How to be a Better Point Guard in Basketball | 12 Unique Tips from Pro


The player is the flag bearer, the leader, the quarterback, and the main engine of a basketball squad. If someone ever claims they have more vital stand-up positions, then a point guard on an NBA court, and I have to declare that he is ignorant about the game or even how to play at all on the court. It’s a given that a top point guard NBA must possess excellent ball-handling abilities, exceptional scoring skills to pass the ball. So, how to be a better point guard in basketball?

Professional point guards in basketball are renowned for their skills and athleticism. The point guard is accountable for a variety of tasks in comparison to the other four roles on the field. Therefore, he must be an adaptable player. We’re going to discuss how to be a better point guard in basketball in this article. Stay tuned with us!

How to be a better point guard in basketball 

Point guard is probably the most difficult role in basketball. To be a better point guard in basketball, you will expect to possess exceptional ball-handling abilities, scorer, orchestrate offenses, provide assists, and defend against opposing point guards. Because your point guard is likely to play with the ball much more often than the other teammates, he must make the right decisions regarding the best way to use it. If your point guard isn’t playing well, the team will be nowhere. We’re giving some pro tips to be a better point guard in basketball. Follow those tips.

Learn to handle your ball

It is important to know your opponent’s defense to be aware of traps and make it to half-court before the time limit of eight seconds. The most important thing to be a better point guard in basketball is to work on your dribbling technique. You must be able to effectively dribble using both hands and not even look at your ball. A lower dribble recommends because it will prevent larger opponents from stepping in and taking the ball. But, a fast dribble is also required for quick breaks.

You must be aware of the positions your opponents are taking on the flooring. If, for instance, your guard is pulling the ball to one side, there’s the possibility that your teammate and he will lure you into the trap of a corner. So, when you are dribbling, you must keep your eyes on the ball and remain aware of your opponent’s defense. A tip is to not grab the ball when there’s no clear pass or shot. If you pick up the ball too quickly, it is always a cause of errors or mistakes.

Bring the ball into the action center

The main job of a point guard is to move the ball around the court, hold the team’s possession, and finally prepare to play an offensive game. You must do both: give the ball to your teammates, and when the chance is there, you can score your own goal. When you begin an offensive move, the guard will normally be the first to grab the ball.

He also has an important role as a defensive player, staying around the perimeter, close to the 3-point line, and doing all sorts of tricks to frighten the opponent. When you’re trying to take control of the ball, one method to improve your game would be to become better at handling the ball and making the right calls. If the opposing team players are defending very tight around the halfway line and you are not sure if you will be able to carry the ball to the court on your own. It could be necessary to transfer the ball swiftly to your teammate during this phase of the game.

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Pass the ball at a comfortable position

If you ask anyone how to be a better point guard in basketball, then the common answer is to be the ability for their team, and they’ll mention passing. Make sure that you pass precisely to teammates with the highest chances of scoring, without errors. I’m not sure if a point guard has any more important tasks to perform than this. If a guard spots his teammate standing close to the basket and there is nobody to protect him, he must pass the ball directly to him with no hesitation since there is the highest chance of scoring the goal with nobody tying him. Pass the ball straight towards the player’s chest so that they can take the shot.

If your partner is tall, Try to make a perfect bounce pass so that he does not have to bend down to reach the ball to be thrown. It is not necessary to appear flashy and cool when you pass. Make sure you are making reliable passing that is solid and steady. If you avoid mistakes, a skilled point guard should get several assists before the game is over. This is also a sure indication that you pass your ball over to the correct player who can contribute to the team’s success.

Increase your mental tenacity

The point guard is by far the player who is most under pressure on the basketball court. He controls the ball and calls the plays but is still required to stop defensive plays. If you’re easily distracted or tend to panic, you are in a stressful circumstance, you must develop your mental strength. It is achievable by becoming patient with all you do. This will allow you to develop your mental capacity, which will naturally manifest when faced with a difficult situation.

Practice ball handling

The hands of a point guard always focus on the ball. Therefore, having good ball-handling abilities is an essential requirement. It is essential to improve your dribbling technique to make it to the half-court before the 8 seconds and avoid traps set by your opponent. If there is a quick break, you must use the highest dribble.

If your adversary is taller than you, an incredibly low dribble is the best option to stop him from reaching out and taking the ball. It is also important to be able to dribble both hands without looking at your ball. Also, you should be conscious that the opposition is in the field. Be aware that you aren’t able to sell the property.

If there’s no chance of a straight-cut passing or shooting, getting the ball can cause turnovers or even bad plays. If you’re a player with better ball-handling abilities, then you should focus less on your dribbling abilities. This means that making decisions is much simpler in those critical moments when point guards need to respond swiftly.

