How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Commercial Kitchen | A Detailed Guide


There are many methods to solve the issue of “How much does it cost to rent a commercial kitchen” Of obviously, you’ll want to locate the most affordable solution suitable for your business or event’s requirements. It can be a challenge to find out the best place to begin your research and locate an industrial kitchen to hire. To help you avoid the trouble, we’ve conducted some digging. We have compiled some valuable suggestions to assist you on how much does it cost to rent a commercial kitchen.

What is a commercial kitchen 

Commercial-grade kitchens come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. With the majority of them licensed to cook and serve food items, you’ll be able to anticipate an oven as well as a grill, freezer, and cooler in the majority of kitchens. In more extensive facilities, you may find a few of them and having multiple prep tables and dishwashers to keep the Kitchen in good order. Keep in mind that every commercial Kitchen is unique and has specific guidelines, equipment, and uses. It is also essential to conduct some research about the Kitchen you’re thinking of leasing to make sure that it’s suitable for your needs for your event or business.

Suppose you’re a caterer, the owner of food trucks, a baker, or an independent chef. In that case, you’ll require to cook meals in a licensed commercial kitchen if you intend to market your food to the people. This is legal in many areas across the United States. If you do not have the time or money to create the Kitchen of your commercial establishment, it’s possible to hire one. Commercial kitchens allow you to quickly and affordably adhere to local health department’s guidelines for restaurants.

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Commercial Kitchen

How much does it cost to rent a commercial kitchen

Commercial kitchens separate into sections and comprised of cooking spaces as well as essential equipment. They are made to satisfy the demands of the kind of chefs. Based on this, you need to choose the kind of Kitchen to enhance the Kitchen. Be sure to take into consideration the dimensions of the space that is required to utilize the Kitchen. To figure out what price it will cost to hire commercial kitchens is, you need to think about several factors that affect the equipment. In the present market, the expense of using commercial kitchens ranges from $15 to thirty dollars an hour per day.

Monthly kitchen rentals range between $300 to $800, based on the location and the storage facilities. Stoves are the vital element in any workspace: grill, griddle area, and grills. They equip with a smoke extractor. It should also have a steam table to keep food that prepares hot and in the appropriate place. Be sure to be looking for the proper facility, too. A chef should have the required tools to perform the job. They include vessels, cookers for pressure pans, cups, essential components for everyday production. The arteries in the Kitchen are the additions to the points previously mentioned. They are consist of graters cutting boards, peelers and cutting tools, food scales, and other things.

Oven to create a professional kitchen requires an oven that suits the conditions and equipment. Current practice suggests two-fold: a convection oven and a conventional oven are essential for restaurants. Suppose the kitchen area for commercial use is limit. In that case, there you will find mixed ovens that will utilize, serving both of the functions. If you have one or more dishwashers is essential to ensure that they are operating correctly. These machines ensure the hygiene of the kitchen appliances. It recommends keeping everything in stainless steel for its hygiene and quick cleaning in the kitchen area. It is essential to afford a decent quantity of freezers and refrigerators in the refrigeration sector, which is a necessity. Being equipped with instruments to chill and freeze food is an excellent addition to your food storage.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Commercial Kitchen

Types of a commercial kitchen to rent

In general, there are two main kinds of commercial spaces that you can lease private and shared. However, if you opt for the shared kitchen option, you will not have exclusive use of the area. Also, you’ll have to sign in for an appointment time to access the Kitchen. If you decide to opt for private space, you’re the only one who can use it for so long as you lease it out and there is no sharing requirement.


When you rent commercial kitchens, it gives you access to commercial-grade equipment and appliances without purchasing the items. The person who owns the Kitchen is responsible for other expenses like utilities and maintenance on the building and pest control, and much more. The only cost is the rent. Commercial kitchens meet the local health and safety rules for cooking and storing food items offered to pay consumers.

You get to select the hours you will use the Kitchen during the month or the week. You can look elsewhere when the rental time is up If you aren’t happy with the area. If you rent an open space, it is like joining a group of fellow professional chefs. If you share your Kitchen with food truck owners, chefs, or bakers, gains from each other’s experiences and suggestions.


