How to Become a Better Basketball Player – A Skillful Guide for All Novice


It is essential to maintain discipline essential to become a better basketball player. What will be the distinction between yourself and your peers is the way you play on the court. High school students often overlook the most critical technical problems or think they’re not affecting their play. It’s really a crime, and you need to be able to prove your rights instead of expecting them to be granted. What can you do to become a better basketball player? Well, two months is plenty in space to make preparations for you.

Let’s say you’re already a great player to left off the bench. What are you waiting for? Why not start working on the basics to improve your basketball IQ, which will transform you into a much more effective player than ever? We have listed some of our training tips below. If you have interest in them then take a look.

How to become a better basketball player

We are going to aid you to improve your basketball player by offering some suggestions. Here’s how to enhance your abilities and become a better basketball player.

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It is recommended to prepare yourself before you begin playing basketball. The process of warming up can reduce the risk of injury and is a great way to improve your capacity to perform. Basketball is a fast-paced sport. Therefore a good warming up to make sure you prepare for the match ahead of you is essential. A well-executed warm-up will boost your heart rate and include some exercises before you begin.

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Be fit 

Basketball is an extremely physically demanding sport, and it recommends you to remain in as good an overall condition as you can. The better condition you’re in, the greater your stamina and the faster your speed of response. This can also aid in avoiding injuries. Running can help increase cardiovascular strength for basketball, and other Yoga can improve your agility and flexibility.

Be fearless 

Don’t be afraid of failure. If you’re afraid to be unsuccessful, it means you’re typically nervous about taking the risk. Do you have a hard time lifting weights because of your physical weak? Do you dread going to the high line during your practice because you’re not an excellent free-throw shooter? You’re likely afraid to make a mistake and expose your shortcomings. However, regardless of what your family, friends or even your peers think, you should dedicate your time to getting better at what you do. Do not worry about your image. It’s only temporary. You can use it to learn, and you’ll grow as a player.

Understand the rules 

It is impossible to be a successful basketball player if you don’t know the fundamentals that govern the game. This is among the primary things you must take care of if you wish to improve your skills. Therefore, look up some great books and look up tutorials online. If, in any way, you have a relationship with an official in your area, be sure to contact them for some advice. A knowledgeable referee will inform the player what the fundamental rules of the game are. Knowing the rules can be tedious. However, it’s the thing that separates the elite players from the ordinary players. If you’re hoping to excel in this fantastic game, you need to understand how to play it.

Study the game 

Through websites such as YouTube, The knowledge is accessible to those willing to look for it. Utilize videos to understand your game plan, position and court-side decisions. You’ll dramatically improve the confidence of your coach to your abilities, which will lead to more playing time. Many basketball players possess excellent skills but weak basketball intelligence. You must dedicate yourself to knowing the game and become a top athlete.


The only way to improve is for the practice. Only with hard determination to improve key abilities like shooting, passing, and dribbling can the player indeed be able to advance. Particularly for those who are beginners to the game, learning the basics of basketball is essential to your progress and enjoyment of the game.

Stop complaining

Do you feel that your coaches are to blame for your inability to playtime? Or do you look at your performance to the other players? If your peers can get off with something, do you think that you can accomplish the same? Don’t be a snob, and stop making excuses. Everybody experiences being overwhelmed, hungry, or overwhelmed. These emotional disturbances hinder your capacity to grow. Try to take every circumstance from a different angle, Eliminate any opposing thoughts or emotions and acknowledge that the events cannot always be in your control.

Work on your offensive skills 

There are many different views regarding the game of basketball. To basketball. Specific coaches believe that offensive playing is the most crucial aspect of the game, whereas others believe it’s the defence. You must learn the two aspects of the game if you wish to be a great player. In regards to offensive playing, there are a few exercises you can attempt to enhance your game. Practice the art of dribbling. To complete this correctly, you will require an object and a ball.

It’s not expensive. Simply set up a few cones and chairs in the middle and then dribble across them. Learn to shoot. Begin with the starting point and play the whole distance of the court before making the jump shot. Pick up the ball and repeat the same thing at the other side of the court. You should be sure to repeat the exercise several times.