Be prepared to defend after shot

It is not important whether your team’s shots have been able to reach the hoop or not; as a guard, whenever the ball is in the hands of another player, you need to be ready to defend. If you are not the point guard is playing the shot, he’s likely to be on the high point or near the three points. Therefore, he is the most player in the right position to provide an obstruction because he’s generally in the greatest distance from the hoops. In the event of a fast break, if a player flies over you and into the corner of your team, attempt to take the shot away by following him as you stand a great chance of stopping him from scoring simple points.

Keep the team’s possession

To be a better point guard in basketball, you must learn dribbles to move the ball around the court. As he gets closer towards the basketball, he’ll be under immense stress from the defense. In the three-point line, a defender will be watching you. If you are under a lot of pressure defensively, You must be cautious not to allow your ball’s possession. This is why it is crucial not to provide the opponent with opportunities to steal the ball.

It is impossible to run and move without playing the ball. If you do this, you will face penalization by the opponent. This is a crucial issue: if you cease dribbling, your defense must guard against your shooting and passing, significantly reducing your danger. Therefore, it is an unwise idea to stop dribbling before when you really need to.

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Guard your ppposite number

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing defense or offense as an offensive player. You must always strive to stay on the edge of the key or at the 3-point line. It is important to stop him from running towards the hoop or shooting every time he steps close to the court. He will be under immense pressure, so the chance of making errors is virtually inevitable.

But, depending on what your offense has been doing in the past, it might require a change from your usual position. If you notice the guard coming toward the hoop after transferring the ball to a player, Do not let him go. Keep him in the vicinity as the player is likely trying to retrieve the ball to him for a lay-up. Or, you could sit right in front of him and the basketball.

Set a benchmark

You’re in one of the more unique and lucrative positions in basketball. The most difficult task to perform on the basketball court is serving as the point guard. It is important to be a leader and create the right tone with perseverance, commitment, and practice. The team members see their guards taking their game seriously. He never skips out on a training session and is constantly working to improve his performance. Therefore, your teammates, especially novice players, should be that they are being encouraged to do the same. That’s how a guard gains appreciation from the other players. It also aids in bonding and increasing communication skills, which are vital in basketball.


If you score regularly as a guard, your opponent will certainly be scared of you. They might even have a few defenders close to you to protect. They’re not aware that they are freeing the other players, so you have more chances to score points by feeding your teammates the right pass. If there’s an opening for you to shoot, you should be able to take advantage of them and score on your own. Let’s suppose you hand the ball to an unguarded colleague, but he’s fast covered and isn’t able to shoot. If the person guarding you follows the ball, you must expect your teammates to return the ball to you as swiftly as possible to put you in the shooting mindset.

It’s great to transfer the ball more quickly than the defender makes his return. Good court awareness and communication skills are required to outwit the defender. If you see a defensive player defending you while you’re trying to make the ball, you may make him fall off the court with pump fakes. One-handed fake, even the fade ways, will not be an excellent idea.

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Keep an eye on the passing lanes

You cannot block every single pass, which is almost impossible. It is essential to be aware of offensive players’ position, locations and plans to accomplish. You want to be able to catch them in the act. A player who excels in defense adds value to the group. If you’re in the position of defending, it’s generally a little difficult to see what’s going on behind your back in the court. Because you’ve been assigned the responsibility of protecting the opponent in front of your face, it is impossible to look away from the opponent. Therefore, all you have to do is take a short glance behind and look at the offensive’s position.

Figure out your coach’s plan

Point guards are a player who has a close relationship and his mentor. He needs to know the coach’s strategy in detail and, more importantly, his job since he’s the person who runs the coach’s strategy play at the football field. He should be aware of the coach’s thoughts about the game and follow his instructions well. A point guard can be a multi-tasker as he is who is responsible for calling time-out. What time to call these plays is a matter of awareness of your coach and your game strategy.

How to be a better point guard in basketball: Tips

  • A solid defense is an important benefit to a player’s game.
  • You must be a skilled ball-handler and a strategic passer.
  • It is time to stop the habit of being a show-off, like dribbling too much or trying to appear cute by using fancy passes.
  • Master the art of a go-to move
  • You need to establish an attitude of teamwork since the ratio of win-loss for your team is more important than your own shot. It doesn’t matter who scores.
  • A high basketball IQ is an essential requirement for the position of point guard. Because, on the court, you’re the coach who controls the pace of play and provides an opinion in the huddle. You’ll dictate the game, so you must be aware of the game’s score, time, and possession.

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We believe you’ve discovered the best way to be a better point guard in basketball. Point guards are definitely the most difficult position to manage. However, if you adhere to the simple guidelines we’ve provided to you, you will surely become the most effective point guard you could ever be. It is possible to offer suggestions when someone asks you tips on being a better point guard in basketball. Now, it’s an issue of going to the court together with your team and coaches and putting all of your energy into the job.

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