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There are homes that people remain in for the duration of their lives, so they need to be secure. Space, aesthetics, and the strength of the structure are crucial. Another important consideration is a feeling of security and peace for our family members. There are families with children, and they’re naturally active and energetic. Some pets roam around the house, playing and climbing onto the furniture. In this article, I will explain How to anchor furniture without drilling. And, as we have experienced, there can be minor inconveniences when furniture is moved or falls because of the interaction with pets or children. However, on the other side, the natural elements play a significant factor in furniture falling at home. For these reasons, every day, people across the globe are seeking to repair their furniture.

Securing furniture within homes is essential and maintaining the walls in good order is equally important. Fortunately, anchoring methods vary, and significant accidents have been prevented. The best way to avoid injuries in our homes caused by furniture rolling over is to fix the furniture. Therefore, we consider ways to secure furniture without drilling since we don’t wish to cause damage to the walls. However, it might be the case that a rental contract prohibits us from doing this. In reality, walls need to be maintained. However, most anchors must be put in place using a drill. Therefore, if we don’t want to damage our walls, ask how we can secure furniture without drilling.

To secure furniture, no matter what the size of your furniture, you will need to master a few simple methods. In this post, we’ll show you How to anchor furniture without drilling and add more security to your furniture.

How to anchor furniture without drilling

There are now anti-tip products that don’t need drilling in the walls. These systems will be able to secure furniture to concrete walls and fix furniture to the floor. Let’s examine what each one of them is all about.

Extra heavy duty furniture anchors

These anchors, similar to the previous anchors, have been bolted onto the support of steel cables. The maximum weight they can carry of 1000lbs. Certain events cause us to question the security of our heavy furniture. These could be natural disasters, and because this is heavy furniture, it isn’t easy to fix them. It’s also common practice to put furniture in central reception rooms that aren’t placed. However, with this kind of anchorage, we can feel calm as it guarantees furniture is secured with cables.


It’s simple and secure. It’s best to begin by thoroughly cleaning the wall and the furniture you intend to mount, for instance, the drawer of solid wood or another wood piece. It is also essential to ensure that the furniture you intend to mount is in a level position. Next, make the necessary measurements and mark your wall using the graphite pencil. Next, add Urethane glue to one end of the hanger to be hung on the wall. Let the glue completely dry for about 24 hours. Next, install a ligation device that connects the required furniture near the wall and the installed parts.

This is done with steel cables, Velcro straps, or plastic tie-ups. But, the technique might not be sufficient to safeguard your furniture in events like hurricanes or natural catastrophes. It could, for instance, need drilling into behind the furnishings, or possibly gluing hardware, significantly if the furniture is damaged or top heavy. The best way to determine the strength of the brackets and the joint is with glue. However, the hook or the bracket fixed to the wall may require a layer of putty on the edges to reinforce it.

Safety straps for all types of safety

Today, it is common for households to have a variety of flat-screen TVs. Because of this, we should secure them from any damages as they may not be simple to fix and will result in a considerable cost. Additionally, the risk of an accident that involves the tumbling of television can involve pets, children, or any other costly objects. The kit comes with two sturdy nylon straps with buckles to hold your TV exactly where you need it. This kit is made to secure TVs that weigh upwards of 150 pounds or 70 inches. The Peel and press mounts can be fixed to the wall or furnishings. This helps prevent injuries like televisions falling from.

Furniture anchors generally

They permit anchoring large furniture, like bookcases or other furniture that doesn’t surpass 400lbs. Once the table is secured onto the uprights can not be moved. The anchors are steel pins. These are quick releases, so adults can swiftly move the furniture whenever they wish. They are also simple to put in.

Anchorages to shield televisions

These anchorages are explicitly designed for flat-screen televisions. They comprise two straps made of nylon fabric. The furniture-specific straps with adhesive feature triple stitching and are secured by metallic screws attached to the brackets. But, the brackets for walls are constructed from rigid plastic. The brackets that connect to your TVs are constructed from metal.

Screwless furniture tilt kit

The QDOS furniture anti-tip kit minimizes potential accidents where pets or children could get injured. It is possible to fix a bracket to the wall with adhesive to secure the furniture with straps that protect it. Screws are also offered for those who want to secure the bracket more effectively. They will leave holes exactly as the portrait hooks leave holes.

The straps are easy to tighten and loosen for those who need to move or for cleaning. The uniqueness of this kit is that it includes two patent-pending hooks. The hooks enable the frame to be anchored to the wall studs without drilling holes or screw. Instead, small discs are put over the furniture and secured with adhesive.


If you follow the methods mentioned above, it is possible to avoid accidents caused by furniture at home. So, no uninitiated child will be injured when playing with furniture. There is no need to find suitable materials to build your desired system. Also, think about what you want to be the primary furniture you’ve got in your home. So, you’ll be able to put even high furniture in a place that is safe from animals and children. Finally, do not let furniture limitations be a problem when fixing them. Every type of furniture can be secured in a specific method.

Additionally, it is essential to be aware of those who must be aware of everything to anchor furniture when renting. The reason is that some leases require that tenants not create holes in walls. Based on the information in this post, you can now anchor furniture without drilling. We hope that you will be able to find the systems for installation helpful. Best of luck.

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