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If you’re a young athlete or a beginner, that’s the most common inquiry to ask: how tall is a basketball hoop? Following the official NBA rules, the basketball hoop must be 10 feet (305 centimeters) above the surface. This is easy to remember. For junior high or high school NCAA, FIBA, the rim is precisely 10 feet off the floor. Is there anything different in basketball for women? No. Though, on average, they’re shorter than men, the height restriction remains the same. In addition, Basketball Rims are 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter at any stage of play. According to the NBA, the regulation size backboard is 6 feet long with a width of 41 inches (3.5 feet).

How tall is an NBA basketball hoop

An NBA basketball hoop measures 10 feet high and has almost always been this way. The league began in 1946 using a hoop that was 10 feet high and is the same today. The NBA has tried experimenting with the height of the ring throughout the years. In Mar. 1954 in 1954, the NBA player with a hoop that measured 12 feet for one game. This was a game with two teams: the Minneapolis Lakers and Milwaukee Hawks. It was not a chance that they attempted the hoop during a Lakers game.

The idea behind the 12-foot rims was that they would limit the power of Lakers center George Mikan. The change successfully limited the way players could score (Mikan scored two on 14 shots from the court), but it was also more difficult for players of smaller sizes to get rebounds. Following playing, Mikan claimed that this rules modification “just makes the big man bigger.” The concept has backfired in the NBA. On June 7, 2007, the former NBA head coach Tom Newell organized a practice game that featured hoops that measured 11 feet.

Newell believed that a rim raised would require players to put less emphasis on their athletic ability and focus more on cooperation and basic skills. In the majority of cases, the majority of the time, he was correct. Although many turnovers and turnovers among players, they adapted their game to adjust to the larger hoops. There were more passing and spacing, and post players needed to be careful about their position to achieve great shooting angles. Whatever way the experiments went, or how poorly they’ve been in the past, the NBA has always maintained a 10-foot hoop.

How Tall Is A Basketball Hoop

Why are the hoop 10 feet

James Naismith invented a game called basketball in 1891. He also wrote a brief list of rules on how the game was played at the time. In the beginning, the rim was set at 10 feet. After all these years, the dimensions of the basketball hoop are still the same.

How did The idea of 10 feet height come from

The height of the hoop did not appear until after long consultation and many calculations or tests. James Naismith, a Canadian gym instructor at the YMCA school in the spring field of Massachusetts, was asked to develop an exciting sport that was playable inside, even on rainy days. He then put peach baskets over the railings of a running track around the gym’s perimeter. The railing was about 10 feet tall. In reality, it was the case that the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) gym was only equipped with 10 feet of railing to them. The 10 feet of hoops have become the essential element of basketball.

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Attempts to change the height

Then, it’s an error to believe that the idea of 10 feet in height unquestioned up to the present. The game has expanded and evolved over the years. There were occasions when it suggest to raise the size of hoops. This is all to make the shooting process more difficult and thrilling. 1947 in 1947, it was believed that the typical height for an NBA basketball player was 6’2″, but now the height is almost 6’8″. The improved training methods and the supreme athleticism, combined with increasing height, make this concept of altering height more difficult. It became more severe as the NBA determined the average size for the NBA athlete at 6.07″ (2.01 millimeters). Due to the advantages of height, the tallest players often draft for various teams regularly. However, every attempt to alter the size of players remained ineffective for a long time.

How tall is a WNBA basketball hoop

WNBA hoops are 10 feet tall. The first WNBA game was played in 1997 between two teams: the New York Liberty and Los Angeles Sparks. The Liberty triumphed, 67-57. The women have demonstrated that a 10-foot basketball is not a problem. The year 2002 was when Lisa Leslie was the first player to hit a dunk in the course of a WNBA game. She was among seven players to have dunked during the period of a game. In 2004, Candace Parker won the McDonald’s All-American Dunk Contest. She defeated a few athletes on the side for boys and also J.R. Smith.

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How Tall Is A Basketball Hoop

How tall is an NCAA basketball hoop

James Naismith didn’t just invent basketball. He was also one of the first coaches to head for one of the United States’ most prestigious basketball teams (Kansas University). Naturally, the game at college was played on a 10-foot hoop. In his nine years playing at Kansas, Naismith had a 55-60 coaching record. An archived Sports Illustrated article from 1967 describes the reasoning behind raising the hoop. Succeeding coach, Kansas coach Phog Allen thought that the NCAA could eventually move to the 12-foot basket. He believed that players would be able to adapt to the new system, resulting in a more accessible game. Oklahoma State head coach Frank Iba shared the same view. However, he advocated for 11-foot hoops.

In 1967, Iba’s and Allen’s doubts were tested. In a preseason scrimmage, teams from the University of Tennessee raised the rounds to 12 feet. Both teams were unable to shoot more than 30%. Although it was not a great scoring game, the scrimmage showed some truth to the old coach’s arguments. Better ball movement and longer rebounds forced prominent players to step out of the line. This allowed for more room inside after offensive rebounding.

How Tall Is A Basketball Hoop

Is a higher rim good for the game

There are many discussions and suggestions to alter the rim’s height. However, the question remains what benefit will it provide to the sport? You can tell, the majority of pro basketball stars are very tall. Being tall is an advantage when it comes to basketball. This result publish in numerous players asking whether the basketball hoop should elevate over. A higher rim also means that the basics will be more critical. Making shots won’t be so simple. The physical and height of players won’t be as crucial. But, it is a massive injustice to the smaller players on the court who were not naturally giants. A big punch in the face indeed. I’ll tell you that probably 100 times enough. Don’t be fooled; I’m 6’9″. In addition, the question is, is there a limit to raising the ceiling? Someone can inevitably leap and climb higher.

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The issue of increasing the rim height

In 2008 NBA All-Star slam dunk competition began. Dwight Howard, a 6 11-foot tall guy, was adamant that NBA officials increase the basketball hoop’s height to 12 feet for his dunk. Some players like Gerald Green and Rudy Gay even agreed to take Howard’s challenge seriously. Green has also suggested that the height of the rim should be increased at least 13 feet. They want to conclude that the height was the main reason for their spectacular shot dunks. However, the NBA officials ignored their views. They announced that the hoops would remain at 10 feet regardless of whether there was a competition for dunks or not. The officials have stated that they will raise the rim to accommodate the 2009 dunk contest. On the following day, Howard did a 12-foot two-handed dunk.

Probability of changing the hoop height in future

A lot of players and coaches have accepted a new height of 11 feet. Few opt for 12 feet. NBA officials, though, haven’t provided any evidence of the change everybody is discussing. It is highly doubtful that there will be an attempt to make a change due to the game’s beauty.


This seems like a significant deal for parents to be able to afford it, right? There’s nothing to worry about. Luckily, many in-ground and portable basketball hoops are height-adjustable. Big relief!! Inform your kids that they’ll be jumping up and down as professional basketball players in the future. This is the most effective way to build confidence for the young athlete during his initial years. Based on the player’s age and height, provide the recommended basketball and then adjust the rim. In addition, these changes can make the game more enjoyable and let players work on their game. Did you understand everything about how tall is a basketball hoop? If you don’t then let us know by commenting below.

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