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Chess is renowned for its exquisite and elaborate pieces, but it is also famous for its beautiful and ornate game of strategy and tactics. Even those who do not play or perhaps don’t know chess rules will typically possess a polished wooden set at home. You can’t be a great chess player until you have an excellent collection of chess equipment. Chess sets cost between $10 and thousands of dollars. If you want to find a decent basic chess set, it is recommended to have an approximate budget of $100-$200. Of course, you could find sets that cost less than this, and you could also find groups that cost much more than the price. Here’s an overview of how much does a nice chess set cost.

How much does a nice chess set cost 

How Much Does A Nice Chess Set Cost

What is the price of a nice tournament chess set

It is one of the most frequently asked questions from chess players as well as beginners. As with everything else in life, the higher your price for the set of chess pieces, the better. There isn’t any need to shell out a significant amount for an item you do not need. You should purchase the most suitable set for yourself and not the most expensive set for others. A set for a tournament is regarded as usual, not traditional. The majority of a set for club and tournament play is between $10 and $40. It is possible to purchase this set for just $12. 00USD.In all, generally speaking, the more significant weight and bulkier the set is, the greater the cost. In addition, then that, the chess bag plays a significant impact on cost.

What is the price of a traditional chess set

In the case of traditional sets of chess, they are constructed of wood. There are smaller wood models that cost about $50. If you genuinely would like a conventional set of chess pieces that’s not only a standard mass-produced set, be prepared to pay some money because the boards, as well as the pieces, will be all made by hand. It’ll cost around $200-$500 for a chessboard and set of pieces. So they can be a bit costly. However, it depends on what you’re considering inexpensive. Do not get me wrong, a chess set made of wood that costs $50 isn’t bad. It’s just not as appealing or feels as good and is smaller than the more expensive sets.

Why are the chess boards different pricing

As we discuss the price, let me guide you through a few secrets about the chess sets made of wood. A majority, if not all of the top wooden sets available on any website, are made in the same town in India. Various companies specialize in producing sets of chess that can be shipped around the globe. But the same chess firms that have the $20 wooden sets also make the $1000 sets of wood. So why are there differing costs?

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How Much Does A Nice Chess Set Cost

Wood type

In general, the most striking substances like wood and marble are the most expensive. In addition, certain kinds of wood are more expensive than others. The most well-known types of wood include: The most popular wood types are: Rosewood, Rosewood, Ebony. Sheesham, Boxwood, Ebonized, and Boxwood. Bud Rosewood has the best color and is also the least expensive. Chess is an enjoyable and time-consuming game. It is worth the price with a better set, such as an ebony Chess set can provide you with more tension. Alternately, you could go for plastic sets for chess according to your budget. They are typically very affordable and durable, even though they are less authentic and less mass-produced.


When searching for a set of chess to purchase, you will see descriptions of sets, such as dimensions, usually in inches. For example, this is the size of the king. In a regular tournament, the height of the king is 3.75 inches. So if you’re buying the set to be used in the game, make sure you purchase the correct size.

The knight

The cost of a set of chess pieces is determined by the design of the knight. While machines can create the other pieces, the knights are created by hand, giving them the appearance of the head of a horse, an exhausting process to make sure that the four pieces match. The highest cost for creating Chess pieces is the knight. The knight is usually made by hand. More intricate knights may require several days for each knight to be curved. The piece usually requires more skill than the others, as they are generally geometrical and can be turned by turning the lathe.


Two sets of chess identical to each other could leave the industry with a special price; however, when you buy them from an online retailer, one could be more expensive than the other due to the brand name is placed on it. This is true for the majority of industries, and there’s nothing wrong with adding branding costs. A brand name is an assurance that the product is of top quality. For instance, The House of Staunton is a well-known brand making high-quality chess sets. It is possible to choose which set is branded or not based on how important the brand is for you.


By the dimensions and types of material, pieces of chess are available in various weights. Therefore, if you buy a set of chess pieces, it is crucial to make sure the pieces are of sufficient importance. Pieces that are not weighted may feel thin and susceptible to tipping. This is especially true in the case of a rolling table or on a rough surface. In the late 19th century, leads were employed for weighting the most delicate pieces of chess. In the majority of seats, you’ll see an opening in the part’s bottom to which the weight has been fixed, which is usually covered to keep the pieces from scratching the surface of the board. The lower-end sets may include a hole but not a weight, which means you’ll be required to make the weight up yourself.


If you’re beginning to get started in chess, it’s beneficial to invest in affordable chess sets made of plastic chess pieces so that you can keep your interest. Standard chess sets are less expensive than standard sets of chess. Once you’ve become familiar with the game and decide that you’d like to play more seriously, you may upgrade to a higher-priced and higher-quality set. One of the best ways to encourage yourself to improve is to set yourself a goal to get good at chess when you outdo a specific opponent or hit a particular level. Now, we hope you know the details about how much does a lovely chess set cost. 

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