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Dribble with a weak hand

Make sure to practice the dribbling technique using the weaker hand till you can manage the ball effectively using either hand. Always keep your head upwards, not down, so you can observe what’s going on around you. Also, only move as fast as you can while being in control of the ball.

Make improvements to your feet work

When your adversary is more powerful than you, better footwork may be sufficient to gain the advantage over them. The footwork will put you into a superior body position, where you can evade the opponent by using the combination of crossovers, pump fakes and spins, or drives, etc. Therefore, the importance of great footwork is not to undervalue even a bit.


To be more effective at shooting to improve your shooting, you should practice shooting every day from various locations. It is essential to know what your shooting range in basketball is. Keep in mind to keep your follow-through to keep your shot in place and focus on the edges of the basket for the duration of your shot.

Follow this full guide to know about basketball shooting techniques.

Increase your position IQ 

Learn about your job through understanding the basics, skills, and conditioning that are needed. The knowledge you have about your position will be the basis of your training. Suppose you are aware of the types that of passes skills and strengths are needed for your job and position. In that case, you’ll have a concept of the capabilities you’ll have to develop. For example, suppose your position is a centre. In that case, you should focus your time training less on full-court dribbling and more focused on post-dribbling and rebounding exercises.

Make sure you are a solid defence

Excellent court awareness, great athleticism, and a gung ho attitude make an effective defence. Enhance your team’s communication, as when you’re on defence, you need to know how to play defence as a team. You must also be able to stop anyone from entering your zone so that the shooting percentage of your opponent goes drastically. Man and Zonal both markings are vital. Knowing your role and changing gears during defence will win games. This is what you should strive for since an excellent defensive move takes the ball away from the opponent. This means that the offensive and attacking possibilities are eliminated, which means that the chance for your team to win the game is very high. To know details about basketball defence read our info guide on how to play defensive in basketball.


The act of jumping is often left out of basketball, but it should not be. For basketball players, the ability to leap high is essential for rebounding, blocking shots, and shooting. This ability is best developed by the practice of vertical leaps, which can improve the height you can jump at and improve your general basketball skills.

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Create a habit to pass the ball

After you’ve passed the ball, you should straightway attempt to find a way to the hoops or another open space. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you don’t possess the ball at your hands, and therefore there is no need to move your feet. NBA players with a high IQ can move freely even in the absence of the balls. They constantly look to discover open spots and also. Click here to read know how to make a basketball hoop.

Don’t dribble too hard

The most common mistake people make is believing that they need to throw the ball as hard as possible. They are dribbling. The best way to dribble is with knees bent, upright back, and ahead up. You should aim to dribble just a bit above the knee level. Remember, it’s better to lightly bounce the ball and remain in control instead of hitting excessively hard onto the floor.

Find a good coach and study the other players

Suppose you’ve acquired a keen interest in the sport. In that case, it may be worth signing up to an organization where coaches will guide you in the right direction and assist you in improving your game. Observing other players, especially professional players, can help you learn the more advanced skills of the game, such as the art of the movement of players and defensive and offensive strategies.

Give 100 percent effort 

Be 100% committee each time you train, practice or play. Don’t let excuses and complaints hinder the hindering your efforts. Always be ready to take criticism from people who have more expertise. If anyone criticizes you, don’t hesitate to provide the best you can. Improve is taking your lessons from mistakes and always striving to improve.


Then, at the end of the day, as with other things, you must concentrate on improving your skills to be better. This alone will help you become a better basketball player in addition to the training you’ll receive. Thus, concentrate on yourself, your endurance, flexibility, energy, as well as your mental state and entire being as a whole. Be determined, work hard, persevere and never give up. Do not be scared to fail because you’ll surely be able to fail in the end, but what do you do following the first time you fall? You get up, clean off the dust and press forward! You’ll definitely improve as a basket player, and you never know? Perhaps you’ll even become the most effective!

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