​If you need access to the Kitchen at specific dates and times, it can be difficult to schedule when you’re in a shared space. You’ll get what you pay for. The ability to gain access to commercial-grade appliances and equipment is fantastic. But, you’re only limited by the items the facility offers. If an item is damaged and requires to be fixed, it’s possible that you won’t know until you arrive to prepare. It is necessary to share. If you’re renting a private kitchen, it will have other professionals who use it. Suppose the other tenants aren’t as punctual as you are about tidying up. In that case, you might stumble upon a messy workspace, or worse, it could lead to hygiene issues.

How to rent a commercial kitchen

You know details about how much does it cost to rent a commercial kitchen. Now it’s time to know how to rent a commercial kitchen. It is possible to spend hours looking for the commercial kitchen that’s the perfect size, cost, and place for your requirements. You can also reserve your space via Per space which is Per space is the largest marketplace online for events and meeting spaces. One of the most appealing aspects of renting commercial kitchens by using Per space is the high-quality photographs of each space. You’ll be able to see precisely how the Kitchen you choose to rent will appear like, and what features and equipment it’s equipped with. Also, you can read the reviews written by previous guests.

Additionally, you’ll be in direct contact with the host to assist in planning arrangements and address any issues that arise. Also, it is essential to be aware that the Per Space Concierge can assist you in finding the most suitable caterer to arrive directly at your location. Many Per space rentals include tables, chairs, dining tables, dishes, utensils, and an event coordinator on-site. For instance, this commercial Kitchen and conference area situated in Chicago is ideal for a corporate event.

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Requirements to rent a commercial kitchen

It’s essential to consult the local health department to determine the requirements you’ll need to complete before you can hire commercial kitchens. Different requirements depend on the location you’re in, but, generally speaking, here’s what you will need.

Certificate of insurance: Your certificate of insurance indicates the types of insurance for the business you have and the policy limit. For instance, on NEXT, you can view your live certificate and also share the certificate from your account at any time you’d like. Specific kitchens might require you to include the certificate as additional insured. Added insured. You can add additional insureds to your COI at any time without cost.

Commercial license: Nearly all businesses operating in the United States need a business license to be legally operating.

Food handler’s certificate: A certification that will show local health departments that you can handle food and serve it to the public in a safe way. To be eligible for a food handler’s license, it is necessary to complete an education course on food safety and pass an examination.

What to look for in commercial kitchen space

If you’re thinking of renting a commercial kitchen, there are a variety of options. Each space will not satisfy your requirements. To help you locate the Kitchen that’s perfect for you, think about the following:

Equipment: When you rent commercial kitchens, you allow to use the equipment it has. The equipment available is different dramatically from one place to location. Make sure to check before you sign the contract. Be sure to know what kinds of equipment and other supplies you permit to take along.

History of inspection: It’s hard to manage a food service company when the Kitchen that you use to cook your food is closed to the health department each week. Furthermore, if the word is spread that you’re in a facility that isn’t safe and your reputation is tarnished, your image is at risk. Ensure to inquire about the inspection background when looking into the possibility of commercial kitchen rentals.

Dimension: All kitchens are not identical in dimensions. Make sure the one you select is spacious enough for storage and has the kitchen equipment that you need for the nature of food preparation you’ll be doing.

The removal of garbage: Your trash, cooking oils, and food waste need to be disposed of somewhere. Find out if you’re accountable for eliminating the items or whether the Kitchen is responsible for the waste.

Availability: Some shared kitchens are booked quickly. If there’s not enough space, you can continue looking for an option that will accommodate your needs.

Storage: If you don’t need to carry every ingredient around every day, you’ll require someplace to store all your items. It’s essential to determine how much dry and cold storage space the Kitchen has.


Above, we discuss how much it cost to rent a commercial kitchen and mention how to rent it, the pros and cons of a commercial Kitchen, the requirement to rent a commercial kitchen, etc. We have described enough information which will help you a lot. If you like your guide, then don’t forget to comment and wish us.

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