case of an effective shot-blocker. On defense, making sure you return every time puts your opponent under tremendous pressure. Therefore, it becomes more difficult for your opponent to make a score.

Do your best

Get moving fast, chase the ball, stop your opponents, and be aggressive as you attack. Even though you realize it’s difficult stopping the ball from moving through the basket, you shouldn’t abandon the fight; try an attempt. This will help you earn respect from your coach, teammates, and even from your opponents. Stay committed to your team, but remain humble.

Advanced hoops

One of the most important aspects of basketball dunking is to leap as high as you can. Let me share an easy tip. Take your basketball hoop, and stand beneath the rim. Without moving, attempt to jump and hold onto the rim 10-12 times in the same row. Take one step, then hit your backboard. The next two steps after you have taken three steps hit your backboard. This will help improve your overall timing and speed of jump quite a bit. Squatting 3-4 every week will aid in securing your adversaries and help you ensure that you can balance your jump.

Learn how to flash and then crash

Free throw lines and the short corner are both fantastic spots to take the ball. As a man of size, when you flash to bring the ball into these two places, it gives you more chances. Throwdowns that work from these areas. It is possible to use the 15-foot jumper. For reversing the ball back to the other circle or to feed a teammate close to the basket, make use of this free throw line. Many of the top professional big players in the NBA have a strong scoring potential by flashing.

Flashing players could aid in their team’s cause by taking on zoned defenders. If a shot is hit, the players expect to crash into the boards. If the ball hits the wall, you would like your top players to participate in the game in rebounding it. But great big men will always try to rebound at both ends on the ground. This is an excellent advantage to have on your team, especially if you have players who “flash and fall.”

Make a fantastic passer

The best players can get the ball quickly off the dribble. Always dribble with your head elevated because that way, you will be able to observe what’s going on around you, where your teammates are and whether there is anyone who is not guarded. Dribble as quickly as you can. However, ensure that you are in control of the ball. Learn to dribble with the weak hand as well. Be sure to control the ball effectively using both hands.

Hide behind defender’s eyes

Why would you want to hide behind the defender’s eyes? Since it can force players to turn their heads and leave them “flat feet.” Thus, you can create flashy post-match opportunities in a high-scoring zone.

Shooting and practicing

There is no other way to work on your skills. Develop your abilities like becoming a better shooter, passing, and dribbling. Shoot from various places. Understanding your shooting range in basketball is vital. The most important thing to not forget when shooting towards the basket is to hold the follow-through to ensure the shooting technique. This is the most important part to become a dominant basketball big man. Maintain your focus and observe the edge of the hoop attentively.

Chin the ball, and then defend

Keep the ball underneath your neck. Make sure to keep the ball in the most comfortable position, and that is where you are strongest. Protect the ball and stay close to the basket at all moments. It is important to be aware that more defense can lead to greater rebound opportunities. Check out this guide to learn how to play defensive basketball.

Ball-handling skills

To become a dominant basketball big man, you need to have strong and soft arms. Improve your hand-eye coordination playing the ball, and examine the strength of your fingers. You need to master the art of keeping your elbows straight to push the ball towards your body.

Get a coach

Now you’ve got an experience of playing. This skill requires practice often, and it could be worthwhile to find an instructor who will guide you in the right direction and help you improve your game, and teach your finer techniques.

How to become a dominant basketball big man: Tips

  • Make sure your opponent knows that you’re the boss and you’re in control this time. There is no mercy. Every coach wants their biggest player to look like a barbarian that doesn’t take any responsibility if they have been injured while climbing to the basket.
  • It is important to gain the upper hand over your opponents. Still, you should never develop a negative intent of “hurting an individual intentionally” in your head.
  • Make sure you keep your ball in the right place.
  • Make sure your team members are safe. You’re the tallest man, and you must be the one to save the day. If someone is pushing you, one of your guards, you can push them back and make up mind games.
  • Play hard but fair. It will earn you respect.
  • This is a sport that is both physical and mental. Therefore, keeping the pace of your game, both physical and mental, is crucial. However, being in the right mindset and maintaining your emotional balance are equally important.
  • Keep your eyes on the ball and stay focused in your pursuit. There is no reason to run continuously with high energy and with no goal in mind.
  • Developing big-man moves and improving your skill is something you need to concentrate on.


The giants of the NBA are a nightmare to face each day, as nobody wants to fight with these athletes. I would like to know who will be the vilest. We will therefore give you the essential tips that will make you stronger. If you work hard and practice these basketball skills, the effectiveness will rise to a new level. To become a dominant basketball big man, you must never forget these steps. This will result in an impossible task to stop the force of your determination, determination, and energy. Big man, I’m eager to watch you take on this basketball match!

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