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There are lots of guys who have a question how much does a ping pong table cost? What is the answer? This is a great question. I’m glad you asked it. You won’t regret purchasing if you know more than the cost of the product. You might be surprised at how expensive a ping-pong table can cost, regardless of your level. Although ping pong tables may look simple, it takes time, effort, and knowledge to build them. You don’t have to spend such an investment. There are still many ping pong tables available on the market at different price points.

How much does a ping pong table cost?

This question is difficult to answer that how much does a ping pong table cost.. Many factors will impact the price, including brand name and size. Professional players will pay more for higher-end models. For beginners, you can settle for a table that has basic features. Small tables These are meant for recreational and beginner use. The price range can be quite high, from $100 to $300. More information Advanced options, On the other hand, they can vary from $400 to $800. Some Models You can even get a price tag as high as $$1,200 – $1,600. When buying a product, the most important factor is its quality, not the price.

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How Much Does a Ping Pong Table Cost

Categories of ping pong table 

You can find Ping-Pong tables for professional use or Ping pong tables for home recreation. There are three types of ping-pong tables:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Conversion top

Some tables can only be used indoors, but most tables can be used outdoors. Conversion tops can be a cost-effective way to get started without breaking the bank. Many people believe that ping pong tables are cheap. But if you make one, you’ll not only spend a lot more time but also end up spending a lot. Price differences between ping pong tables are due to the wood used and the table’s construction (depending on its many layers). This results in a better ball bounce. Price is the best benefit of ping pong. There are more benefits of table tennis. Click here and inspect these benefits.

Average ping pong table price 

Numbers are not representative of all models. They are, however, a great way to assess the quality and worth of the table. Prices can also vary depending on the type of table or the use of a particular table. Therefore, it is important to take All factors considered When buying a ping-pong table. A very low-quality table will result in a poor ball bounce, which will cause inconsistent and low-quality games. This table is not good enough to play competitively, and it may even make you feel bad about playing occasional games.

How to choose a ping pong table

Everybody wants to get the best price for any product they buy. This does not mean that the cost of the product should be the only factor that influences your decision. Let’s consider the main factors you should consider when evaluating the various options for the ping pong table.

How to choose ping pong table


Material is crucial as it directly affects the overall quality of the product. It is possible to save money by using cheaper materials, but it will not last as long. Plywood, fiberglass, concrete, and metal, and particleboard are the most popular materials. The material can affect the playability and feel of the table. 


What size table do you require? This will often depend on the available space. The Standard size ping-pong table is9 x 5x 2.5 feet. It will depend on the number of players and how much space is open. Because there is more space to play, bigger tables are better for beginners. To know the full details guide on how long is a ping pong table click here right now.


In general, thicker tables are better for ping pong. Although they tend to cost more, they will be well worth it. The average table will have a thickness of thicknesses are the ranges from 12 mm to 24 mm. Your game will suffer if the table is too thin.


You will find it useful if the table is portable, which allows you to move it from one place to the next. These tables that will enable mobility are usually more expensive. They are foldable and have lockable wheels. They are more durable and lighter than the cheaper ones.


You can choose entry-level tables if it’s for novice or young players and practice ping pong yourself. These tables won’t cost too much. However, if you’re an experienced player, it is a good idea to choose a table that matches the level of your skill and one designed for competitions.

Things to consider while choosing a table tennis table

Dimensions of the wheels

When choosing a table tennis table, it is important to consider the wheel size. It is important, even though it’s not essential. The wheels should be larger and stronger if the table will be used a lot or on a harder surface like concrete or grass. Read the full guide on the dimensions of a ping pong table.

The thickness of the table

The thickness of the table’s surface is another important aspect to consider when purchasing a ping-pong table. We mean the table’s shiny top layer, not its vertical thickness. The table’s thickness can vary from 12 mm to 25 mm. The table’s top surface should be at least 12 mm thick. If the table doesn’t have enough thickness, the bounce will be unpredictable. In just a few months, the quality of the table will also drop dramatically. The table’s price will increase as the table’s surface becomes thicker. However, it is better to choose a slightly more expensive table but is still sturdy than a cheaper table and needs to be replaced every few months.

How easy is it to store

The portability of the table is an important factor to consider when choosing a table. The majority of tablets can be folded in half, with the net serving as the dividing line. You can lock the tables upright and store them in your basement or garage. The tables will take up less than 24 to 36 inches horizontally. When choosing a ping pong table, it is important to understand the space required to store it. It is important to consider where the table will be held. The majority of the damage that it will experience will not come from playing on it but from storing it.

It’s so easy to move

Mobility of the Ping Pong Table Another important factor to consider is portability and ease of movement when purchasing a table tennis set. A table can be folded in many ways and stored in many different ways. The table’s portability is important, even if you don’t plan to place it in a large space or in a club that requires it to stay there. A ping pong table will not be a permanent fixture in a person’s lounge or garden furniture. It is more likely that it will be folded back and moved around almost every time it is used. It should be simple to fold the table, and the locking mechanisms should be clear and easy to understand.

More features

You should be looking for key features in a table tennis table if you plan to play regularly and improve your game. The tension and the net’s height should be as flexible as possible as one gains proficiency in the game. Many tables also come with an optional ashtray. Inbuilt ball and paddle storage to ensure that your equipment remains in one place. Corner protectors are also an important feature to consider. Corner protectors are a great way to protect your table from sharp edges that can cause injury. The tables can also be ordered with an optional accessory: Inbuilt ball dispensers well as those above. Protective cover makes sure dust and wind don’t get on the table while it is being stored.

How to find a high-quality ping pong table

It is easy to determine if a table tennis table is of good quality by examining the thickness of its table tennis top. The thickness of the table tennis top will vary from 12mm to 25mm. Quality = Thicker = Better Thicker = better quality. Avoid buying tables with very thin table tennis tops (e.g., Tables with a thin table tennis top (e.g., 12mm) should be avoided. The ball doesn’t bounce well, and the tables are fragile and easy to scratch. A medium thickness table (16mm-19mm is acceptable). A 19mm ButterflyEasifold table tennis board is what I have in my garage. It’s perfect for training with a robot. The table will bounce consistently, and it should last many years if you take care of it. The best table tennis tables are those with thick tops (22mm-25mm). They are also the most costly. You won’t notice a difference in 22mm or 25mm if you are an amateur player. The quality of 22mm is amazing. 25mm is even better. If you make a ping pong table by yourself you can ensure the best quality of your tale.

How much is a used ping pong table worth


You have now reached the end of this article. I hope you are already. Find out how much does a ping-pong table cost. You may have already been educated about the basics of buying one. Take a look at the costs of equipment for different sports. The same goes for Ping pong tables. It doesn’t matter how simple it may look; these tables are cleverly optimized and designed with a clear goal in mind: quality. While high-priced ping pong tables may be less expensive if retail costs are lower, we wouldn’t have been able to buy the table and have it delivered without these costs.

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