How to Add Weight to Your Darts – Pro Effective Methods You Must Follow


For beginners, it is common to take some time to determine their preferred dart weight. The main issue during this testing phase is that it’s expensive to try out each dart’s weight, size and style to find the one that is most suitable for your type of play. There are four primary reasons for dart players prefer to increase the weight of their darts. You would like to try the importance of a dart before purchasing a new set. The darts you have aren’t all the same weight, with one being heavier than the others (familiar with darts that are less expensive). Switching from soft tip and steel tip darts, purchasing a set that isn’t your weight is recommended.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, changing how heavy your darts are is an option many players can use. In this article, I’ll discuss how to increase the weight of your darts using a few inexpensive and reliable tools.

How to add weight to your darts

There are many reasons that dart players need more weight. When it comes time to put this into practice, you could be amazed by the choices you can use to include importance in your darts. Below, we’ll discuss the three options in greater depth and assist you in deciding which one is best for you based on your personal preferences and requirements.

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Tungsten putty

Tungsten Putty isn’t an item specifically designed for darts, but its density makes it a beneficial and efficient method of adding weight and weight to your darts. If you’re trying to even out any weight that your darts carry (one could be heavier), tungsten putty is the first option you consider. Take a small amount of putty and weigh it according to your exact specifications. Once you’ve got the right weight, insert the tungsten putty in the barrel, flatten it out, and put in the stems and shafts like normal. It’s that easy! Making tungsten putty available to your darts isn’t simple to explain since you’ll be putting it directly in the barrel. This is why you should watch this video to get a clear guide to adding putty made of tungsten to your darts.

If you are buying tungsten putty, be sure to opt for the specific car part product, not the tungsten putty used for fishing. This is because the tungsten putty used for fishing is highly sticky and can clog the dart barrel. If you’re looking to boost that weight on your dart, and aren’t sure if you want to utilize a DIY solution, then the following product will likely be the best choice.

Add a gram

Darts add a Gram is a simple concept and probably the most straightforward option for anyone looking to make their darts heavier. Darts Add Gram Gram precisely what it says and adds 1g of weight to every dart. Take note that Adds a Gram Add A Gram option is available in increments of 2g and a 2g increment if you need it.

It is important to note that the Add a Gram product screws between the stem and barrel to ensure that the weight is placed in the proper position. This is especially important in the case of adding weights to darts since putting the weight on the back or front of the dart is most likely to change the direction of the dart and force players to alter their throwing.

Heavy dart accessories

The third option you could utilize for making your darts more powerful and weighty is to use heavier components and components. This one is more difficult to use, and I recommend choosing one of the two mentioned products as an easier option. However, if you’re looking to, you can modify the weight of the dart by changing the parts.

A dart shaft made of aluminium, for example, can be heavier than a shaft made of nylon. In the same way, a standard dart flight constructed from a heavier material is more severe than a smaller one made to be light and especially so if you include the protective cover for your dart flights. It is possible to add a Dart Point that is XL in length. This is likely to take some time to get used to, but these adjustments are reasonable before you choose to buy the product in a specific way.

What is the best gram weight for darts

If you’re considering changing the darts’ weight, do not ignore anyone switching from soft-tip darts to steel tips because they’re naturally different weights then. It’s probably due to the feeling that you’re not at ease with your current weight. Being comfortable while playing with a dart is crucial for throwing accurately. If you cannot have a smooth drawback or release, you’ll be unable to succeed!

Therefore, you might be searching for the “best weight” when it concerns darts, but unfortunately, there isn’t one. Darts’ weights differ between 12g and 30g+ due to the individual’s preferences and throw techniques. Similar to everything else in life, there are a few standard weights that work for the majority of users. What is the most effective darts weight in grams? Most novices have ideal darts gram weight between 21g and 24g. With this level of importance, dart players don’t have to exert the same amount of power when they release the dart and can concentrate more on aiming the dart to ensure precision.

Are heavier darts better?

Another reason people choose to increase their darts’ weight is that heavier darts will be more effective. In line with the preceding, heavier darts are generally better for novices, but there are some limitations to this. Increasing the weight by 1g or 2g isn’t an assurance that you will improve your throwing ability. In some situations, you’ll have to adjust to the increased weight and possibly lose precision. This is because you’ll require a change in how you release and hold your dart using the importance of your choice (or the weight distribution).

The only exception is the switch from soft to steel tip darts. Darts with soft tips are considerably lighter than steel tip darts which is why when you play on a bristle dartboard, the additional weight is required to ensure that the dart is within the board, specifically since throwing lines are farther away.


Suppose you need to add the weight of your darts for whatever reason (we’ve already covered this in our article). In that case, it’s essential to be aware of the items available to make it incredibly simple and affordable. For example, products such as tungsten putty or Add the Gram are less expensive than ($5 in some instances) and only take some minutes to set on the ground. In addition, making your darts heavier isn’t necessarily likely to improve your performance. If you’re considering adding more weight to your darts, you must do it for a particular reason, usually to help balance the consequences for the darts in all three directions or to switch from soft or steel-tip darts. There are other motives to increase the weight of your darts. However, If you’re a novice player, there aren’t many advantages to this.

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